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How to choose the charging starting arrangement

And you know, what unites the car and the cell phone? Correctly! They are united by existence of the accumulator. And to them rather often there is such misfortune as their category that leads to impossibility of use of the device equipped with the accumulator. In these cases you will be come to the rescue by the chargers (C).
And you know, what unites the car and the cell phone? Correctly! They are united by existence of the accumulator. And to them rather often there is such misfortune as their category that leads to impossibility of use of the device equipped with the accumulator. In these cases you will be come to the rescue by the chargers (C).
Зарядно-пусковое устройство
Though chargers will be also not interchangeable, but the principle of action at them is identical. Namely, to lower a mains alternating voltage of 220 V to corresponding to tension accumulator face value (is more true a little above it), then to straighten it and to provide process automation. Yes, progress allowed to make this procedure absolutely easy for the user. And finally everything is reduced simply to connection of a cord to the accumulator and to a network. All the rest will be made by electronics.

What qualities STORAGES have to possess?

Зарядно-пусковое устройство Chargers have to provide the optimum mode of a charge from its beginning before its end. And it means the following. STORAGES have to support and automatically change depending on a stage of a charge of size of tension and current. And how these sizes change? It appears, there are various methods of a charge. And their of everything three.
The first. By method of constancy of current. I.e. throughout a charge the set current size is supported. A shortcoming – very severe conditions at the end of a charge that leads to artificial aging of AB. Advantage – a charge occurs quickly enough.
The second. By method of constancy of tension. The same, as the first, is only supported the set tension. Shortcomings – excessively rough charge at the beginning and sluggish at the end.
And, at last, the third – combined. These are two above stated in one. At first there is a charge at stabilization of current, and comes to an end at stabilization of tension. It is the most optimum, but the most difficult (in respect of implementation of the scheme) a way.
But, nevertheless, can safely tell that all modern STORAGES work on the last method.
It is possible to charge accumulators with various speed. Speed of a charge is proportional to force of the current proceeding via the accumulator. But it is necessary to notice that at increase in charging current raises not only the speed of a charge, but also speed of aging of AB. But situations happen different. For example, the automobile accumulator is rather expensive and it is rational to protect and charge it with rated current. And what it for current?
Зарядно-пусковое устройство Rated charging current is the current equal to 10% of capacity of the accumulator. Also it can be written down, as 0,1C20, where C20 – nominal capacity in A*ch 20 hour modes of the category which, and is specified on the AB case.
And here with cell phones the situation is different. The main objective, quickly to prepare it for work, and the cost of its accumulator is not so high. Therefore their accumulators load with quickly raised current.
As a result on a charge of automobile AB leaves 12... 14 hours, and on a charge of the majority cellular – 3... 5 hours.

When and how to load?

Well, understood by what method and as quickly charge accumulators. And how it is correct to load them? And here everything depends on their type. And the AB types happen the following.
Общее для всех типов, включая кислотные, правило – заряжать батарею необходимо до конца, т.е. полностью Acid AB – it lead, does not love the category, especially deep. But treats a subcharge very kindly and in an ideal demands the continuous contents on a subcharge. A conclusion – to load as often as possible.
Alkaline AB – treat them, excepting absolutely old types, Nikel-Kadmiyevye (Ni-Cd), Nikel-Metalgidridnye (Ni-Mh) and Lity-Ionnye (Li-On). AB are specified as their improvement. The first type demanded the full category before a charge. That is caused by effect of "memory". I.e. the battery gave only that part of energy to which level AB was discharged that is the extremely inconvenient.
The last two types do not possess this shortcoming and can be loaded from any state. New alkaline AB demand three "training" cycles full the category charge.
However, the general for all types, including acid, the rule – it is necessary to charge the battery up to the end, i.e. completely.
And what after all to choose the charger?

We choose the charger

Отечественная промышленность в сегменте зарядно-пусковых устройств может предложить вполне достойные варианты If in the STORAGE choice for household appliances everything is clear – it is necessary to use either regular, or recommended by the manufacturer of this device, with the charger for the automobile accumulator not everything is so unambiguous.
And at once I will tell about ubiquitous Chinese hand-made articles. It is necessary to treat import STORAGES since there is a high probability that they Chinese and inappropriate to any norms very carefully. To work these chargers, maybe, and will be, but about any optimality of the mode of a charge and safety of the speech cannot go.
It is good that the domestic industry in this segment can offer quite worthy devices.
Recommends to choose the charger with some stock on current. First, to it it will be simpler, it will not begin to work at a limit. Secondly, in case of change of a situation, you will be able to charge the battery of bigger capacity with the same success.
But it is necessary to begin the choice, as to the true bureaucrat, with reading of a piece of paper – the instruction. In it you have to read the main characteristics, compliance to requirements fire and electrical safety, the service regulation, and also that is important, the manufacturer's requisites. Avoid cooperatives!
It is necessary to choose automatic STORAGES which provide a charge on the combined method. It is a little governing bodies on such charger. As a rule, only one – the potentiometer setting initial current of a charge. We choose indication of this current on the taste and a purse. There is an indication by the device, is discrete on light-emitting diodes. Last less exact, but cheaper though it is quite enough of it.
Зарядно-пусковое устройство Distinguish two types of chargers for automobile accumulators: charging and prestarting and charging and starting.
The charging and prestarting provide a charge and a subcharge of AB. Have rather thin output wires and the small working current (low power) sufficient only for a charge. But such devices, as a rule, allow connection of the charger to AB plugs, without disconnecting the last from an onboard network of the car that very conveniently especially in foreign cars with an automatic transmission where it is impossible to disconnect a network.
The charging and starting can work in two modes: in the mode of the automated charge and return of the maximum current in the starting mode. For realization of these modes the voter of the modes is established. Naturally, output wires are much thicker, than in the first STORAGES, but also cost is proportional to thickness of wires. And here with these chargers recommends to be more attentive: it is necessary to be afraid of connection, without removing plugs from the accumulator – it is possible to burn electronics!
Thus, both types of chargers can be applied to accumulators of domestic and foreign cars, but charging and starting it is necessary to use only at shutdown of a bortseta if it is allowed by those. For the rest, process of a charge does not differ.
And why in general to buy the STORAGE, there is a generator? Actually, it is and has to load AB, but till a certain period. When loading of a bortseta grows, and generator power is not enough any more, here then the accumulator starts helping.Зарядно-пусковое устройство The more shortage of power of the generator, the is more help of the accumulator. All this conducts to the category of the battery and, therefore, to need of its charge. The generator not in forces to fill the deep category AB therefore the charge from the third-party charger is required. The same need arises at forgetfulness of the car owner when AB is discharged by the dimensions left for night.
Here the charger is acquired, and what further? And further it is possible to use it. But before use it is necessary to study attentively the document No. 1 – the maintenance instruction. At its observance you keep working capacity, both to the charger, and the accumulator.
It is necessary to remember that the tandem of ZU-AB is system with bilateral food. It compels you to avoid short circuits on any site of a chain.

The high-quality and modern charger is capable to relieve you of excess efforts and to prolong a resource to the battery that will keep your nerves and bank notes.
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