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What is the biochemical pregnancy

It is interesting, what the woman will think if to tell her, what for the last year pregnancy at her came 1-2, and even 3 times in a row? It, most likely, will twist a finger at a temple, having accepted told for a tactless joke. Sounds, it is indeed wild, but in actual fact turns out to be true.

You only listen that scientists speak: about 70% of actually come pregnancies interrupt on the scantiest terms! The most amazing that the woman does not even guess that in her organism pregnancy and a spontaneous abortion happen practically at the same time. Though if to start understanding, anything surprising in it is not present: the result of self-abortion looks as the beginning of the next periods. The medicine designated this phenomenon as biochemical pregnancy.

What is such

If to address to gynecology, it is possible to learn that biochemical pregnancy comes under all laws of normal pregnancy. Usually it looks as follows: man's gametes merge with female, otherwise, there is a fertilization of a mature ovum a spermatozoon. The zygote moves to a uterus, and the germ which appeared as a result of its crushing even manages to be implanted into a friable mucous membrane of a uterus. Then something is broken in harmonous reproductive system and with arrival of the following periods pregnancy comes to an end, figuratively speaking without having managed to begin. The abortion occurs on average in 10–14 days after fertilization, that is almost how the embryo will be fixed in a uterus. The mechanism of development of biochemical pregnancy still causes the mass of questions in experts. For example, why the pregnancy which began in due form the nature is already initially doomed and is perceived by an organism as unnecessary material?

If the motherhood was not planned, the woman, naturally, will suspect nothing. Monthly come according to the schedule, and it is not important at all that they not such as happened before – perhaps, they more painful or plentiful, but in general health good therefore nothing casts suspicions apropos of "interesting" situation.

But we will not forget that there are also other women who owing to these or those reasons live and breathe dream of pregnancy. They scrupulously analyze the slightest signals of the organism in hope to wait not for the next periods, but a delay. And when it, long-awaited, comes, apparently, that dreams of the child just about will become a reality. However neither ultrasonic research, nor the test for pregnancy, survey at the gynecologist cannot confirm pregnancy on such insignificant term yet. In hope to outwit the nature especially impatient young ladies hand over blood on the analysis of the HGCh level. And about a miracle, it is positive! Pregnancy really came. What disappointment is felt by the woman when in 2–3 days the next periods begin. According to such scenario so-called biochemical pregnancy develops.

Symptoms of "fleeting" pregnancy

It is easy to guess that obvious signs of approach of biochemical pregnancy are not present. Experts claim that every third woman of childbearing age faced this phenomenon at least once in life, and at some such pregnancy happened not once. Nevertheless if seriously not to attend to the matter, to understand that there was a fertilization, it is impossible. The main distinctive feature of biochemical pregnancy from the usual – a bessimptomnost. Judge for yourself, how to guess what occurred if there is neither nausea, nor a sharpening of sense of smell, special sensitivity of a breast, only an insignificant delay?

However, some ladies who dream of the child above all, nevertheless can suspect this interesting phenomenon. Attentively watching changes in the organism shortly before approach monthly, it is possible to assume biochemical pregnancy on the following symptoms:

  • short delay (no more than 5-7 days);
  • painful periods. Means that the woman tests more intensive pain, than usually;
  • plentiful periods (besides – in comparison with those allocations at monthly that were earlier).

Frankly speaking, no of the listed above symptoms can be considered reliable. The same can be told and about hardly distinguishable second strip of supersensitive test for pregnancy. The most reliable results can be received unless after blood test on a hormone HGP (horionichesky gonadotrophin of the person).

Biochemical pregnancy and HGCh

Whatever was pregnancy – usual or in advance programmed on an abortion – the organism will immediately react to it increase of concentration of HGCh. Level of this substance starts growing at once as soon as in the thickness of uterine the endometriya lodges" an embryo. Also there is it how pregnancy will be able to record and confirm ultraprecise "eye" of ultrasonography.

In the presence of biochemical pregnancy of HGCh raises at least on 5 units. Doctors speak about pregnancy of biochemical nature, if:

  • blood test showed the HGCh level in 5–6 honey/ml or more;
  • Ultrasonography, direct survey by the gynecologist and tests for pregnancy "found" nothing;
  • the repeated blood test on the maintenance of a hormone notes lowering of the level of HGCh.

In a case when the systematic increase in concentration of HGCh in blood is observed, and inspection confirms presence of a germ at a uterus cavity, consider that the woman has a usual physiological pregnancy in spite of the fact that it can come to the end with an abortion.

Summing up the results, once again we will remind: the abortion whereas the long delay and the repeated positive analysis of HGCh indicate usual physiological preparation of an organism for motherhood will always be result of biochemical pregnancy.

Biochemical pregnancy: why so occurs

Mirsovetov acquainted the readers with features of this phenomenon, and no wonder if many think of what biochemical pregnancy matters for an organism, what factors provoke its development? Moreover, couple dreaming of the child, but which faced such reality as biochemical pregnancy should find out why so comes, not from idle curiosity at all.

Despite a high level of development of scientific and diagnostic medicine today, surely to call the reasons causing biochemical pregnancy still it is not possible. Scientists suspect that it can occur under the influence of many factors among which allegedly can be:

  • female diseases of the immune and autoimmune nature which adjust an organism on the initial hostile relation to "alien" cages of a germ;
  • insufficient hormonal basis for successful pregnancy in a female organism. It is, first of all, about deficiency of a progesterone. This active agent is the most directly involved in preservation and normal development of a fruit;
  • some pathologies of blood of the woman dreaming to become mother;
  • existence incompatible with normal development and life of abnormal cages in an embryo body.

Planning of physiological pregnancy after the biochemical

You should not go into extremes and to consider that biochemical pregnancy – a serious hindrance for conception and normal incubation of the kid. Many scientists agree in opinion that it is impossible to call this phenomenon with confidence the reason of habitual not incubation or infertility.

Actually practice shows that normal pregnancy which has every chance to terminate in safe appearance of the child on light, can already come in the following monthly cycle, that is right after "self-liquidation" of biochemical pregnancy. For this purpose even any special preparation from future parents it will not be required.

Biochemical pregnancy – not a reason for grief. Quite misleading to think that at successful combination of circumstances of future child it would be possible to keep. Elimination of a "biochemical" germ is programmed in an organism not genetic level and other option of succession of events does not assume.

In one gynecologists are solidary: if already some marks about the fact of biochemical pregnancy, couple it is necessary to pass thorough inspection and if it is necessary, special therapy in the anamnesis of unaccomplished mummy: perhaps, the problem in this case really consists in habitual not incubation.

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