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We choose a way of connection to the Internet

Sooner or later each owner of the home computer reflects on its connection to the Internet. For the sake of communication with other people, downloading of necessary information and so on. At this moment before the user there is a question – what way of connection to the Internet to choose?
Sooner or later each owner of the home computer reflects on its connection to the Internet. For the sake of communication with other people, downloading of necessary information and so on. At this moment before the user there is a question – what way of connection to the Internet to choose? If all a few years ago at the vast majority of users of the Network in Russia actually did not remain other choice, except how to use modem connection (dial-up), now the situation in the market of services strongly changed.
At once there is a wish to notice concerning the prices specified in article – though Internet access generally constantly becomes cheaper, in the large cities thanks to existence of house networks, the big competition of providers, a great number of users – it is possible to receive services of Internet access much more (sometimes even very much much more …) cheaper, than in regions. In this article tried to remove the average prices.

Ways of connection to the Internet

In the most widespread ways of connection to the Internet are today: Подключение к Интернету
  • Modem connection (Dialup access) – Dial-Up, ADSL
  • Connection on the allocated line (an optical fiber, etc.)
  • GPRS – access (via the cell phone)
  • Radio access
  • Satellite Internet
All of them differ from each other in the principle of work, data transmission speed, reliability, complexity of control of the equipment and, of course, the price. The main characteristic of any connection to the Internet – data transmission speed – is measured in amount of information transferred to the user for a unit of time (in one second) and usually measured in kilobytes/sec. (KB/s) or kilobits/sec. (kbps). For high-speed channels measurement of speed already goes in megabits or megabytes a second.
In principle pastime on the Internet can be divided into two groups – the demanding receiving a large number of a traffic and not demanding it. For web surfing (viewing of pages) there is enough speed of usual modem connection. However such speed will not allow you to download with comfort big files – movies, qualitative music and so on. Therefore full use of opportunities of the Internet requires high-speed access.

Modem connection (dial-up)

Модем The oldest and widely used way of connection but which now is gradually forced out by others. Modem (dial-up) connection now enjoys rather wide popularity only in the cities where there is no wide choice of providers.
At such way of connection the user every time for Internet connection should do by means of the modem dialing on the telephone line to a modem pool of provider. From here the first lack of a dial-up – employment of the telephone line in the time spent on the Internet follows. Further the provider processes a registration name (login) and the password of the user and verifies them. Then free IP thanks to which he gets access to the Network is appropriated to the subscriber.
Pluses such the Internet of connection are: simplicity of control and installation of the equipment (only the analog modem is required), low price of the equipment, and a set of the tariff plans offered by providers.
Modem connection has more than shortcomings. As it was noticed above – employment of the telephone line of the subscriber, low speed of data transmission (usually 3-4 CBs / c), and poor quality of connection and data transmission, because of wear of telephone lines. wanted to note that at a speed provided with modem connection it is almost impossible to download from the Internet big files – video, distribution kits of big programs and so on.

The demanded equipment
  • The analog modem - from 300 (internal) to 1000 (good external) rub.
  • Connection – at the majority of providers free of charge.


More perspective in comparison with dial-up is the ADSL technology (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) now. It is the technology allowing to provide high-speed broadband Internet access on usual analog telephone lines. Speed thus reaches the size of 8 Mbps. Besides this technology does not load the telephone line of the subscriber, thanks to division of ranges of signals in the telephone line. The subscriber also does not need to dial to provider. Minuses – rather high cost of a traffic – 2-2,5 rub/Müá®Ô.

The demanded equipment
  • ADSL – the modem (a splitter usually in a set) – from 600 to 2000 rub.
  • The right for connection for the population - to 1000 rub (depending on the region).

GPRS connection

GPRS соединение Due to the fast development of cellular communication in Russia almost each person has a cell phone. Why not to use it for Internet access? Practically all providers offer service of use of the cell phone instead of the traditional modem today. Thus for access to a network free channels of mobile operator are used.
For the user such connection to the Internet is good that with support by GPRS phone from the additional equipment only the device for communication of the mobile phone with the computer is required (an USB cable, infrared port or Bluetooth). Plus is also mobility of this type of connection.
Speed of data transmission depends on mobile operator and the applied equipment, but in general too is low – everything is twice higher than the modem.
The defining shortcoming first of all is the high cost of the traffic received by the user (5-7 rub/Mb).

The demanded equipment
  • USB – a cable, infrared port, Bluetooth – about 400-500 rub.

Connection on the allocated line

The provider draws the allocated line (twisted couple or an optical fiber) to the subscriber's computer and gives out the range of IP addresses for the subscriber's exit in the Internet.
Thus the user receives the free telephone line, a continuous communication with the Internet, high quality of connection and data transmission, high speed (to 100 Mbps).
However the cost of installation and control of such connection directly depends on computer distance to a point of connection of provider, and is anyway rather great in comparison with other ways of connection. And at transfer of the computer in other place to it again it is necessary to lay a cable.

The demanded equipment
  • In this case from the equipment only the network interface card is necessary for the user, and now it is available practically on any of motherboards.
The cost of laying of a cable to the computer and connection depends on provider and can make generally from 500 to 13000 rubles. In Moscow such connection is much cheaper, than in regions … alas, alas … =)

Radio access

Антенна для радиодоступа к Интернету Wireless way of connection to the Internet. At provider and the subscriber all necessary equipment (a special radio modem, the antenna) is installed by means of which exchange of information between the user and the Internet is carried out.
Minuses of a radio access consist in need of purchase of the expensive equipment and a high monthly fee to provider. Quality of connection and data transmission depends on weather and visibility of the base transmitting station.
Treat its pluses the high speed of connection (to 2 Mbps) and mobility of the subscriber (that is opportunity to connect the subscriber device to other computer).

The demanded equipment
  • The antenna - about 2000 rub.
  • The internal module (radio modem) – dispersion of the prices quite big did not begin to specify cost on all equipment and the connection is depends on provider and can differ several times. Anyway good connection to the Internet by means of a radio access will not manage to you cheaper than 10000 rubles.
Separately It should be noted connection on Wi-Fi for which the module is necessary only for Wi-fi (cost – to 2000 rubles) but … in regions of a cover zone Wi-Fi is practically not present.

Satellite connection

Спутниковое соединение бывает односторонним (асинхронным) и двусторонним Satellite connection happens unilateral (asynchronous) and bilateral. will not consider the second for the reason of high cost of the equipment (the account goes on tens of thousands).
Most often the satellite Internet call asynchronous (or combined) a way of access – data to the user arrive through a satellite plate, and inquiries (traffic) from the user are transferred by any other connection – GPRS or on land channels (to ADSL, dial-up). The main requirement to the request channel – reliability of connection. In most cases the best choice for it is ADSL connection with the free proceeding traffic.
Advantages of satellite connection to the Internet – first of all it is very low cost of a traffic – from 10 to 100 kopeks for 1 megabyte. The cost of a set of the equipment and connection is available practically to all now (especially in comparison with other ways of access) and makes about 200-300 US dollars.
Data transmission speed considerably varies depending on provider and the tariff plan chosen by the user. Providers of the satellite Internet offer very wide choice of tariff plans, including unlimited. Very pleasant bonus is also possibility of free reception of satellite television.
Minus of satellite connection to the Internet is need of existence of the channel for the proceeding traffic – the telephone line or phone with support of GPRS. However, now it not such big problem.

The demanded equipment
  • The antenna of 90 cm with an arm – about 2000 rub.
  • The DVB card (the satellite modem) of SkyStar2 - 1800 rub.
  • The converter – 700 rub.
  • Cable – 100 rub (10 m)
  • Installation, control – 1700 rub.
Total – 6300 "turnkey" rub.
It is worth noticing that in the large cities of Russia because of the growing competition of providers and development of local networks Internet access becomes cheaper. Often it is possible to establish unlimited access to the Network with a decent speed and a monthly fee of 500-1000 rub/month. In the province and the small cities with it everything is much more difficult and the prices are higher much. Use of the satellite Internet will be the most optimum choice in this situation.
Finally there is some mathematics from personal experience of the author. Let's count the approximate cost of downloading of a certain volume of information from the Internet. When using modem (dial-up) Internet access with time wage for an hour it is theoretically possible to receive (to download) 6*3600 = 21600 kilobyte, or 21 Mb. Practically this figure is in the region of 15-17 Mb. Now we will count:
Modem (dial-up) access – 20 Mb – 20 rubles (a payment for an hour).
ADSL access – 20 Megabytes – 40 rubles ("Volgatelekom") (in tens quicker, than on modem access).
The satellite Internet – 20 Mb – from 2kh to 20 rubles depending on the speed of downloading and time of day.
We hope, our councils will help you to make a right choice.
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