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Councils for operation of the car in the winter

In the winter landing the car becomes inconvenient because of bulky warm clothes. And comfortableness not at height, when glasses in hoarfrost, and in salon kolotun. But if you already implemented all our recommendations and made a car ready for the winter, and inside warmly, and ice is not terrible. Here the car fully equipped would seem, but you should not fall into euphoria.
In winter time landing in salon of the car becomes inconvenient because of bulky warm clothes. What a difference in the summer in one t-shirt! And comfortableness not at height, when all glasses in hoarfrost, and in salon kolotun. But if you already implemented all our recommendations and made the car ready for the winter, and inside warmly, and ice to you is not terrible.
Here the car fully equipped would seem, but you should not fall into euphoria. You will need to study much that, including on own experience.

Preparation for departure

Let's begin with a place of storage of a car. If that the open area, in this case is required to you the following.
Means for a defrosting of locks if you use them. During a sink water can get to larvae and on a frost to stiffen. However that it to warn, still take a syringe in warm time, yes, ordinary medical syringe on 2-5 ml. Gather in it a little pure motor, and it is better than transmission oil, put on a needle and through it fill in on some drops directly in a body of a larva and in the top part of a gap between a larva and a body of the lock. Then at once insert a key and twist a larva that oil dispersed. After that oil will not allow ice to take metal.
    There is such secret – that filling of a syringe oil did not bring excess trouble, put on a needle and pull out the piston, then pour oil at the top.
Here you opened after all the car, got into it and even started the engine (about it below), but you should not idle at warming up of the engine. Especially as also there is a lot of work. But even, if it not so, all the same do not sit in the car, on the chilled glasses dense hoarfrost is formed from within.
As a rule, after night or multi-day hibernation the car appears under a snow snowdrift, and on glasses – a thick layer, no, not chocolate, and hoarfrost.
После ночной или многодневной спячки машина оказывается под сугробом снега, а на стеклах – толстый слой инея
For removal of hoarfrost you will need a special scraper. But prepare for surprises, in a hard frost this hoarfrost becomes dry and hardly cleaned off (it strongly sticks to glass). After you cleared glasses of hoarfrost, you need a brush wit for cleaning of surfaces, mainly horizontal, from snow. There are in autoshops also combined brushes scrapers.
    It is necessary to clean off from a body only snow. Do not clean off from it hoarfrost and ice is spoils paint!
When cleaning advises to glance at temperature of the engine and if it is already sufficient, to turn on the heater fan on having blown in glasses, let get warm. Therefore it is necessary to start and warm up the engine with the open crane of a heater.
As a rule, after performance of these operations, the engine is already rather heated-up, and it is possible to go at way. It is possible to go? Not always! Happens that application of a shovel (engineer) for digging out of wheels will be required. A shovel in the winter – your faithful companion!
But, if your car spends the night in garage, it does not mean at all that above the specified accessories will not be necessary for you.
Гараж не всегда спасает от разморозки и расчистки снега
The garage after all does not go for you for work, for example.
For garage locks besides it will be required to you or the specified defrosting, or greasing. Only before it it is better to dry up them. Besides, such accessory as a snow shovel for cleaning of departure from garage will be necessary.
Besides the specified will not prevent to carry with itself:
  • towing cable;
  • to steam of flat boards for a lining under wheels (whenever possible);
  • a little dry sand (to strew naked ice).
And now let's return to start of the engine.

Start of the engine in the winter

As a rule, with start of injector engines at serviceable systems of special efforts it is not required. A little worse affairs with carburetor cars are in the winter. Also we will talk about them.
Pump up the fuel pump gasoline in a float-operated chamber, extend "suction" and, without having forgotten to put on a bench hammer, squeeze out coupling and install the check point lever in neutral situation. Without releasing coupling, include a starter for 3-5 seconds. Coupling is required to be squeezed out, if ambient temperature minus 25 °C and below, and also when using improper oil in a check point. It is necessary to release it after the engine starts working and doing steadily it rather smoothly and slowly.
I will make bold and will tell that contrary to the occurring opinion that before start of the engine in cold time it is required to turn on a passing beam for some minutes, it it is not necessary to do. First, the mass of lead in AB such that it in some minutes not to warm up it. And, secondly, the engine all the same will not be started from the first attempt. And the effect of superficial heating of plates and electrolyte is reached at the expense of big current of a starter – about 250... 300 A against 5 A at a passing beam.
After the first attempt let's take rest to the accumulator and a starter and repeat attempt through 10... 15 sec. If after 3-4 attempts the engine does not give life signs, or there is a malfunction, or temperature too low. Even at serviceable systems to start the engine at a temperature below minus 25 °C are rather difficult. Check, whether there is no ice in carburetor diffusers.
Аэрозоль для быстрого запуска двигателя зимой «Быстрый старт» It is possible to think out, of course, various ways of heating, but, according to the author, it it is not necessary to do since under an hour it is dangerous both to the car, and to health of her owner. And far it is not good for manipulation on so fresh air.
Presently where more comfortably to use aerozolyyu like "Fast start" which is on sale in autoshops, and it is absolutely free.
These aerosols approach on any cars and are injected before start into an engine air inlet. In hard frosts, perhaps, it is necessary to repeat procedure several times. But start becomes trouble-free. It saves not only a resource of the engine, accumulator, a starter, but also your nerves.
You should not forget, oil on a frost dense and arrives to crankshaft necks with rather big delay. Therefore as soon as the engine started working more or less steadily, recommends to lower turns to the minimum steady.
Besides, it is not necessary to be frightened that cooling liquid in a frost is comparable with warm engine oil or even more densely it is normal.
Relieve of these problems of system of heating of the engine, so-called prestarting heaters. The engine is started already without problems, since oil, cooling liquid and the engine of already acceptable temperature. The only problem – the price which very impresses. And irrationally to put such system on rather cheap car.
Here almost and all. But operation problems do not come to an end only with technical questions of the car in the winter, is also the changed weather conditions.

Some councils for driving

Скользкая дорога Unlike a warm season, the winter leaves certain and very essential mark. You are compelled to take the wheel in warm clothes that is not always convenient, and changes habitual landing. It is better to drive in the winter vertically, having surely fastened. Before departure on the road it is necessary to direct the car at different speeds to define its reactions and to estimate quality of coupling.
In the winter light time of day much less therefore it is necessary to go with light of headlights more often. Naturally headlights have to work regularly, to be adjusted and surely pure. At the movement avoid sharp manipulations with pedals is can lead to drifts. Extra care should be observed in front of traffic lights and at stopping points of public transport where the frost is formed. Try to support big intervals and a distance.
Thus, it is necessary to be ready to any surprises, both from the car, and from surrounding transport in the winter.
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