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Bimetallic radiators of heating

Cozy it is possible to call that housing in which it is comfortable and warm. In modern system of heating one of important elements is the qualitative and successfully picked up radiator.

Modern construction shops are rich with different types of electric heaters. And their range constantly increases. Earlier the majority of houses and apartments was equipped with big, heavy pig-iron batteries, similar on appearance. And if before you there is a task – to change the battery (or a little), what radiator is better? Plumbers and sellers assure that leaders and the most popular are bimetallic radiators in recent years. In this article will tell how they are arranged, what their features in what advantages and whether are shortcomings.

Device design

On appearance it is very difficult to distinguish the bimetallic battery from the aluminum. And only weight will help to orient: the bimetallic radiator is heavier aluminum for 50-60%.

Technical characteristics allow to establish these radiators in multi-storey buildings, now bimetallic radiators advance pig-iron, aluminum, steel. Producers tried to unite all available technological achievements in bimetallic designs. Radiators turned out beautiful, easy, compact. Their installation is clear and simple.

Already name says that producers involved in such batteries two metals – steel (inside) and aluminum (outside). On a steel structure the heat carrier circulates, its temperature is transferred to quickly enough beautiful aluminum case. Aluminum provides an effective heatstream thanks to what all case of the battery well gets warm. The core of a design is made of steel to protect a radiator from the negative impact of alkali and other aggressive impurity which are present at our old heating systems. Steel covering allows to use the heating device even with a high internal pressure, and indicators of devices can note 40 atmospheres. Therefore experts recommend in skyscrapers with big number of storeys to establish bimetallic radiators in heating systems. In bimetallic devices channels have the small diameter that allows to reduce in two or three times the volume of the circulated heat carrier. Therefore, the radiator will react almost instantly to indications of the thermostat thanks to what heating process can be made the most comfortable.

Since 1995 quality of bimetallic radiators is investigated in scientific research institute of Bathroom equipment. For last years experts were convinced of their positive properties more than once. According to the qualified researchers, high cost, wholly pays off reliability, quality and durability.

According to the production technology bimetallic units are subdivided into 2 look:

  1. The radiators made on the basis of a steel framework. In this case contact of aluminum and the heat carrier is completely excluded, so interiors are protected from corrosion destructions.
  2. Batteries in which channels are only strengthened by tubes from steel. If fixing of steel tabs is executed not absolutely reliably, the moved tabs can partition off a collector below. Such it is possible because of distinctions of thermal expansion of steel and aluminum.

If you want high-quality batteries, it is better to buy the full bimetal (made completely on the basis of a steel framework), it is more expensive, weighs more, but the ispravny will serve.

Advantages of bimetallic radiators

And now will list the main advantages of bimetallic radiators:

  1. Clear technical advantage.
  2. High rates of a thermolysis (from 170 to 190 W).
  3. Durability, reliability, resistance to hydroblows.
  4. Durability (producers specify the average term of operation of about 20 years).
  5. Good resistance to the internal damages happening because of corrosion.
  6. Small compact sizes and beautiful design.
  7. Simple installation, with little effort and expenses.
  8. Unpretentiousness in use.
  9. The external aluminum layer does not demand additional coloring.

From shortcomings some people note foreign sounds when there is a heating of a radiator. It is explained by different coefficient of expansion of two metals.

Models from different producers

Let's stop on the producers, most popular with Russians, and their radiators.

Italian company Sira Group of the first patented unique manufacturing techniques of bimetallic products. These radiators had wide demand long time, well proved, had not the highest price from all analogs. But recently at forums there was information that these radiators are made not in Italy now at all, and in China.

From the Russian models Rifar Base made on the Italian technologies, but costing much cheaper are bought most up. It is considered that they are more adapted for the Russian systems of heating, producers give on them a big guarantee, than the Italian firms.

And now reminds that these radiators can be truly bimetallic or pseudo-bimetallic.

At full bimetal all core steel – both the vertical channel, and a collector. And semi-bimetal or pseudo-bimetal the vertical channel from steel, and here the collector – from aluminum, that is nevertheless will have an undesirable contact of this metal with the aggressive heat carrier. It can lead to a frequent zavozdushivaniye of sections. And the zavozdushivaniye is fraught with cold sections and if not to lower air, there can be also a rupture of the battery because of a congestion of gases inside. At such batteries by all means put the special crane (valve) of Mayevsky constantly to lower the formed gas.

But in the models mentioned above not all interior from steel, that is is semi-bimetal.

Not smaller popularity was won by other Italian radiators – Global. Their price is higher. But nevertheless, demand is great and on them. It is possible that these batteries are given preference just because it is full bimetal.

Some time ago Rifar put on the market new "child" - Monolit. The design this integral, is not divided into sections, its internal collectors and channels connect by means of contact and butt welding. It is impossible to add still sections to them.

And here to the Italian models it is quite possible to deliver sections or to replace become useless by means of a radiator key and connecting nipples.

I will call some more models: Radena (the order goes from Italy, and production is carried out in China), Tenrad (Germany), Bielux (Britain) …

Good, qualitative radiators have to be made on technology of molding (or similarly). Of spot welding it is undesirable to buy extrusive radiators which are made with use of glue, they can begin to flow over time, having brought the mass of trouble.

At a choice pay attention to the section of channels and collectors, elliptic it is better, than rhombic. The more section, the is less risk that it will become soiled the heat carrier given to our houses which quality, we will softly tell, not from the best. If you do not know to what nevertheless to be inclined models, read responses and forums on this subject on the Internet.

How many sections to buy?

Do not forget to count, what quantity of sections should be got. Calculation should be done not for the area of all apartment, and for that room where it is supposed to establish a new radiator. The producer specifies radiator power in the instruction, this figure is required for calculation.

Here simple mathematical formula: And = B x 100 / Century.

Now we will decipher letters:

And is the quantity of sections sufficient for heating of the room;

B – the area of your room;

In – the radiator power taken from technical characteristics of model.

For example, if at your room the area of 18 square meters, and the producer specifies the power of one section as 180 Watts. We make calculations:


Ten sections to you will be enough that in the room it was warm.

Mirsovetov wishes you to make a good choice of the heating device, to find the skilled and conscientious expert for his installation. Let qualitative radiators will serve to you long, without bringing disappointment and cares.

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