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Recipe of jam from sweet cherry

The season of ripe sweet cherry therefore hostesses need to hurry is very short to manage to prepare the most tasty fragrant jam.

Advantage and harm of sweet cherry

Sweet cherry contains a lot of phosphorus, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium. Thus there are more than useful substances in sweet cherry of dark grades, than in the light. Berry and is useful to capillaries, their walls become stronger, blood is a little diluted, and is it it is necessary for who has a danger of formation of blood clots. The easy analgesic effect at the continuous use of sweet cherry during a season is observed at people with rheumatism, arthritis, gout.

This berry gives easy laxative effect and well influences work of kidneys and a liver. Also sweet cherry is extremely useful to the young growing organism. Contains in it vitamins of group B and C. They help when forming bones and teeth, calm nervous system. does not recommend to eat sweet cherry with at whom acidity in a stomach is increased, and at diabetes. At impassability of intestines it is not recommended to use sweet cherry not to aggravate a situation.

Preparation of jam. Way 1

It is best of all to cook jam from yellow or krasnoboky sweet cherries. Collect them a little not ripened, then it is possible to be sure that in them there are no worms. After tear off sweet cherries, it is necessary to start preparation at once. If they lie down at least day, on them there will be dark stains.

Well wash out sweet cherries under flowing water.

Take out stones and tear off tails. Fill up with sugar at the rate on 1 kg of sweet cherries 0,5 kg of sugar, mix and leave for night or at some o'clock until berry starts up juice.

Put sweet cherries on slow fire and wait until begins to boil, remove a skin, she can be given to children, and a minute more boil thoroughly jam and switch off fire.

Cover and leave for 5-6 hours that sweet cherry became impregnated with syrup.

Then again put on slow fire, small cut 1 lemon or add a teaspoon of lemon acid, cook until berries do not start screwing up the face, then jam can be considered ready.

While jam still cooks, prepare banks, well wash them with detergent under flowing water, boil or melt away the ferry. Too make and with covers.

At once close hot jam in banks that under a cover the vacuum was created, then jam will be stored some years.

Sweet cherries jam can be cooked a la carte and not to close in banks, and it is simple to regale at once. It is possible to give it to a table with tea.

Preparation of jam. Way 2

If to prepare jam on this way, it turns out very unusual and tasty. But here it is necessary to train him long, but the result will precisely please you.

  1. Dig yellow or krasnoboky sweet cherry. Well wash up and dry.
  2. The special adaptation take out stones. It is possible to do it and hands.
  3. Clean walnuts.
  4. Put a nut slice in each sweet cherry, it is possible to put completely it, and it is possible that the part looked out.
  5. Dissolve sugar with water 1 to 1 and put on fire to weld syrup.
  6. Syrup has to boil no more than 5 minutes.
  7. Shift sweet cherry in syrup, well mix and wait until syrup becomes cold. At this time sweet cherry and nuts will become impregnated with sugar and will become even more tasty.
  8. Put sweet cherry on slow fire, bring to boiling and cook 10 minutes. Then remove from fire and leave for three hours that jam cooled down.
  9. Cut small a lemon dried peel, add to jam together with cinnamon. Again it is necessary to put to cook, boil 10 minutes and at once to pour on the prepared jars.

In two days jam can be eaten. If you do not close for the winter, and simply want to regale on tasty jam now, pour it in banks, close a plastic cover and put in the refrigerator. Within two weeks it is necessary to eat jam, but usually it is eaten much earlier.

Preparation secrets

Sweet cherry contains the whole vitamin and mineral complex useful to a human body and that in the course of preparation not to lose useful substances, it is necessary to adhere to rules of cooking:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to pick up correctly ware in which you will cook jam. It is best of all to prepare in a pan from stainless steel, it is possible to use an aluminum and brass pan also. Their volume has to be about 5-7 liters. If to take ware of bigger capacity, it is fraught with that under weight of a body weight of sweet cherry will break up, and jam will turn out too soft.
  2. After you pick up ware, it is necessary to prepare berries. It is possible to cook jam in two ways: with stones and without them. It is more convenient to eat jam from one pulp, but with stones it turns out more fragrant though process of office of stones takes a lot of time.
  3. If you cook sweet cherries with stones, it is necessary to pierce before cooking fruits a needle or to obdat them boiled water.
  4. It is necessary to cook jam in some stages if to boil only once, sugar will not impregnate some berry, they will be wrinkled and will dry up. Therefore it is necessary to boil two-three times.
  5. The first time of berry needs to be filled in with hot syrup or to bring to boiling and to leave for 12 hours. Then again to boil thoroughly and leave for 8 hours, and the last time needs to be cooked longer jam to necessary density. It is obligatory to remove a skin a spoon or a skimmer.
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