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How to make that the child was not afraid of the doctor

The health system in the former Soviet Union is arranged so that besides treatment of the child of the doctor does not excite at all, with what psychological spirit the kid from hospital will return. Therefore even the most harmless manipulation comes to an end for the kid at least with a stress. I write this article for parents of little children, you will find useful recommendations in it.
The health system in the former Soviet Union is arranged so that besides treatment of the child of the doctor does not excite at all, with what psychological spirit the kid from hospital will return. What to do that your child was not afraid of the doctor, tells
A few years ago performed on the daughter of my acquaintance operation – removed an appendix. The baby recovered, and the fear of hospitals, pricks and aunts uncles in white dressing gowns remained still. Now they together with mother visit the psychologist – try to cope with the done psychological injury. Such stories pretty often. Seldom who from doctors (free policlinics) persuades the child to open a mouth or calms before an inoculation. I can understand doctors and medical staff – to them do not pay for sympathy for patients. Therefore any, even the most harmless manipulation comes to an end for the kid at least with a stress. I write this article for parents of little children, you will find recommendations about training of the peanut for visit to the doctor in it.
Fear of the doctor, often, it even not reaction to pain. Since small years the kid gets used to thought that if on the horizon there was a white dressing gown – do not wait for good. And native mother instead of protecting it, the baby, strong keeps "under a barrel" a syringe or a skarifikator. Moreover and forbids to shout-cry! For some such campaigns to the doctor resistant fear of doctors, offense on mother traitress and fear of pain is formed.
    And the exit is! After all the place of a prick can be anesthetized. Now in drugstores ointments and sprays for local anesthesia are on sale. Buy such and at a campaign to the doctor take with yourself. The painful problem is solved.

Training of the kid

Что делать, если ребенок боится врача Often parents try to deceive the peanut, telling that to him will not hurt. Some to the last do not speak to the child where conduct it. And, having entered into policlinic, explain that came only behind a spravochka. Actually conduct the peanut on an inoculation. This tactics in a root is not right. It is necessary to report about the forthcoming visit in advance, at least in days. Honestly to warn that will be a little unpleasant, but is not sick (a tube with anesthetizing after all already got) and quickly. It is necessary to explain that inoculations protect children from diseases and without them will not take in a garden or school. The emphasis should be placed also that visit will last not for long and that to cry when all behind.
    Since small years play with the child the doctor and the patient. The benefit put, now on sale there are sets of the doctor with the most various tools. Explain for what each tool is necessary, and then at a meeting with the real analogs, your peanut will not be afraid – it will be overflowed by curiosity. Suggest the kid to treat a sick teddy bear or a favourite doll, and later – mother or the father. And after a prick "for fun" it will become easier for a doll, it will recover, will go to a swing and will eat delicacies.

Taboo for mother

Что делать, если ребенок боится врача Having still been in the family way, you heard more than once that the mood of mother is transferred also to the child. Now too changed nothing. If mother from a threshold of hospital is nervous, at it the voice shivers, overflow experiences for the baby, and the child will behave also. Dear mothers, try to calm down, after all you "infect" with a disturbing state the child. Smile better, radiate tranquillity and tenderly talk to the child.
Often in turn under an office it is possible to hear the phrase "And here look, the boy does not cry, he courageous, is afraid of nothing, and it does not dishonor mother". The kid hears it approximately so "the boy the hero, and I do not, and mother will stop loving me". As the result – fear to become unloved is imposed on fear of pain and the situation only worsens! To calm the peanut little coward, tell: "When you were small, you were not afraid of inoculations. You remember, to you made at once two and you did not even peep! The aunt the nurse praised you, you at me the real hero!". The peanut will understand that time the baby it was not afraid, and now there is nothing to be afraid. So he will gradually calm down.
There is no sense to bring up the child who shouts a roar and hid in a corner at the sight of the doctor. He will shout, vykrichit fear and it will be easier for the kid. Do not try to talk some sense into the child, to splash on a bottom or to deride. To stop a hysterics, wash it water, let's drink. And that hysterics did not happen, undertake the measures described at the beginning of our article.

That it is necessary to do to parents

Что делать, если ребенок боится врача Since the birth of the kid start looking for "the doctor". It is not obligatory to carry out search only among the staff of paid policlinics. Ask at acquaintances, perhaps, they have an experience of communication with private pediatricians.
Still being in maternity hospital, find out from nurses, what doctor-neonatologa is praised and try "to make friends" with it. My son is five years old, and we are still observed at the remarkable manager of office of pathology of newborns of local maternity hospital. Conveniently and mother – it is possible to ask a question at any time, to invite to consultation in any day. And the kid got used to the aunt which with him is tender and kind, and does not take a jaundiced view to people in white dressing gowns any more.
Good recommendations of friends is only half-affairs. Pay special attention to competence of the doctor, notice how he communicates with the child, what impression makes on you. Make a right choice, and then your family doctor will provide you the quiet future, and your kid will study for sure.
There is a separate wish to tell and about preparation for visit to dental clinic. It is necessary "to go" to begin there since small years. It is necessary to choose the children's stomatologist especially carefully, after all depends on him, whether the child will be afraid to treat teeth.
Tell that the dental chair is a rocket which slowly flies up up. That the doctor will draw on a zubika of a dragon or a mishutka. Take with yourself a disk with a favourite animated cartoon (in many clinics in children's offices there are special monitors). Let the aunt doctor will give to the obedient kid a tasty toy or a bright spinning top.
In usual policlinic not only to the kid, but also mother too it is necessary to prepare for a campaign in advance. Take with yourself a favourite toy or the book of your peanut to brighten up a turn waiting time to the doctor. After the visit do not forget to praise the kid, and at good behavior treat the peanut sweet or buy the new machine. Additional encouragement will never damage therefore think up in advance what it will be. And tell about a campaign to the doctor house in the evening, focus their attention, notice that your so courageous kid, obedient and you very much are proud of it.
Now you know how to prepare mentality of the peanut for campaigns in policlinic how to create a positive image of the doctor in his subconsciousness. Are not lazy, often talk to the child, explain, this or that medical manipulation why is necessary.
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