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As what to choose a convection oven

Convection oven. Probably, at many when reading this word arises associations with something space, hi-tech. Despite presence of the word "grill" at the name, do not expect from it only this function – its potential much more! At modern convection ovens there is a wide set of functions that will allow to prepare a set of dishes.
Аэрогриль Convection oven. Probably, at many when reading this word arises associations with something space, hi-tech. Both at the same time familiar and attractive, as that design in cafe of Soviet period where on spits ruddy nogasty chickens rotated. In general, in these associations there is nothing especially wrong is and there are high technologies on service to the person allowing it to feel like the subjugator of space and at the same time quiet owner in the cozy kitchen.
The convection oven created about 20 years ago was planned as ideological replacement to microwave ovens, plus to everything the word "grill" reflects traditional commitment of inhabitants of North America to the meat prepared in the way of the same name in its name. Thus, there was an opportunity to do a grill in house conditions, at all seasons of the year.
Nevertheless, despite presence of the word "grill" at the name of the device, do not expect from it only this function – its potential much more! At modern convection ovens there is a wide set of functions that will allow to prepare a set of dishes, and all these dishes will be not only are tasty, but also are useful.

Device and principle of work

Аэрогриль состоит из круглой, как правило, стеклянной колбы (кастрюли) и крышки, в которую монтируется мощный нагревательный элемент и вентиляторы Simply, as well as all ingenious. The convection oven consists of a glass flask (pan) round, as a rule, and a cover in which the powerful heating element and fans is mounted. TEN heats air to the set temperature, and the fan provides air circulation and uniform having blown in the products located on lattices. As a result of it products prepare evenly, irrespective of a way (roasting, cooking, frying). Often about a convection oven say that it – similarity of the Russian furnace. In modern convection ovens it is possible to establish as temperature of air streams from 60 to 260 degrees, and their speed therefore it is possible not to be afraid to overdry products as it could happen to the old models which did not have such functions.

Merits and demerits

Какой выбрать аэрогриль Often main advantage of this convection oven call that it can replace a set of various and mixed equipment in your kitchen. Let's try to understand as far as this statement is right.
What it is possible to prepare in it without oil and other fats, i.e. preparation of dietary food that is important for the people keeping to a certain diet or adhering to a healthy lifestyle is among undoubted advantages of a convection oven.
Secondly, would like to emphasize that the convection oven allows to do everything that is able to do the Microwave oven: to warm and defreeze, stew vegetables; in it it is possible to bake pies and to cook porridge; it can be used for drying of greens, berries, mushrooms; for sterilization of cans and not only. Thus, still the set of useful functions was added to initial idea to prepare a grill.
Thirdly, the convection oven allows to save significantly time, for example, using some various pots or small pans, it is possible to make a lunch from three dishes (the first, second and a dessert) in 30-40 minutes, in one step. Thus smells do not mix up among themselves, and participation of the person in process is reduced only to cleaning, cutting and a laying of products. And at preparation of a separate dish, you will not feel food smells, and this one more advantage for at whom the kitchen is combined with the room, or at all is absent.
Fourthly, the convection oven is able to smoke and weary, i.e. to maintain a product at rather high temperature.
It is necessary to carry to minuses that after all advertizing, to put it mildly, deceives us, and the convection oven fully will not replace all other equipment in your kitchen. For example, steam boiling (even this function is declared in bukletika) turns out after all weak. It is more convenient to warm a la carte food nevertheless in a microwave. If already there is an oven or a wonderful frying pan for pies – it will hardly want to refuse them as the convection oven concedes to them in preparation speed.
Какой выбрать аэрогриль One more important, according to, a shortcoming – strong heating of a flask, it can be unsafe for small children.
Besides, in spite of the fact that the producer guarantees stable work at differences of tension that does a convection oven very attractive to rural areas, at dacha and so forth, at power failure in the socket, most likely, also productivity of the device will fall. In any case, precedents are available. Therefore this moment should be meant, as well as that the power consumed by the device is rather great, and works the device quite long time, and, therefore, it cannot but be reflected and in accounts for the electric power.


Какой выбрать аэрогриль So, it is necessary to be defined, by what parameters to be guided at a choice of this unit.
First, answer yourself a question – that is planned to prepare in a convection oven? If the summit of the desires is a shish kebab and sterilization of house preparations, you will suit simple model. Were defined?
We go further, we look at the capacity of a pan (flask). There is a small subtlety, volume is specified by two figures, for example, of 10-14 liters. The matter is that in a komlekta with a convection oven there is a ring for increase in its volume, it in case of need is simply imposed from above on a flask, so in above the given example the ring gives increase in volume by 1,4 times. Thus the compact family decision allows to prepare on the company more. There are also mini-grills (for example, VES AH 999, its volume of 7-11 liters). After decided on the purposes of acquisition of the device and its volume, we pay attention to other important tactical technical characteristics.
  • Power of convection ovens averages 600-1500 W (these are figures for one device, but consumption is specified for the different modes of speed of an obduv and temperature).
  • Speed of rotation of the fan. On simple models it is not regulated and the fan works only in one mode. Not always it is enough of it therefore more perfect models of convection ovens have 3 speeds.
  • All convection ovens have a mode of an automatic warming up not, but it, in principle, is not the defining factor here.
  • The cover can be removable or settle down on a special arm. And that, and other decision has the merits and demerits. For example, if the cover fastens on an arm, it is not necessary to look for a place, where it, hot and quite heavy, to put. On the other hand, such execution increases the general dimensions of a convection oven. With this moment of advises to understand and decide for itself that it is better and more convenient, directly in shop, having compared those and other models.
  • Control unit. On models is established mechanical more simply, they have usually one speed of rotation of the fan, settings are elementary. More "fancy" models of convection ovens are equipped with the electronic control unit, providing wider choice of the modes.Какой выбрать аэрогриль
  • The timer equips all models, a difference only in this timer is intended for what time (varies from 1 to 24 hours). In some models, as a rule, more expensive, there is also a preparation delay timer that happens very convenient, for example, for a warming up of a lunch or a dinner by the time of arrival home.
  • Function of self-cleaning is present and at inexpensive models, and at options is more expensive. If it is not present – that is a big rarity. Though, according to users of convection ovens, it is necessary to wash a pan manually all the same sometimes therefore pay attention to the following characteristic.
  • Weight. As it was already told – sometimes the flask needs to be washed manually therefore think, whether it will turn out "to drag" a heavy glass vessel, for example, in a bathtub. And after all also it is terribly to drop it!

Prices of a convection oven

At cost it is simplest to divide convection ovens into two big categories: simple more difficult.
The first possess a mechanical control, a removable cover, the fan has usually only one speed of rotation. The cost of such convection ovens (producers of VES, Smile, Unit) fluctuates within $70-140 (from this range HOTTER which offered the same set of functions for $180 is a little beaten out).
Аэрогриль It is more difficult than model (touch and electronic control, a folding cover on an arm, some operating modes of the fan, automatic programs of preparation) open more opportunities for preparation and, respectively, stand more expensively – from $160.
And finally, before purchase of advises be convinced that the convection oven is built and executed accurately, check, whether everything is from a complete set, standard for this model (various lattices, nippers for dredging of products).

To a convection oven there is a sense to acquire ware of thin glass – in it better to do baked puddings, kastryulk of the same thin glass for soups, etc., and also modern silicone baking dishes will be useful.
The food, according to the lucky who already have a convection oven can turn out very tasty. And it can not turn out at all. In a word, to a convection oven it will be necessary to adapt, get used, experiment with various modes of preparation as the preparation mechanism nevertheless significantly differs from habitual for us an oven, a kastryulka and a set of favourite frying pans.
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