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How to choose disks a remark and in what their feature?

The question of change of disks or tires is particularly acute for any motorist. On the one hand change of tires depending on a season and their wear is a guarantee of safety and comfortable driving. Change of disks – opportunity to allocate the car and to give to originality to appearance. On the other hand, both that, and another considerably beats under the budget.

If with seasonal replacement of tires of doubts does not be – your life and safety, and also safety of the vehicle after all depends on it, here change of disks raises doubts at many owners of "iron horses". What to choose, where to go to buy, what sum to keep within?

Today we will talk about disks remarks, that is production which externally does not differ from branded goods. The difference consists, of course, in characteristics, quality and the price. Goods of remarks have a great number of supporters, however it is not less opponents.

Some motorists believe that it is better to acquire qualitative goods of eminent firm at once, than to save on purchase of a remark, and after to overpay for restoration of appearance and repeatedly to buy low-quality production. Besides, the majority of disks of remarks is made in China or Turkey, from here follows not only the low price, but also poor quality – such disks can live to the first hole. Certificates, licenses, permissions to production at plants remarks also do not happen. Of course, low-quality and unreliable production can become the reason not only expenditure, but also to threaten the driver's life.

One more problem which owners of disks of remarks – replacement of one of disks face. As a rule, to find a disk which will be externally similar to the established models, will be not difficult, and here on the weight and geometry such disks will differ. In other words, at loss or breakage of one disk you should change also all others. And considering quality of remarks, it is necessary to change them more often than production of official producers. It is also not necessary to forget that remark disks transfer reagents much worse and quicker oblazit.

Nevertheless, many motorists buy remarks. The main reason – the price. The remark can cheaper cost original production. Externally remark disks will also look decently, at least, from far away.

How to choose disks a remark? First, it is worth being defined, whether you are ready to risk the safety and the budget, getting disks without any quality assurance from the official producer. Can overpay better for quality, but not listen to the consultant who needs to sell goods? Secondly, do not look only at appearance and the price. It is better to consult with independent drivers or experts who will prompt, what goods it is worth being afraid and avoid. Thirdly, be not too lazy to read responses and recommendations of remarks on the Internet – at thematic forums it is quite often possible to face motorists who got remarks and share impressions. And at last, do not trust everything written on packing – quite often "known" Italian firms will not have even the site on the Internet, and near Italy will be as you already guessed to be meant China.

If all of you got disks a remark, achieve a written guarantee from the seller, and also surely visit HUNDRED and check purchase for similarity, weight and geometry.

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