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Choice of an accumulative water heater (boiler)

First of all, it would be desirable to tell that such "boiler". In technical language the boiler represents a water heater of accumulative type. And if it is simply to speak, it is system from a heating element and a tank in which actually and water heats up to a certain temperature and it is supported at the same level.
Выбор накопительного водонагревателя (бойлера) First of all, it would be desirable to tell that such "boiler". In technical language the boiler represents a water heater of accumulative type. And if it is simply to speak, it is system from a heating element and a tank in which actually and water heats up to a certain temperature and it is supported at the same level. And it is very convenient, in conditions when there are any problems with supply of hot water. Washing of ware, souls, a bathtub – on all these domestic needs hot water is simply necessary for us. Therefore sooner or later we reflect as it would be good to have after all houses a boiler. will tell about the device of accumulative water heaters that, for certain, will help you to be defined which most of all suits you.

Gas or electric boiler

Для установки газового бойлера понадобится сооружать дымоход Can be a power source for a boiler both gas, and electricity. But a coma and what boiler it is more preferable?
Let's try to list all pros and cons of installation of gas and electric water heaters of accumulative type. And you already will be able to understand what purchase of a boiler will be for you the most justified.
The 1-3 kW electric water accumulative heaters (some models to 6 kW) are capable to work from the ordinary power supply network therefore not obligatory to connect it to the power line of food.
If to establish a gas accumulative water heater, you, undoubtedly, get advantage in heating time. Power of gas boilers begins from 4-6 kW that in comparison with the maximum power of 1,5-3 kW of the majority electric, looks impressively. On the example of models of water heaters of 150-liter capacity it is visible that gas are equipped on average with the 7 kW torches whereas for electric boilers use heating elements of 1,8-3 kW. I.e. in a gas boiler on heating of 150 liters of water a little more than an hour, and at least two hours is required (and even three-four) will leave until the same volume heats up in an electric water accumulative heater.
But for installation of a gas boiler it is required also to construct a flue. Complexity of installation depends on that, the closed or open combustion chamber is provided in a design of an accumulative water heater. Installation of model of a gas boiler with the open combustion chamber demands more means. At installation of an accumulative water heater with the closed combustion chamber expenses it is less, on the unit can manage 1,5 times more.
It is obvious that because of lower cost of gas, on profitability advantage on the party of gas accumulative water heater. But in too time the cost of the boiler working at gas and also cost of its installation, several times is more, than electric. Mostly, cost is also the reason of bigger popularity of electric water accumulative heaters.

Volume of a tank of accumulative water heaters

Объем бака бойлера желательно рассчитать, так чтобы горячей воды хватало на все нужды It is clear that it is desirable to count the volume of a tank of a boiler, so that hot water quite was enough for all needs, it is possible even with a small stock. On the other hand, too big water heater will also cost much, and considerably will increase payment for the electric power (or gas). And the physical sizes of a tank very often limit a choice for placement of a bulky boiler in the conditions of the standard apartment.
That in that case it is possible to advise how to choose the boiler suitable for itself. In many respects it depends on number of family members, for what needs and as hot water is often spent.
If to use water only when washing ware, the water heater with a volume of tank up to 10 l quite will be enough. But the majority of cases we get a boiler and to take a shower or a bathtub. Most of all, of course, it is required waters for a bathroom. The standard volume of bathtubs in our apartments makes 165-185l, but it does not mean that it is necessary to buy an accumulative water heater of the same volume. Taking into account that the bathtub is never filled to the brim, the part of water is vented by own body, plus hot water from a boiler is always diluted with cold water, it turns out that for acceptance of a bathtub enough about 80 l of the water heated to 50 degrees. And if to establish water temperature in a boiler on higher level, the expense will be also that less.
There is no wish to give any certain formulas for calculation of volume of a tank of a water heater, after all in each separate case all individually. But here the overall picture can be depicted thus. On one person it is recommended to choose a boiler of 50-80 liters of water. If person two or three, requirements to volume already naturally above, and it already from 80 to 150 liters. For a family from four people it is worth looking after more capacious water heaters from 120 up to 200 liters.
I will repeat that the final choice of a boiler should be made, proceeding from the requirements. For example, on condition of very economical expenditure of water, especially for a bathtub and a shower, from four people opportunities of a 120-liter boiler quite will be enough for a family. But, say, to take a bath to all family members one after another with such water heater it will not turn out. It is necessary to wait until in a boiler the next portion of water is warmed up. Optimum, as often it happens, to take something, i.e. the water heater containing in a tank of 150-160 liters of water for such family will already allow to spend water on the requirements, without feeling any discomfort. The bigger size of a tank makes sense only in those separate cases when hot water is necessary throughout the day and in large numbers. Otherwise surplus of a water-supply simply will not justify investments made in a water heater.

Internal covering of a tank of a boiler

Антикоррозионное покрытие защищает бак от коррозии, от него зависит срок службы бойлера Now, as for an internal anticorrosive covering of a tank. It can be with a titanic dusting, from stainless steel or a steklofarfor. What it matters? Internally the covering protects a tank from corrosion therefore boiler service life in many respects depends on it. And naturally, application of this or that way of protection is reflected in the cost of an accumulative water heater.
The covering from a steklofarfor and enamel is most popular, it is not subject to corrosion. Also water heaters with such covering cheaper than the others cost. But there is one essential shortcoming – sensitivity of enamel and a steklofarfor to sharp change of temperature owing to what on a covering there can be microcracks. Of course, it is possible to use an accumulative water heater in more sparing mode, without establishing temperature over 60 degrees. But for prevention of development of bacteria in water periodically nevertheless it is necessary to heat water to the maximum temperature.
More reliable concerning corrosion are boilers with an internal covering of a tank titanic enamel or stainless steel for today. If on tanks with a steklofarforovy covering usually give a guarantee no more than 1 year, on model of boilers with a tank or with a titanic dusting the warranty period makes of stainless steel 7-10 years. And it is quite logical that the cost of such water heaters is higher. And, the titanic dusting meets generally only in expensive top models of boilers.
And though tanks with a titanic dusting and from a stainless steel are steadier against corrosion, but they nevertheless have weak places in welding points. Over time these sites become the most vulnerable. But nevertheless service life of such boilers much more more analogs with an enamel covering. Still there is an opinion that a stainless steel, reacting with water, can negatively influence its taste and a smell. For example, when washing or toothbrushing it could cause unpleasant feelings. Why could? On numerous responses it is visible that people use accumulative water heaters and complaints of this sort is not observed.
For protection of an internal covering in a tank of accumulative water heaters there is a magnesian anode. He gives additional protection against corrosion, and demands periodic replacement (times in half a year/year). By the way, in boilers with a tank from a stainless steel magnesian anodes are also installed. But, in view of resistance of stainless steel to corrosion, it is not required to replace them almost, very seldom.

Water heater power

Время нагрева воды в бойлере зависит от мощности нагревательного элемента Time of heating of water in a boiler will depend in many respects on the power of a heating element. Unambiguously here win gas boilers as their power is at least twice higher electric than similar volume.
And the time difference of heating in accumulative water heaters with approximately equal volume of a tank can be quite considerable. So, for example, for boilers with a volume of tank of 150 liters at the power of 2,4 kW and 3 kW time to heat water from 15 to 65 degrees is required around 4 and 3 hours respectively. In the monetary relation, in an hour it will be necessary to pay for advantage 100-150 dollars more. It is worth it? Besides, if you assume to use often hot water during the day, yes.
That else concerns electric heating elements (TEN), in their some models can be two. I.e. instead of one 2 kW TENA two are put on 1 kW or, for example, couple 0,7 and 1,3 kW. Accumulative water heaters from two Tenami have some advantages.
First, when the sharp need for hot water is not present, it is possible to include only one of TENOV. Thereby load of a network decreases. Secondly, even if one of heating elements will fail, the boiler remains in working order (though it does not exempt from breakage elimination at all).

Boiler: comfort and safety

Устройство накопительного водонагревателя (бойлера)

There are still some details in the device of accumulative water heaters which are directly not influencing water heating, but defining convenience and safety of use of a boiler.
First of all, it is the thermostat. It exercises control of temperature of heating of water. For safety it is desirable that in a boiler except the basic the additional thermostat was installed. Unfortunately, not in all it is available.
The maximum temperature of heating in principle is not so important. All boilers provide heating of water to the level of 60-65 degrees – it quite enough. The additional comfort on some models of water heaters provides only the water temperature sensor.
The tank of a water heater has to preserve heat, naturally, for this purpose it has to have a good heat-insulation layer. Generally, the majority of modern boilers is quite acceptable cope with this task, water in a tank cools down on average only on 5-7 degrees in days. But nevertheless, the this layer, the better will be thicker. As it, according to, looks in practice. There are you in shop, and before you two water heaters, equal on volume, but one of them has smaller dimensions. And it seems it is necessary to rejoice that there is more compact model, but only for certain in such boiler offered thickness of a heat-insulation layer.
It is good if there is an opportunity to see the internal device of a boiler, then it is possible to receive a better understanding about the equipment offered you. On what it is necessary to pay attention, at survey of an accumulative water heater.
As it was told, the tank of a boiler is arranged by the principle of a thermos therefore, the more there will be tank walls on thickness, the better. If you like to give as little as possible to time to service, estimate the size of the magnesian anode. Of course, than it is more, those less often to you should make its replacement.

In the conclusion, a couple of words about the sizes of accumulative water heaters. Of course, it would be desirable to have as it is possible a bigger water-supply, but the place in the standard apartment is not always enough. If this question is particularly acute for you as option, it is possible to take an interest in models of boilers with horizontal placement of a tank. But as always it is necessary to pay in addition for additional comfort, as a rule, horizontal accumulative water heaters are more expensive than the vertical colleagues. wishes that your choice was successful, and use - pleasant.

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