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The best anti-virus programs and firewalls

Presently it is impossible to consider the computer protected even if you fulfilled all safety requirements three times. Various software can give rather big guarantee of security of the computer. In this article I will carry out the short review of the best protective software. You will need only to choose that will please you.
In the previous article we considered minimum necessary precautionary measures which reduce need for protection of the computer against hacker attacks, but, of course, to deprive in general without that unreasonably. Presently it is impossible to consider the computer protected even if you fulfilled all safety requirements three times. And data various software can give rather big guarantee of security of the computer. In this article I will carry out the short review of the best protective software - antiviruses and firewalls - intended for protection of your computer not only against viruses, but also against other types of harmful programs. You will need only to choose that will please you.


Usually antiviruses scan your working space, such as memory carriers, the Internet, e-mail regarding viruses. When finding it the antivirus holds with it a complex of events for neutralization. An antivirus – an irreplaceable thing for each user of the computer respecting himself.

Kaspersky's antivirus 7.0

Антивирус Касперского 7.0
The most popular antivirus among Russian-speaking space and not only. In the people he was nicknamed the most grunting antivirus for its sound when finding of the infected file. The new antivirus of version 7.0 pleases with new opportunities. Three-stage protection of known and new Internet threats is entered.
  1. Standard check on bases, i.e. an antivirus verifies file contents with the bases and if finds compliance – that a virus there. Here everything is clear.
  2. Heuristic analyzer. An antivirus, using own "brains" calculates a virus on a possible code. This function helps to look for the viruses which are not brought in bases.
  3. Behavioural lock. The antivirus watches closely programs which were placed on your computer, and finds all those who behaves unworthy as a virus.
The abundance of additional opportunities, such as existence of a tool for a disk for emergency system recovery pleases. Providing reliable protection, this antivirus consumes rather large number of system resources. Therefore if you lack system capacities, hardly work with this antivirus will seem to you comfortable.
It is also possible to get an antivirus in a package Kaspersky Internet Security 2007 which will protect you also from direct attacks from the Internet. But such package will already cost 1600r. for a year of use. verdict:
    Pluses: high degree of reliability and security
    Minuses: unreasonable consumption of system resources
    Developer: Kaspersky Lab
    Price: annual license for one computer 980p.

Dr.Web (Doctor Veb)

Dr.Web (Доктор Веб)
This antivirus is the second for popularity in Russia. The small troubles arising during the work with it (some spiders hanging in a system tray), impossibility of autonomous installation without connection to the Internet are with interest compensated by its scanning opportunities. Doctor Veb provides good protection of your computer against virus attacks.
Also advantage it is possible to call rather small consumption of system resources and the small amount of updatings. The annual license for one computer costs about one thousand Russian rubles. verdict:
    Pluses: good protection of the computer, small consumption of system resources
    Minuses: not really convenient interface, small functionality
    Developer: JSC Sald
    Price: the annual license for one computer – 990r.

Nod 32

This antivirus created by the foreign company ESET is one of leaders among the anti-virus software. Only Nod 32 can brag that for already seven years in a row shows when testing high efficiency of stay by a virus, namely this indicator at it is closer than other antiviruses to 100%. Except that Nod 32 differs in the high speed of work, possesses all modern means of protection of the computer. Available quite pleasant interface, possibility of frequent updatings, a set of the functions realized at quite high level. The fact-finding version of 30 days is provided. Also in pluses it is possible to bring existence of the Russian version of the program. verdict:
    Pluses: high extent of protection, low resource intensity, high speed of work
    Minuses: critical minuses are absent
    Developer: ESET
    Price: 1080r. annual license

Avast! Home

Avast! Home
Except the above described paid antiviruses there are also quite worthy representatives among free software. One of such decisions is the anti-virus Avast package. Why I chose this from all free antiviruses? The variation for home users (it is free) includes all modules and functions, protecting you not only from viruses, but also from various spies, controlling your e-mail, ICQ and other spaces in which can be got viruses. Why it is possible to call it plus? Usually the version for home users is strongly cut down in functions and opportunities. But in a case with Avast! Home the free version keeps the functionality. Also this package provides quite quite good protection (not the best, but nevertheless) and in itself is quite original antivirus with a set of useful functions, such as creation of backup copies of files, on a case of crash of system.
The program is similar to a player, at it even there is a support of skins, and also there is a multilingual interface which included Russian. And I will tell in confidence that the author chooses this anti-virus package. verdict:
    Pluses: high functionality of the free version, support of skins, indiscriminateness to computer resources
    Minuses: critical shortcomings are absent
    Developer: ALWIL software
    Price: free of charge
There are also some free anti-virus programs providing quite quite good protection, at the level of the best paid decisions, but providing only scanning, for example, disk space, leaving unprotected mail, the Internet traffic. Therefore to ensure safety it will be necessary to establish in addition still a lot of programs. That, you see, it is irrational. Therefore I will disregard such programs in the review.


The firewall is intended for control of the entering and proceeding Internet connections. It does not allow to be connected to your computer to any uninvited guest, and also to transfer the data which are saved up by the Trojan. You can close access to the Windows updating or other programs which uninvited eat your traffic.
The standard firewall of Windows gives more or less reliable protection (is present at Windows XP sp2, and also at Vista). But if you want protection become serious, I will recommend you the only, but very powerful and main free decision - Agnitum Outpost Firewall. To use something alter ego I will recommend only in case you buy a complex package an antivirus + fayrevol from any one company, for example Kaspersky Internet Security.

Agnitum Outpost Firewall

Agnitum Outpost Firewall
Outpost Firewall is a personal firewall, in other words – the program for protection of the computer against hacker attacks from the Internet. Besides, Outpost provides blocking of loading of advertizing and active contents of web pages, and thereby – and acceleration of work on the Internet.
There is also an autoupdating mode therefore it is not obligatory to download new and new versions. But be careful. If you not really understand computers, plus nearby there is no the person capable to help you or the detailed instruction on control, with installation of a firewall to you it is necessary to wait a little, differently you risk to remain without the Internet and a local network as all this will be blocked.
Besides the free version exists also professional, that is paid. It possesses considerably big settings. But nevertheless if you work in house conditions, the free option with interest will be enough for you. verdict:
    Developer: Agnitum, Ltd.
    Pluses: reliable protection of your connections
    Minuses: complexity of control for inexperienced users
    Price: free of charge

ZoneAlarm Pro

ZoneAlarm Pro
ZoneAlarm Pro is a one more popular firewall. Except the main functions of a firewall it can control outgoing data and stop sending undesirable information by mail or via the web interface. ZoneAlarm controls the entering and outgoing mail. The firewall can delete advertizing from the visited pages, saving a traffic and reducing time of loading of pages. Blocking of scripts and active contents will help to prevent computer infection at visit of certain websites. Unfortunately, the program has no Russian-speaking intefeys. verdict:
    Developer: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
    Pluses: control of mail
    Minuses: availability at a price of the decision, lack of the Russian-speaking interface
    Price: EUR 39,95

Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall

Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall
This program is also popular decision in protection of connections of your computer. Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall traces activity of the programs working on the Internet, allowing to resolve or forbid this or that appendix access to the Network. For bigger flexibility of control installation of time intervals when separate rules work is provided. Besides, issues the message on attempt of connection or scanning of ports of the computer.
Favorable difference of this program quite simple control. For the rest, this firewall has no strong differences from programs of analogs. The program paid, without payment works 30 days in the full-function mode. There is the Russian interface.
    Developer: Sunbelt software
    Pluses: simplicity of control
    Minuses: availability at a price of a firewall
    Price: $10

Comodo Personal Firewall

Comodo Personal Firewall
One more qualitative firewall with the simple interface. Will help to protect your computer from trojans and hacker attacks. From positive features – indiscriminateness to resources of the computer and the small size. It is ideal for low-power computers. verdict:
    Developer: Comodo Group
    Pluses: small, undemanding to resources
    Minuses: otsutstut
    Price: free of charge
In this review we considered the most popular programs providing protection to your computer. At the review there are both paid, and free versions of programs. Whether it is worth buying software or to manage free options which not always concede on quality to paid analogs – to solve to you. only shows a right path – and to go on it to have to you. Success in a way!
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