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How to choose the juice extractor

Even the best-known brands of juice will not be compared to freshly squeezed juice of own preparation. You already bought fresh fruit and are ready to act? Wait, at first we will need to choose the juice extractor! So, with what it is worth beginning? To start will ask you such question: what juice you prefer?
Как выбрать соковыжималку Even the best-known brands of juice will not be compared to freshly squeezed juice of own preparation. From ripe juicy fruit, the prepared by own hands, such juice will be twice more tasty. You already bought fresh fruit and are ready to act? Wait, at first we will need to choose the juice extractor!
So, with what it is worth beginning? To start will ask you such question: what juice you prefer? After all juice extractors are intended especially for a citrus or can be universal.

Citrus juice extractors

Соковыжималки для цитрусовых предназначаются для того, чтобы получать свежий сок из апельсинов, мандаринов, грейпфрутов, лимонов и так далее As it is clear from the name, juice extractors intend for a citrus to receive fresh juice from oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, lemons and so on. They look extremely simply. A cone-shaped nozzle, inside a motor which this nozzle rotates, below capacity for collecting juice. If not absolutely understand how it everything looks, can remember any American movie where heroes since morning drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Remembered? Perfectly, we go further.
In what distinctions of models of juice extractors for a citrus? In most cases, squeezing out juice on such priborchik, you will hold a fruit. However, also models where for this purpose the special holder is used meet. The truth for enjoying the benefit of technical progress you should pay time in two more, than if took the ordinary juice extractor.
Juice extractors for a citrus have to have removable nozzles. Agree, after all it is much more convenient to have a cone for grapefruit and separately a cone for tangerine. One more option will be especially interesting to judges of natural juice: the monitoring system of the maintenance of pulp in juice. By the way, in the course of preparation remains to pulp much. So if all of you prefer juice without pulp, the pulp should be deleted often that it did not litter a drain opening.
В принципе все соковыжималки для цитрусовых имеют небольшую мощность In principle all juice extractors for a citrus have small power. It fluctuates within 20-80 W, but it is quite enough of it therefore this indicator is not so important. But if you want that your juice extractor worked most effectively, recommends to look after the device with the mode of the alternating rotation. Turning that in one, in other party the nozzle will squeeze out much more juice.
Fresh juice of a citrus has one essential quality: within 10 minutes it loses all the useful properties. It means that juice should be drunk how you receive it by means of the juice extractor. Feature of juice extractors for a citrus also is connected with it: the volume of their container for juice does not exceed 1,2 liters (about two-three glasses). Most often the container is made of transparent plastic, or has a scale of determination of level of juice. Choosing the juice extractor for a citrus, pay attention also that it had a function of direct supply of juice. Juice will be directly poured in a mug. After all it is not always convenient to squeeze out it at first in the container, and then to pour in a cup.

Universal juice extractors

 В таких приборах можно готовить соки из яблока, груши, других фруктов, а также ягод и овощей If you have not enough juice only from a citrus, it is worth getting the universal juice extractor. In such devices it is possible to prepare juice from apple, a pear, other fruit, and also berries and vegetables. However, despite the name "universal", at a choice of the juice extractor glance in the instruction and check the list of products from which it will be possible to prepare juice.
It is more difficult device, than the juice extractor for a citrus. "Raw materials" at first are crushed, then get to a separator. Unlike the juice extractor for a citrus, universal are calculated on receiving amount of juice, much bigger on volume. It means, as pulp will be much more. Therefore the system of cleaning is very important for these household appliances.
It depends on a separator form. Cylindrical or conical. When using in the juice extractor of a cylindrical form of a separator, the efficiency is rather high and can reach 95%. Minus that at a cylindrical separator it is difficult to organize otbros pulp. And it means that after preparation of three-four glasses of juice, you should clean it manually. Conical separators are cleaned much more simply. However, thus the indicator of an exit of juice decreases to 60-70%.
Power of universal juice extractors varies from 200 to 800 W. If producers speak about bigger power, most likely it is the advertizing course. Choosing the juice extractor, pay attention to that in it there was a rotation speed regulator. In order that a juice residue from different products different speed is necessary. At an insufficient speed the exit of juice will be less, at a bigger speed in juice there will be a lot of pulp. It is possible to learn optimum speed in the instruction to the juice extractor.
To simplify process of preparation of juice, advises to find the juice extractor with the suitable container of giving of fruit. It is best of all if the tray is wide, then it will be possible to fill products "with a hill". It will allow to fill up all "raw materials" for once.
Универсальные соковыжималки What else there are differences at juice extractors of universal type? Material of which the device is made. As in a juice preparation time products directly adjoin to juice extractor walls, it is very important that it was made of qualitative plastic. Other important spare part is the centrifuge grid. It has to be made of stainless steel. Soft metals will not serve long. At problems with a grid juice will contain a large number of pulp.

How to find the high-quality juice extractor? Council here one – choose products of known brands. It, however, does not mean that domestic juice extractors are less qualitative. On the contrary, their technical stuffing much more reliably will also serve more long. Minus are big dimensions and unattractive design. The difference between import and domestic juice extractors also is that foreign devices are more calculated on preparation of small portions of juice. For example, for breakfast for a standard European family it is quite enough several glasses of juice. The Russian devices are made for the purpose of big preparations for the winter.
In it, by the way, one more standard difference of juice extractors is visible. If you have a little place in kitchen, it is better to choose to you the juice extractor with direct supply of juice in a cup – their sizes allow to save free space. If, on the contrary, it is enough place, it is possible to get the device with the built-in container for collecting juice.
In principle it everything that it is necessary to know in order that it is correct to choose the juice extractor. Let's remind you that before putting products in the juice extractor them it is necessary to wash out carefully, and also to remove from them stones.
On it all. Enjoy taste of fresh juice.
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