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How to connect the washing machine

One of the most irreplaceable assistants in the house, perhaps, can call the washing machine safely. And, unlike the predecessors, the modern washing machine practically does everything itself unless the linen is required to be put and ironed manually so far. Therefore this device now, I consider, has to be in each apartment.

The washing machine is the irreplaceable device when you have children because it is necessary to wash their things very often. Proceeding from it, it is possible to start safely reading descriptions of cars on Internet open spaces. I will focus your attention on some details of a choice.

In total on elections!

Parameters which in the first place influence washing properties of the car, not and there is a lot of. And, of course, the first that occurs are mass-dimensional data. recommends to begin follows from dimensions. Having chosen an installation site to which we by all means will return in the text of this article, it is necessary to measure its size and, being guided by it, to choose the car with suitable dimensions. The benefit, now a big set of offers, from big full-size cars to cars babies which can be located practically in any recess. At once I will remind – the car needs water, the sewerage and the electric power. If the last can be found practically in any point of your apartment, here the first two points meet far not everywhere, as a rule, only in kitchen or in a bathroom (toilet). It significantly facilitates place choice torments. After the suitable size is found by you, we watch the maximum loading, available to this size. It is the mass of dry linen which you will be able to wash for one approach. Here a two-edged sword, do not hurry to make maximal decisions and to choose by the principle "the more the better", not everything is so simple. Even if dimensions to you allow to choose the big car, and, therefore, big loading, she is not always demanded and acquitted. Look, what quantity of linen you erase as often you have a need of washings. If you love purity every day and wash the "running" things often, as a rule, there is not a lot of them. In this case the small machine which to you will save both a place, and money will better cope with a task. The matter is that the car is required to be loaded at least half that washing was effective. First, clothes are so best of all washed (when it is not enough, it does not shift from one foot to the other as it is necessary, and it is simply thrown from one place of a drum in another). Secondly, profitability of washing significantly goes down since the big car is compelled to support the constant mass of a tank, therefore, it pours more water, and you are compelled to fill bigger amount of powder and expense of the electric power is also higher. It is natural if you got used to save dirty linen, and then to erase it the Czech to reduce number of manipulations with loading/unloading of the car, the big car will please you.

That was written above, it is possible to call the most essential parameters to which, however, it is possible to add still design of the case of the car if you enter it in a certain interior. The rest already that is called life trifles.

At once I will tell that it is better to choose cars with connection only to a water supply system of cold water is not only will reduce your efforts on connection, but also will make your linen even more purely. First, hot water not always happens (it disconnect where to a thicket cold), secondly, it is much dirtier cold, thirdly, it is additional risk, in case of a hose rush, and the risk of this event on hot water where is higher and consequences grow heavy.

You will already choose other "baubles" in process of the requirements. For example, many do not love the car with drying since then grow heavy to iron clothes as it dried crumpled and electricity consumption grows, and ropes free of charge dry.

We start installation

When the car is already acquired, it is possible to start its installation. At a choice we decided on its place in the sun. No, it is open-air absolutely optional to put it, and here that this place has to be strong is an honest truth! Even the empty car without linen and water is very heavy and demands the strong basis for installation. Therefore this basis should not prominatsya under the weight of the car and be shaken (the car when washing shivers). Between the car case (if, of course, it not built in, and free-standing) and the next subjects, there has to be an interval at least some millimeters. Otherwise at you because of vibration of the car it will be used up not only the case of the car, but also those subjects which will be in contact with it.

Before installation of the car into place, a number of preparatory activities, both an eyeliner of water and the sewerage, and installation of the electric socket with grounding is required to execute. Once again I focus your attention that I recommend strongly the electric devices contacting to water it is obligatory to ground!

Let's begin with water. As we already considered in the article "How to Install the Dishwasher" if you establish it together with the dishwasher, you uprezhdayushche calculated connection of both cars. In any case, the same principles of connection of the washing machine to communications, as dishwashers act on kitchen. Therefore we will review an example of installation in a bathroom (toilet) where do not establish the dishwasher, but often put a stiralka.

Once again I will not begin to recommend you connection to a water supply system a flexible hose extender. I recommend to readers to use Mirsovetov a regular hose which went complete with car is the safest option. We choose a place on your pipeline of cold water where it is possible to make branch (branching). For example, instead of a corner it is possible to put a tee, instead of a tee – a crosspiece and from there to carry out a pipe to a car installation site. Material of pipes is not so important, simply continue a water supply system to the car by the same material, as the main pipes. On metal pipes it is possible to replace simply a fitting and to continue by the same metal pipe, and here on a plastic water supply system, perhaps, it is necessary to cut off an old fitting and to weld on the new. Why it is possible? Because there is a syllogism! As a rule, connection of a flushing tank or the mixer goes a usual carving 1/2" (half-inch), there it is possible to tighten a tee and from it to make branch.

Further we lay a pipe to the right place, we fix it, and in its end we put the crane.

In front of the crane it is done good fastening not to kill at manipulations with it. We look for the crane special not to subtilize with adapters any more. Idea of this crane that an entrance from a water supply system at it on 1/2", and an exit on 3/4". I.e. you fasten at once a car hose nut to the crane. Choose a crane installation site available to use – at any time can quickly be demanded to block it.

Similarly we choose a place of connection of the sewerage and it is carried out a sewer pipe. The bias from the car to a branching point with the regular sewerage is necessary for a drain of water. Do not do a point of connection of a sewer hose of the car at a floor at all, the sewerage can get to the car! Therefore or do rise in this place, or simply make an essential bias, for example, at an angle of 20-30 degrees (it if conditions allow and it will not be visible). The pipe gets out the same diameter, as the regular sewerage and of the same material. The pipe of any standard diameter, since sewage almost pure will approach (without mechanical impurity).

The car hose in the sewerage is established via the coupling.

Also there are special valves for an insurance from hit of the sewerage in the car. But at correctly brought sewerage it is excessive (additional valves it is not required). A hose by car to a back wall fix so that the water lock was formed, then smells will not get from the sewerage into the car. As a last resort, if you could not find ways of connection to the regular sewerage, it is possible to use the complete adaptation the half ring bending a hose and allowing to dress it on a sink, a bathtub or a toilet bowl it it is much more inconvenient, than a stationary way, but for the lack of stamp …

And here it was necessary only to install the socket not less, than on 16 A admissible currents with grounding and everything to connect. Do not connect so powerful equipment via extenders – you risk to arrange to yourself not only washing, but also the fire! Install the socket, as well as the crane in an available place, but not opposite to plumbing and sanitary. If for any reasons there is a water leak, short circuit is possible. Put the socket so that it was lower than the car, current, of course, will begin to flow and at its higher arrangement, but it is simple for esthetic reasons more pleasantly when wires do not dangle on a look. But do not press the socket to a floor since in a bathroom flooding is possible. The optimum level is 300-500 mm higher than floor level. Also think, whether water splashes, for example, from a bathtub will get on it.

Now it is possible to put the car into place.

But works on its installation on it do not come to the end. So, you established it on a workplace and connected to communications, checked that neither hoses, nor a network cord are not tense and are not pressed, equally as do not contact to sharp and hot surfaces. After that we take cards in hand and we start guessing, and whether exactly there is our car. And about what it I? Of course, not cards, but usual construction level at least on 300-500 mm, will help us with it. Check horizontal position of the top table of the car up and down. If the car costs not horizontally, tighten up her legs or use linings. Achieve stability that it was not unsteady because the floor can be not equal. After that it is already possible to make control washing as the instruction says. Observe this process especially in an extraction cycle. Then after the termination of all cycle check, whether is not present where water potek, always there is a probability of a leaky prileganiye of cuffs and laying. If everything is normal, it is possible to start check by "fight", i.e. washing of linen. Again observe car and again pay close attention on an extraction cycle. Why in this cycle? And here turns are maximum, and the linen gives a drum imbalance. First, you will check behavior of your car which, as a rule, has to have system of an equilibration of loading of a drum, and, secondly, will check reliability of installation since on this cycle it most intensively shivers.

After washing it is desirable to leave a door and a tray for detergents slightly opened for prevention emergence of a smell and fungus or to that the similar phenomena. Water can be not blocked if you regularly use the car. Block surely at trips to holiday to reduce risk of unexpected "surprises".

Purity and freshness to your linen, and you the pleasant treatment of your assistant – the washing machine!

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