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How to choose the washing machine

If you decided to buy the washing machine, today will be quite difficult to make a concrete choice. Known global manufacturers represent a wide model range of washing machines with the automatic gulf, heating and to water plums, with programmed by switchings between the carried-out operations and switching off at the end of work.
Как выбрать стиральную машину If you decided to buy the washing machine, today will be quite difficult to make a concrete choice. Known global manufacturers represent a wide model range of washing machines with the automatic gulf, heating and to water plums, with programmed by switchings between the carried-out operations and switching off at the end of work. In this article will help to understand criteria of a choice of the washing machine.

Loading type: frontal or vertical

Стиральные машины с вертикальной и фронтальной загрузкой First, it is necessary to decide on type of loading of clothes. Top-loaded washing machines usually have in remote corners, it is more convenient and reliable in use (first of all because it is not necessary to leave a place for opening of the hatch). Besides in such car it is always possible to throw the forgotten thing directly during washing or on the contrary to take out.
Upon front-loaded purchase of cars the choice needs to be done counting upon an empty seat in your apartment. And for bigger convenience it is worth choosing the machine gun with the door of the hatch opening on 180 degrees. "Frontalka" is not conceded on quality of washing and easier built in. There are low cars which at desire can be put even under a sink.
Eshchy one important distinction of washing machines with vertical and frontal loading - in a control panel arrangement. At "vertikalok" it is located from above therefore it is inaccessible to small children.

Sizes and maximum loading of the washing machine

Размер и максимальная загрузка стиральной машины ограничены свободным местом в квартире It is considered to be the standard sizes for the washing machine height 85sm, width 60 and depth 58sm. But in the market also other models which depth makes from 35 to 60sm are presented. Narrow machines (32sm), especially most of all will be suitable for small rooms if you are going to establish in a corridor. Unfortunately, fight for compactness leads to reduction of net volume of a drum, thereby reducing also the maximum loading. Narrow washing machines contain in themselves to 3,5kg linen, the small-sized 40-centimeter allow to wash for once to 4,5kg, and in full-size it is possible to load to 5-7kg linen. From four people it will be expedient to big family to get the full-size car if it allows apartment dimensions.

Tank and washing machine drum

It is important to learn material of which the tank is made (capacity in which there is a drum) the washing machine. The drum is always made of corrosion-proof fabric, and here composite materials, the steel enameled and corrosion-proof can form a basis for a tank.
Бак и барабан стиральной машины "Stainless steel" still is considered more reliable and durable material though concedes on noisiness in work. Composite materials (a carborane, polinoks, polipleks, etc.) are less qualitative, but nevertheless shumna due to absorption of vibrations are characterized by sufficient wear resistance less, besides possess high coefficient of thermal insulation.
For improvement of quality of washing the drum is made with special captures which constantly lift the washing liquid upward, thereby evenly mixing. Besides, the back wall of a drum is done to the area of contact of linen, "hilly" for increase, with the washing solution.

Class of washing, extraction and energy consumption of the washing machine

Cars of the class "A" are considered as the best, they will most carefully wash linen and will save the electric power. The European community accepted a scale of degree of efficiency of washing from "A" to "G" where "F" and "G" – the lowest level, "C", "D" and "E" – average, the letters "A" and "B" speak about careful attitude to fabrics.
The same letters designate extraction classes. If to rely on quantity of turns at an extraction, there are such options: from almost dry linen at 1600 turns/minute to damp at an extraction on the 400th turns. The majority of washing machines have the switch of number of turns of an extraction therefore here it should be taken into account that the extraction on high turns is effective for terry fabrics (towels, dressing gowns) while for gentle fabrics it is best of all to choose the minimum quantity of turns.
The class of energy consumption shows degree of profitability of model from low "A" to high "G". The class "A" means when washing on 60 degrees Celsius consumption by the washing machine of the electric power less 1kvt/hour.

Programs of washing

Наличие стандартных программ упрощает процесс стирки In modern washing machines put some standard programs of washing for different types of linen (wool, silk, synthetics, flax and cotton). Also there is a number of additional programs, their existence depends on the producer:
"Fast washing" - for refreshing of slabozagryaznenny things;
"Soaking", "removal of spots", "intensive washing" - for silnozagryaznenny linen;
"Additional rinsing" - for the people having an allergy and families with small children;
"Half loading" - for restriction of an amount of water at incomplete loading;
"Economic washing" - at a low temperature for economy of the electric power;
The mode against a linen smenaniye can appear the very useful.
Many modern washing machines received electronic system "Fuzzy Logic" which independently watches amount of the filled-up laundry detergent, establishes type of washing and temperature. Besides the water volume, necessary for the set washing, is automatically filled in, duration of washing, rinsing, an extraction and drying taking into account time necessary for heating of water up to the set temperature is counted. This control system allows to save water, the electric power and, the most important, time. In spite of the fact that cars with Fuzzy Logic system are more expensive, purchase justifies itself thanks to more convenient and economic process of work.

Connection of the washing machine

Шланг для стиральной машины One of important points is connection of the washing machine. Perhaps such two options. Connection to hot and cold water allows to save the electric power, but minus consists in poor quality of that pumped hot water. Besides its temperature in a water supply system is unstable, and in the machine gun water will heat up with endurance of the set temperature. Connection only to cold water is more practical, but nevertheless also demands addition of special means for softening of hard water.
Also it is necessary to pay attention to hoses by means of which the washing machine is connected to a water supply system. The rigid pipe is undesirable to such connection – from vibrations it can be loosened over time and will start proceeding. It will be better if in a set there are flexible hoses (single-layer or two-layer). Two-layer hoses are several times more expensive, but after all and much more reliably thanks to an external protective layer.

Built-in drying

Each producer brought to the market model of the washing machine with the built-in drying. Machine guns are capable to dry up any kind of fabric, it is only necessary to choose the suitable program or to make installations manually. It reduces to you number of house efforts and saves time. Though there is also a number of minuses: first, if it is possible to wash 4kg, it is already possible to dry up two times less therefore the part of linen should be taken out; secondly, drying leads to fast wear of things. Also it is still recommended not finally dry a little since the machine gun strongly rumples things and it is necessary to iron them all the same.

Quality of assembly

And finally, there was a wish to tell about quality of assembly. If in Turkey production is completely assigned to machine guns and it is not necessary to count on long operating time (on average 4 years), Austria and Sweden assembles cars which are capable to work till 20 years. For the rest, to be necessary to note that the German assembly is calculated on service life till 15 years, Italian and Korean – till 8 years.
Being guided by these characteristics, you have to choose for yourself optimum option. wishes you successful purchase!

Popular models of washing machines

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