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Review of the best browsers

Today we will consider programs browsers by means of which travel on a network is carried out. considered the best of options, possible today, and kindly provides them to you. All presented programs yavltsya free and possess the Russian-speaking interface.
Hello, dear readers of Today we will consider programs by means of which travel on a network is carried out. Now sushchestvt a set of such programs (browsers) and the user is faced by a hard choice. considered the best of options, possible today, and kindly provides them to you. All presented programs yavltsya free and possess the Russian-speaking interface. So, we will begin.

Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 7
Internet Explorer is the most popular world browser. But, unfortunately, such large number of users uses it only for the reason that simply do not know about existence of other faster and convenient browsers. Also there is a need to hold on the computer this product because many programs use the IE components and without it correctly will not work. In view of popularity of this browser many sites are ground under it. That after all sometimes forces to come back to Internet Explorer.
What appeared the new Internet Explorer browser in the seventh version? At last there was a normal system of tabs which allowed to work more or less conveniently on the Internet. Significantly the speed of loading of pages increased, the eReader of news, phishing protection (protection against Internet fraud) was added. And still some small innovations which in general approach the Internet Explorer level to the level of other modern and popular browsers.
IE7 is delivered in a kopmplekta together with any winows vista version, and also bespatno skachivayetya and is established on winows hr after check of a podinnost.
What result? If you want to remain on Internet Explorer – that your choice the seventh version. verdict:
    Developer: Microsoft Corporation
    Pluses: includes the majority of modern achievements in the field of browser technologies, supports the majority of the sites
    Minuses: not the highest speed even the latest version, there are defects – therefore it is necessary to wait for updatings
    Assessment: 60%

Superstructures over Internet Explorer

If you for some reason cannot establish the latest version – that communication with back issues of the program will be significantly facilitated by specialized nasdtroyka which we will consider slightly below.

Maxthon 2.02.29

Maxthon 2.02.29
This browser is constructed on the basis of Internet Explorer kernel. Actually it is the same IE, but with considerably expanded functionality. For example, in the browser function of closing of the bothering popup windows, and also very convenient management of a mouse is realized. Support of skins that cannot but please esthetes is built in the program. In the program there is a set of opportunities: fast translation of web pages, autoscrolling and many other things. verdict:
    Developer: Mysoft Technology
    Pluses: considerable expansion of functionality of a child of Microsoft, increase in speed of work
    Minuses: critical remarks are absent, but functionality is less, than at other top browsers
    Assessment: 75%


This program is a superstructure over Internet Explorer, the functionality considerably expanding it. Some functions added by this package are unique and are not presented in any other browsers. For example, in the program there is a separate search of software, drivers, papers, scripts at once on all searchers. The functional panel of resources gives the chance to use a set of various tools: to send ICQ messages, to watch the TV program and many other things. Well and some other innovations, such as advertizing blocking which already became the standard for the high-quality browser.
Speed of work and loading of pages is considerably increased in comparison with IE. Thus all advantages of simple IE did not get to anywhere and remain with you. The ideal choice for those who does not want to leave Internet Explorer, but wants to work with the modern browser. verdict:
    Developer: RefuZZer, MYiE2 RU Team
    Pluses: considerable expansion of functionality of a child of Microsoft, unique functions, stable and fast work
    Minuses: critical remarks are absent
    Assessment: 85%

Mozilla FireFox

Mozilla FireFox
You can read the short description of this browser in the material "Programs for Work on the Internet" which is already earlier prepared by
As all of you know – the most noticeable function of the FireFox browser is expansibility. Therefore it is necessary to mention this opportunity in more detail.
FireFox can add with any function by means of various lotions. So, you found interesting addition what to do farther? If you found it in worldwide network – that to you will be to click on the link expansions only enough. The browser itself will find and will establish it. If the file is on your hard drive - then come into the File menu, select the Open the File item, "Type of files" specify "All files" in a line and choose that expansion which want to establish now.
For removal open the Tools menu, load "The manager of expansions" – choose expansion, press the Remove button and reboot the browser.
You will be able to find a large number of expansions on this site Generally the review of the most popular expansions is a subject for separate article. Therefore I will bring only a few from them to show possibility of the FireFox browser to expansibility.
The purpose of this expansion acceleration of operation of the browser with which this plug-in successfully copes. Each user of FireFox is simply obliged to install this module.
Flashblock 1.3.3a1 and AdBlock Plus 0.5.10
The plug-ins blocking a flash graphics and advertizing respectively. Both are adjusted therefore problems with them should not arise.
Locationbar 2
This plug-in perfectly modifies display of an address line, doing work with it much more clear and convenient.
As you see, possibilities of the FireFox expansion are boundless. The only shortcoming that it is necessary to establish all this crowd of plug-ins still. That takes away time. To choose to you, dear readers. verdict:
    Pluses: good speed of work, support of a set of plug-ins
    Minuses: does not support some important functions available in IE, existence of vulnerabilities, need of installation of expansions to comfortable work
    Assessment: 85%

Opera 9.xx

Opera 9.xx
For a moment on this browser it was also run in the article "Programs for Work on the Internet".
Here I will describe the most considerable additions made to the ninth part of the browser, and also the most popular opportunities which are absent in products of competitors.
The first what it is worth mentioning is an unusual management of the Opera. You can operate the browser as by means of a voice (for this purpose it is necessary to establish necessary libraries, about 10 megabytes in size), and also by means of specialized mouse gestures. On them I will stop slightly in more detail.
Control of gestures is exercised on the basis of deduction of the right button of a mouse and commission of various, earlier set movements. For example, you hold the right button of a mouse and do the movement to the left. You will pass with this to the previous page. Holding the shift key modifier, and having made the same movement you will pass to the very first page. Thus, you can carry out practically any action by means of gestures that is the extremely convenient. You can look and adjust the list of gestures, having passed on the next way: "Tools" - "Settings" - "Hot transitions" - "Control of a mouse" - "to Govern".
As for the innovations realized in the ninth version of the Opera browser, them too great variety. Support of widgets, such mini-applications which are placed on your desktop is realized. For example, big analog watch or informer of weather. Most often these appendices do not belong directly to operation of the browser, but it is necessary to get used that simply browsers not competitive. To download them and to establish quite easily – choose the Widgets tab - "to Add" – throws you on the site / where you choose and download the pleasant application. Installation of difficulties will not cause in you. Control of the installed applications is exercised in the same place, only in a tab "Management".
Display of pages miniatures became very convenient innovation in the browser. When the user opens such large number of tabs when reading of the address becomes already impossible, the user simply directs a mouse at the interesting bookmark and sees its image in a miniature. Thus, it is not necessary to proshchelkivat all pages in search of necessary, and simply few times guide a mouse. Such step very well saves time.
Also in the Opera browser the convenient blocker of contents of the sites is realized, there is an opportunity individually to adjust rules of display of each portal separately. For example, on one site popup windows have advertizing character therefore it is better to block them. But many forums use system of an exchange of personal messages by means of such popup windows.
In the browser still the set of opportunities which are slightly less important therefore I passed by them in the short review is realized. verdict:
    Developer: Opera Software
    Pluses: the fastest browser, high functionality, convenient interface, support of widgets
    Minuses: does not support some important functions available in IE, existence of vulnerabilities and small mistakes
    Assessment: 90%

Let's sum up the results

Here I also finish the review of the best Internet browsers. What to choose – depends on you. My subjective opinion – to put the Opera browser for simple use of the Internet, and to open Internet Explorer if it is necessary to use its any function.
As option, it is possible to replace the Opera with a fiery fox, a choice between these two browsers on the fan. In pure form I did not begin to use only IE, it is better to establish a superstructure. But nevertheless a choice for you dear readers.
I will wish you good luck, read us.
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