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How to elect the new assistant on kitchen

Instead of for hours to spend time in kitchen, it can be spent with advantage for more interesting occupations: communication, hobby, other house efforts. The crock-pot unambiguously will help you with it. The main thing at a choice you want to be defined that from the new kitchen device.

Inexpensive crock-pots possess the main functions: cooking, warming up, maintenance by the warm. They are suitable for preparation of simple dishes according to the set programs, not always have the timer and a delay of start.

More expensive models are allocated with an expanded set of opportunities. The book of recipes at them is much wider, to 30 programs. There are such modes as frying, pastries, cooking of macaroni, steam boiling, suppression, yogurt and even jam. Polaris PBMM 1601D crock-pot, for example, "in combination" also bread machine. Such devices allow not only to save time, but also products, for example, can be fried with the minimum quantity of oil, and also absolutely without it, care about health of the owners, offering only the freshest and healthy food.

The big benefit of the crock-pot is capable to be brought to those who is compelled to prepare dietary dishes, in that case the "cooking on couple" program for them simply a find. Also families with small children very much need function of sterilization of ware.

The intellectual equipment becomes the last trend of household appliances, to operate which it is possible remotely, by means of mobile devices. Crock-pots in this plan did not become an exception: Polaris EVO EPMC 0125, Redmond RMC-IH450WIFI belong to category of such equipment. After synchronization with the smartphone by means of the WI-FI module it is possible to watch cooking process, to correct settings, to store the book of recipes on the mobile device.

Crock-pots big and small

Choosing this useful device, it is necessary to remember the pan size as to replace it on big or smaller it is impossible. Too small capacity will demand preparation of a dish in two "calling", big assumes a bigger expense of the electric power. It is necessary to notice that the net volume of a bowl of the crock-pot is less nominal that it is also necessary to consider at a choice. Nevertheless, compact devices are very useful in small-sized kitchens when there is a fight for each centimeter. For a family from three people there is enough crock-pot with a volume of 3,5 liters.

The Scarlett SC-MC410S07 model quite will approach, as the nominal volume of its bowl – 4 liters. From useful opportunities – 3D heating, 34 programs of preparation of various dishes, a start delay for 24 hours, the rich complete set, the Multipovar function allowing to establish parameters manually.

The good crock-pot is capable to serve not one year therefore it is necessary to choose it carefully. Not to be mistaken and receive that is necessary, ask for the help the online catalog Aport: It will provide information on all models of crock-pots which are available in the market of Russia, allows to compare their characteristics and the prices, to trace the most interesting price offers in the market.

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