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How to choose the crock-pot

The crock-pot – that this subject, necessary in kitchen, which can replace some pans and frying pans at the same time. In it it is possible both to fry, and to cook, and to extinguish, and also to bake and steam products. Without this adaptation modern hostesses do not represent the family life any more. How to choose the crock-pot so that you accepted the price, and quality was excellent, will prompt

For a start it is necessary to understand that represents this unit and what functions carries out. So, the crock-pot represents capacity with a heating element. It works from electricity. In the case there is a capacity in which the food is cooked. It represents a pan, small on volume. Each unit has the built-in microprocessor which operates cooking process. Besides, at the unit there is a valve for removal of steam, and also the system allowing a cover to be closed hermetically.

The electric adaptation for cooking came from a pressure cooker. But actually experts claim that the crock-pot is set of several kitchen devices:

In the market models which have both simple, and difficult versions that is important are presented. To you to solve, which model, and with what set of functions to get. But that one kitchen unit is capable to replace five household appliances in kitchen, is the truth.

As works

We will not describe the device and the principle of its work. If to speak briefly, the crock-pot represents the small unit in which there is a capacity with an antiprigarny covering. Capacity (it is a pan and a frying pan) carries out temperature processing of products: grain, vegetables, meat, fish and pastries.

Cooking in capacity happens because heating elements are heated which warm up capacity evenly. Due to work of elements, products which are in capacity, prepare quicker, and their useful properties thus remain.

Each model of the crock-pot consists of two components:

  1. Cases.
  2. Capacities for cooking.

In a bowl which is established in the unit, the food is cooked, and the case (often it has both a plastic, and metal covering) serves as a peculiar thermos which does not allow heat to come to light.

The thicket by means of heating elements which are located in the bottom of the case heats up, and also some elements are located from above and sideways the unit.

Besides, in the top part of the unit the valve of removal of steam which allows to regulate pressure in capacity is located. Below also there is a pallet – in it excess moisture gathers. Control over operation of the unit is exercised by the microprocessor brought to the case panel. It is convenient to them to operate as it is equipped with the display and the timer of calculation of a preparation time of food.

If in the crock-pot there is a function of a double boiler then additional capacity for cooking on couple (the plastic container) which is established in the main capacity (bowl) is included in the package.

The crock-pot is, in fact, the same pan on which there is a separate heating element. The principle of operation of the unit is similar to cooking on the gas or electric stove. But significantly differs in that the part of heat at preparation on a plate goes to the room, and products which prepare, contact to air. Besides, it is necessary to control continued all process and not to leave for a long time from a plate. In the crock-pot it is not present. It is enough to put necessary ingredients, to choose the program, to include and … to go to do favorite thing!

And as so, many readers Mirsovetov will ask. How it is possible to put at the same time all products and to leave? Do not worry, the unit is arranged so that each product will prepare the put time.

How to choose

In the market the huge number of models of crock-pots is presented, beginning from cheap and finishing with very expensive models. How to choose such model that in it all functions were combined at the same time, and on what it is necessary to pay attention?

There are parameters by means of which it will be simpler to choose the crock-pot:

  1. Unit type.
  2. Power.
  3. Volume.
  4. Modes.
  5. Safety level
  6. Durability.
  7. Convenience.

Let's consider each parameter in more detail.


Before purchase it is necessary to decide on unit type. If you look for only the risovarka mode, then you will get the unit with one program. If you are interested in a full set of all functions, including opportunity to extinguish, cook and steam, then it will be an expanded programme.

At the price the unit having one program will cost much cheaper, than the crock-pot with ten and more programs.

About power

Power of the adaptation fluctuates ranging from hundred watts to two kilowatts. Respectively, than it is more, those need to spend minutes for preparation of a dish less.

If you are faced by a choice: the identical model has different power, take big as crock-pots so do not cook food quickly and if power is small, process will be dragged out at long o'clock.

Do not think that if you will get the device with a small power, it will allow you to save the electric power. On the contrary, the more will prepare the unit, the more there will be an electric power expense.


It is the most important parameter at a crock-pot choice. Directly depends on bowl volume, whether the prepared dish will be enough for all family members.

The difference in volume of a bowl of the crock-pots presented on sale fluctuates ranging from two to ten liters. And the devices having bowl capacity four-five liters are considered as popular models. Such volume quite will suit a family from three-four people.

It is undesirable to take a bowl from calculation "end-to-end" as you will prepare one dish on once. So at once choose the device with a bigger bowl, and suddenly it is necessary to treat guests?

Operating modes of the device

Each unit has the list of the modes. Them there can be both one, and uncountable quantity. It depends on the price of the device and its functionality. If the family budget allows, it is possible to choose the crock-pot having many functions. It is necessary and in case you use all functions.

According to average data it is enough to have ten programs and possibility of manual setup of the device. If your task – to save the family budget, then choose simple model in which there is a list of the main programs, and also opportunity to expose the program of preparation manually.

Main programs of preparation

  1. Suppression of dishes. Occurs at a low temperature, 100-105 degrees. This program allows to stew fruit and vegetables, meat, and also to prepare grain.
  2. Pastries. From the crock-pot the unit turns into the bread machine. Preparation temperature – 180 degrees. The program allows to bake pies, pies, and also to fry meat and fish.
  3. Soups. Temperature makes no more than 100 degrees. Except soups it is possible to cook compote (if you have no such function separately).
  4. "On couple". The mode allows to use the device as a double boiler. Down in capacity fill in water, and inside install the container. Preparation temperature - 100 degrees.
  5. "To cook buckwheat". The special mode for preparation of grain (clean croups).
  6. Pilaf. From the crock-pot the device turns into a risovarka. When water evaporates, all components which are in capacity start being roasted.
  7. "Porridge with milk". Porridge does not "run" (as on a plate).
  8. Yogurt preparation. By means of ferment it is possible to receive a useful product. Preparation temperature – no more than 40 degrees.
  9. "Warming up". The mode allows to maintain temperature of a ready dish or to warm food from the refrigerator.
  10. Delay. Will allow to begin preparation process when you are at work. For this purpose it is necessary to put all ingredients in advance (for example, in the morning) and to turn on the device. The maximum delay - 13 hours.
  11. "Multipovar", and also "The individual recipe" will allow to regulate manually the program and to prepare everything that to you will be wished.

The program will be convenient for preparation bean and porridges.

About safety

At a choice of the faithful assistant in kitchen it is necessary to consider safety. The high-quality crock-pot has the valve which will protect the user from burns. Many models are equipped with system "smooth release of steam".

Besides, safety of the crock-pot is ensured also by an electrocord. It can be as removable, and is not present. It is more convenient to store the device if the cord is removed, but in respect of safety such device is considered unsafe as moisture can get to a nest for a cord.

Convenience and durability

At a choice of the crock-pot it is important to be guided by pleasant trifles. If your assistant is equipped with handles, her will transfer and rearrange more conveniently. Also do not refuse additional "bonuses" - rakes, measured spoons, glasses and other assistants.

The durability of the device is influenced also by material of which the bowl is made. Often capacity is made of stainless steel. Such device has the low price, and the food in capacity will burn. By the way, and too will clean it it is problematic.

It is desirable to get the crock-pot having a bowl with not burning covering. It happens several types:

  • teflon;
  • ceramics;
  • marble.

In the market it is possible to meet crock-pots with the first and second covering more often. Everyone has a number of advantages and shortcomings. So, the ceramics is considered more resistant to scratches, it is easy to wash it. And teflon is not chopped off and the food long does not burn. But it is heavy to wash a teflon surface as even the special silicone shovel leaves small cracks on a surface.


Despite multifunctionality of units for cooking, they have the small weight and dimensions. So, the average crock-pot weighs only three kilograms and has small dimensions.


If you decided to get the crock-pot, do not neglect these recommendations from

  1. Choose the model which does not have a nest as during the work or a sudden stop of the device the steam-out is possible. It can damage electricity cables.
  2. Pay attention how the case is assembled. The device has to be to bring together qualitatively and not to have scratches.
  3. After you cooked food – are not lazy and wash up the crock-pot. Do not forget to wipe the case as on it too there are fat spots.
  4. Wipe a cover from above and inside.
  5. The steam valve needs to be cleaned if it is hammered – the device can break.
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