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We choose a double boiler

When the cult of a healthy lifestyle and healthy food got into our consciousness, the double boiler became the same widespread subject of household appliances as we will tell, the blender. That who reflects on acquisition of this device, and addressed this article. It will help to orient with the extensive assortment of double boilers and to choose that that is necessary.
Выбираем пароварку Often, reflecting on acquisition of these or those household appliances, we wonder, whether really it is necessary for us.
Double boiler not an exception. On couple cooking was assumed possible only to those people for whom it was necessary for health reasons earlier, nevertheless other lucky preferred other ways of cooking. The majority considered the products prepared thus tasteless and even sympathized with "unlucky". When the cult of a healthy lifestyle and healthy food got into our consciousness, the double boiler became the same widespread subject of household appliances as we will tell, the blender.
That who reflects on acquisition of this device, and addressed this article. It will help to orient with the extensive assortment of double boilers and to choose that that is necessary.

Advantages and shortcomings

Пароварка Let's begin, perhaps, with the one to whom nevertheless the double boiler will be useful. First of all, it, of course, those people who have problems with a digestive tract. They know about cooking on couple firsthand and for certain will appreciate that will allow to save significantly time and as much as possible to facilitate them "the relations with steam". After all in advantage of a double boiler that with its help it is possible to make at once all lunch: fish or meat, garnish, vegetables.
Secondly, this invention and that who leads is useful or tries to conduct a healthy lifestyle. After all the food steamed not only is easier acquired, but also keeps more than various nutritious poleznost.
Thirdly, especially recommends to get a double boiler at whom little children: after all they cannot be fed with fried products so far.
Well and fourthly. Even if you have no special problems with a stomach, and you are excited a little that to you go on from screens of TVs, pages of magazines and newspapers about correctness of a way of life, but you prefer to spend the free time not on cooking, and on something more interesting, and in this case, the double boiler can be to you useful. After all, as it was already told, she allows to prepare some dishes at the same time. Besides, the modern equipment often possesses the program of the postponed start and knows how to cook without your presence. Simply in advance stack in it products, put the timer and... go for work, walk. Upon return of you will wait for a tasty and useful lunch, a dinner.
Shortcoming at a double boiler, perhaps, only one – with its help you will not be able to make a golden crust.

Principle of work of a double boiler

Выбираем пароварку If to speak about the principle of work of a double boiler briefly, it is a water bath.
In practice, the double boiler is arranged not too difficult: in the basis of a double boiler there is a special capacity where water is poured. At inclusion of a double boiler, the heating element quickly brings water to boiling. The formed steam moves in the bowls established from above in which products at the expense of what there is a cooking process are laid. Hot steam envelops products from all directions, providing uniform and rather fast preparation. Except, that, the double boiler allows to prepare absolutely without use of fats. It is important for those who tries to limit their consumption.
Double boiler bowls (them call also steam baskets) have at the bottom a set of openings, and for collecting condensate or juice (broth) pallets are used. Collected broth can be used further, for example, for cooking of soups or as gravy to a main course. Sometimes double boilers are completed with special removable lattices, including for cooking of eggs. In a word, this very multipurpose device.

Functions and management

Пароварка с механическим управлением In the basis of a double boiler there is a control unit. It can be elementary mechanical, or more "advanced", electronic, with the liquid crystal display. If on a double boiler establishment the mechanical block, with its help it is possible to set only a preparation time, having simply turned the handle on so many divisions, how many it is required. With the electronic block by means of buttons it is possible to set the special program of preparation, cooking time, time for which it is possible to postpone the beginning of work of a double boiler, the mode of maintenance of a ready dish the warm. Inclusion and shutdown of the device on the timer, with a call, the indicator of level of liquid and possibility of automatic shutdown if in its tank it is not enough, possibility of a doliv of water directly in double boiler operating time – these functions will minimize need of control from the person.
Let's consider in more detail these additional opportunities.
  • Having added waters in a preparation time. All modern models have this opportunity practically. If it happens such that in your model having added waters it is not provided, know that in case of evaporation of all liquid from the tank, it is necessary to switch-off the device, to add necessary quantity and to resume preparation process;
  • Shutdown in the absence of water. Very important function, it is protection against a device overheat. At a choice of a double boiler of recommends to take surely into account this factor as depends on it not only comfort when using the device, but also safety;
  • The mode of maintenance of the prepared dish in a warm state (keep warm). The double boiler having this mode is capable not to be disconnected after the end of cooking, and to support a dish in a warm look during quite long time, till 12 o'clock. Agree, it is very convenient if eaters left, for example, on walk and were late. Upon return of them waits for a warm lunch, and it is not necessary to spend time for heating:
  • The delayed start. You can set time through which the double boiler will join and will start preparing, up to this point it will be in a waiting mode. In combination with the "keep warm" function huge opportunities are given! But also separately this function is very useful if it is necessary to cook food by certain time, for example, to return of the child from school, parents from work.
    Пароварка с электронным управлением
  • Liquid level indicator. The external device allowing to watch whether is enough water in the tank. There is a subtlety. As the majority of double boilers have function of autoshutdown at a capacity devastation with water and publish a sound signal when the tank is empty, existence of such indicator, of course, pleasantly, but it is not essential;
  • Fast Steam function. Steam is formed very quickly (30-40 seconds, depending on model), it allows to accelerate as much as possible all process of preparation, and to keep more vitamins. Double boilers of Tefal firm have a Vitamin + mode allowing to prepare according to statements of the producer twice faster.
  • Modes of automatic preparation (recipes). With electronic control the producer thought of owners of some models of double boilers in advance, having put some standard recipes of preparation. It is useful for those who does not know how to cook – enough only to specify a product and its weight, the program will get out automatically.


Пароварка On the one hand, the power of a double boiler matters at a choice as the preparation time depends on it, and with another – the quantity and quality of steam baskets is much more important. Value of power fluctuates from 400vt to 1800vt. For example, 900vt everyone is quite enough power for a double boiler with three baskets with a capacity of 3-4 liters. There are also elementary double boilers with one bowl, as a rule, to them work requires the smallest power.

Quantity of bowls and their capacity

As a rule, double boilers have two or three bowls and an additional bowl for rice. The bowl bottom for rice has no openings, except the rice, in it it is possible to prepare any other grain, and even soup.
Choosing suitable model of a double boiler, recommends to be guided by your own requirements, for example, for a big family it is worth preferring a double boiler with 3 big baskets. Surely pay attention to the capacity of all bowls (usually it is 1,5-3 liters) and bowl capacity for rice (1-2 liters).
In case you have a small kitchen, it is possible to get a double boiler with the bowls which are put each other. Bowls make of heat resisting transparent plastic, thus, it is possible to watch cooking process if they not strongly mist over.


Surely pay attention, whether the general pallet for all double boiler or for each bowl the separate pallet. In the first case when cooking there will be a hashing of juice from various dishes and that lies in the lower bowl will become impregnated with condensate from the top. Sometimes it happens desirable, sometimes not. If the pallet at each bowl, separate, such hashing does not occur. The pallet is deeper, the better – you should not disconnect a double boiler to pour out the collected liquid.

Options of execution and price

Настольная пароварка Double boilers happen built in and desktop. The first win on design, it is more convenient in use, but also is significantly dearer. The prices of them fluctuate from $1000 to $5000 and even above. Sometimes producers combine double boilers and with an oven.
Double boilers in desktop execution take an occasional seat, but thus is significantly cheaper. The elementary model, with one bowl, the mechanical timer and 400 W costs about $20. The upper bound of the prices of desktop double boilers – about $200. Thus you receive a full set of functions: the postponed start, the heating mode, automatic shutdown in case water will end, the special modes of preparation of dishes.
So that it is possible to receive for the money:
$25-45 – as a rule, 2 bowls, a mechanical control, shutdown on the timer. Some producers for this money offer also electronic control (Vitek), and having added waters in a preparation time (Binatone), but it is rather a rarity, than regularity. The majority of cheap models of double boilers has no bowl for rice. At this price category there are options from enough known firms of producers – Moulinex, Scarlett, Rolsen and also less known – Irit, Smile, VES.
Пароварка Tefal$45-85 – 2-3 steam baskets, are present an additional bowl for rice, sometimes and the adaptation for cooking of eggs, can have both an electronic, and mechanical control, all have a function of a doliv of water, it is possible to find option with the "fast steam" mode. In this category Kenwood, Tefal, Braun join above-mentioned producers. Besides, in this price range there are models in which programs of preparation of certain products are in advance put (Kenwood FS-460, Scarlett SC1142) that too can be interesting.
$85 and above – 3 steam baskets, mainly electronic control, the liquid crystal display, the "fast steam" mode, a start delay, the thermostat (Tefal), the mode of maintenance of food in a warm state, the water level indicator. would like to note, what not all models of double boilers in this price category possess all above-mentioned signs at once. But, nevertheless, it is always possible to pick up the combination of "frills" which is most satisfying you among double boilers of such firms, as Kenwood, Tefal, Braun, Bork, Vitek, Scarlett.

Successful to you choice!
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