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How to choose the blender

What is the blender? This device is in no time capable to crush nuts, to mix ingredients for cocktail, to turn meat into forcemeat and other. Many hostesses for the kitchens buy the food processor. The food processor is capable to cope with a large number of tasks, than the blender, but in each barrel there is the spoon of tar.
Блендер What is the blender? This device which is urged to facilitate our life in kitchen. This device is in no time capable to crush nuts, to mix ingredients for cocktail, to turn meat into forcemeat and other. Many hostesses for the kitchens buy the food processor. This piece convenient, is also capable to cope with a large number of tasks, than the blender, but in each barrel there is the spoon of tar. The food processor takes a lot of place in comparison with the blender, but not a secret that just the empty seat in our kitchens and is not enough. Therefore you will seldom see that the food processor simply stood on kitchen, most likely, it in the sorted state lies in a locker and to use it it is necessary to get and collect, and then to wash and hide. And if you only need to cut onions? Generally, excess waste of time and forces. And we will be honest, we hardly though on a half use the combine for the kitchen needs. Therefore the blender in this respect looks in more advantageous light.

Types of blenders

Now we should ask a question, for which needs we should buy the blender. If, for example, most often in the kitchens you are engaged in any crushing, do breadcrumbs, crush onions, cheese, meat then to you better the submersible blender will approach. It represents a metal or plastic foot which falls to capacity for this purpose to make necessary actions.
If you want to get the blender for mixing of ingredients for cocktails that, then you need the stationary blender more. It looks, as a glass or plastic bowl at the bottom of which knives rotate.
You already chose which is necessary to you the blender? Now is more detailed.

Stationary blender

Стационарный блендер In general, the stationary blender in Europe is called a shaker as it is often used for mixing of cocktails. But at us this name did not get accustomed as we, speaking about a shaker, we imagine something, in what ingredients are poured or filled and by means of simple gestures all this mixes up.
Most often the stationary blender is used for a splitting of ice, mixing of cocktails, beating of proteins. In comparison with the submersible blender it has the pluses, it does not need to be held in hand, it is necessary to press simply the button and the blender everything will make, it is most often much cheaper than submersible blenders, it does not need to be washed, at the majority of models of stationary blenders there is a self-cleaning function. This function is rather simple and convenient, and will secure your hands against cuts sharp knives of the blender. To wash the blender, capacity fill in not hot water and turn on the blender for some time. Quickly and conveniently.
Important feature of stationary blenders is that and that its bowl is made. Two options glass and plastic are possible, both options possess the pluses and minuses.
Glass does not darken, does not absorb smells but if such bowl breaks, it will be very difficult to be replaced. Plastic bowls do not fight, such blenders cheaper at the price in comparison with the glass. But a shortcoming is that the bowl can darken over time. Besides, in such blenders it is not recommended to pour in hot products. By the way, in some new models of blenders of a bowl are made of special plastic which does not darken and does not absorb smells.
Стационарный блендер Bowl volume is also important, before purchase it is necessary to reflect, what volume is necessary for your family. On sale you can meet models with a bowl from 400-500 ml to 2 liters. would like to remind that net volume is a little less specified in characteristics since it is impossible to fill a bowl completely. In other words at a choice of the stationary blender take away about 200 ml from bowl volume are and there will be a net volume.
The third characteristic is power. The power at the blender is higher, the quicker it will cope with an objective. The recommended range of the power of 300-600 Watts, then, for example, you will be able to make milkshake (to mix milk, ice cream and syrup) seconds for 15-20.
Hits of sales among stationary blenders are models of such producers as Philips, Tefal, Moulinex, Kenwood, Bosch.
Price range varies depending on functionality. From 900 rubles (for example, Philips HR 2860, power 220vt, the volume of a bowl is 400 ml) to 2600 rubles and more (Bosch MMB 2000, the power of 600 W, volume of a bowl (glass) – 1750 ml, an ice splitting, adjustment of speeds).

Submersible blender

Погружной блендер The submersible blender has an appearance of an iron or plastic foot which in turn falls to the capacity in which it is necessary to mix something. The submersible blender is most often used for crushing of ingredients. It will be irreplaceable if you had a kid as for preparation of baby purees and porridges we will spend only a few minutes. It is also very convenient if you need to make small amount of works, it takes not enough place and can work in any capacities.
The submersible blender approaches more to crush onions, to make breadcrumbs, to crush meat in forcemeat (in a small amount), small to cut vegetables and fruit. But it has also shortcomings: the submersible blender constantly should be held in hand – if before you large volume of works, hands can be tired. As well as at the stationary blender, the important characteristic is the foot if it is plastic is made of what material, the blender will be much cheaper. But plastic it is impossible to lower in hot a product – for such purposes look after the blender with an iron foot.
You should not forget also about the power and number of speeds. The more power, the quicker our faithful assistant will cope with a task, and our hands will not be tired. Important also the number of speeds, after all the their is more, the more convenient to us to choose optimum speed for this product (but also that blender high price).
Погружной блендер Complete with the submersible blender there can be additional nozzles (for example, a nimbus for beating of eggs and others). But it is hardly worth giving preference to the blender, at which in comparison with similar only one-two additional nozzles. Think, perhaps, it is that pleasant bonus to purchase which you so never also will not use! Therefore recommends to choose that model which is more convenient in daily use. I.e. has sufficient power for all tasks assigned to it, and also gives the chance to regulate at discretion rotation speed. By the way, smooth change of speeds – at all not a whim, but quite useful option.
Blenders of such brands as Philips, Bosch, Siemens, Braun are most of all widespread. Submersible blenders are more expensive than the stationary.
The simplest submersible blender costs about 900 rubles (Braun MR 404, the power of 300 W, the volume of 500 ml). The most powerful and completed model of the blender of submersible type will manage in 2250 and more rubles (for example, Braun MR of 6550 M CA V, the power of 600 W, 15 smoothly adjustable speeds, the volumetric glass on 500 ml, in a set is available an additional nozzle nimbus, an ice grinder, and optionally two vacuum capacities).

Successful to you purchases!
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