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How to choose the coffee machine

Oh this coffee … The tradition to drink coffee so in the mornings took roots in our life that it became a peculiar ritual. We wish to drink couple of cups of bitter and fragrant drink and at work. What to speak about short-term meetings with friends in cafe when it is possible to manage to drink only one cup of espresso or latte.

Coffee became not simply drink is a part of our life. And in life so there is a wish to indulge himself not only beautiful, but also useful and necessary things. And if to combine all this? Kofe+priyatny pastime = coffee house at home. And if it is even simpler – the coffee machine. will prompt as to choose it and on what to pay attention first of all.

What is the coffee machine

If before the coffee machine were destiny of the large companies and various cafes, today such unit can be got without problems for house use. Especially as the modern equipment of such plan allows the owner to abstract absolutely from preparation of drink – rather simply to fill powder and to press the button. Through a couple of minutes at you amazing coffee will be ready.

What is the coffee machine? If to simplify process is such device which mixes coffee, milk, cream, sugar and other additives if that is demanded by the recipe, with hot water. But actually everything is much more difficult. Before preparing a drink cup, the coffee machine has to process grains and select the necessary quantity for one cup of coffee, stick together a tablet from powder, heat water if it is necessary – to warm up separately a cup, to shake up milk or cream, to pass water through the tablet created earlier and then to remove already used grinding and to pour coffee in a cup., It seems, there is a lot of work, but at the coffee machine only minute on preparation of fragrant drink leaves.

The most important visual difference of the coffee machine from the coffee maker is that the coffee machine even if it is the most usual budgetary model, is much more and heavier than the coffee maker. Certainly, there are at all huge stationary coffee machines which can prepare more than one hundred cups of coffee in a day, but for the house such unit is not necessary at all – in economy it will be ideal to feel easier and compact model on 10-40 of cups.

By what criteria choose coffee machines

  1. Brand. First of all, it is necessary to look at manufacturing firm: as far as it is reliable and prestigious, whether is famous for the quality, whether has warranties.
  2. Dimensions. The size of a new byttekhnika is very important, especially, if the area of kitchen leaves much to be desired. Especially as some coffee machines need the additional space necessary for its service.
  3. Productivity. The important criterion, depends entirely on that, how many the person will drink coffee – whether one, whether big family. Proceeding from it, it is worth thinking, what to choose the device.
  4. "Interiors". This criterion influences and cost. From what scalded mechanism in the coffee machine, what coffee grinder and system of heating, and also what other mechanisms inside at the device, depend its functions and operating time.
  5. Taste. Today there are universal coffee machines which know how to cook various drinks, and is narrow-purpose which are capable to treat only with one type of coffee. For example, espresso car or the automatic machine for preparation of various options of black coffee (here enters not only espresso, but also an americana, lungo, ristretto) or the automatic machine for preparation of coffee with various additives (latte, a cappuccino), or super - machine guns which are capable to give out separately hot milk and even water – suddenly, you unexpectedly wanted tea?
  6. Functions. Many people like various additional functions at various devices. For example, at coffee machines existence of the display, separate heating of cups or two heating systems is appreciated.
  7. Convenience. If care of the byttekhniky is difficult and delivers an array of problems, it not your trouble, but a mistake of the producer. The coffee machine has to be convenient in operation.
  8. "Frills". If speaks openly, absolutely senseless criterion, nevertheless, it takes place to be. Various additional options will not bring any benefit for coffee, but will please the owner's eye. It can be illumination of cups, some exclusive design or material of which the device is made, a thermos for cooling of drinks – generally, any accessories and details which will not bring neither benefit, nor harm.
  9. Price. Perhaps, this criterion should be put on the very first place as it, in fact, the most important at a coffee machine choice – from that, how many money you are ready to spend for purchase, depends that specifically you will get. But sometimes after all it is possible to indulge himself therefore we after all put this point on the last place.

Councils upon purchase of the coffee machine

  1. Visit as much as possible specialized shops to study offers in the market byttekhnik in your city. Availability of a world wide web will allow to study the range of goods on the Internet.
  2. Now coffee machines offer a little more than ten known brands, thus the line of goods includes from one to fifteen models. The most popular producers – Switzerland (JURA, Nivona), Italy (DeLonghi, Gaggia, Spidem, Philips-Saeco (the last – together with Holland)), Germany (Bosch, Siemens, Melitta, Miele, Krups (the last – together with France)), Sweden (Electrolux), China (Merol).
  3. Choose that producer who already proved from a positive side.
  4. Getting the coffee machine, pay attention to a guarantee from the producer and from the seller. Remember that timely service of equipment possibly only in the presence of a network of the service centers. It is quite good if there is a representative of the producer at you in the city or at least in the closest availability. Pay attention, whether there is a hot line at the producer on which it is possible to receive answers to all interesting questions on a product.
  5. The price of coffee machines varies from 25 to 118 thousand rubles.
  6. The cheapest coffee machines are semiautomatic devices. They have the simplest functionality: for example, if you wish a cappuccino, he will need to be prepared manually.
  7. The most expensive coffee machines are a machine gun station wagon which, to all other, has unique the design chromeplated by the case, a huge choice of functions.
  8. For house a kofepitiya sufficient productivity for the coffee machine makes to 50 cups a day – no more. All other models are already professional the equipment for bars or restaurants.
  9. Choosing the coffee machine, pay attention to the scalded mechanism. It is best of all if it is removable as your opportunity will independently clear it. Thus, need to buy special cleaners for fixed filters will disappear.
  10. Coffee grinders exist with ceramic and steel millstones. Steel millstones are stronger, but they work much more shumny unlike the ceramic. But ceramic can break because of hits of a foreign subject, besides such millstones should be regulated from time to time.
  11. The system of heating happens two types. Boiler: water is warmed up until ends because of what there can be a stagnation in system, thus a lot of electric power is spent, the scum is often formed and taste of coffee worsens. Thermoblock: heats so much water, how many it is necessary therefore is always fresher than some coffee if water remains after preparation of coffee, the car merges it in the special pallet. The second system is certainly better.

On what the coffee machine price depends

The price of the coffee machine is influenced by the following functions:

  1. A variety of the prepared drinks.
  2. Existence of the cappuccino program - whether this car system, whether mechanical preparation.
  3. Russian on the display.
  4. Two heating systems.
  5. Manual control of temperature of that coffee which gives out the machine gun.
  6. Adjustment of volume of water for one portion of coffee.
  7. Heating for cups.
  8. Automatic equipment when cleaning the device of a scum, oils and milk.
  9. Case material.
  10. Exclusive design.
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