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How to become the trader (councils to beginners)

In work of the trader I liked a lot of things. First, it is opportunity to work at home behind the favourite computer, the free schedule, any to you chiefs. Secondly, work, certainly, the interesting. Thirdly, there can be a trader only very disciplined person. It must be kept in mind that the trader to become much simpler, than the trader to be.
Как стать трейдером Trade in stock market in our hyper information time is completely computerized and therefore it is available to any person wishing to try the hand in this sphere. 20 years ago exchange trade, professionals were engaged generally. Now the most part of the contingent of exchange dealers is presented by ordinary people, and many have even no enough knowledge of this business. Broker offices were transformed to financial holdings. Having become the client of such holding, you can gain all necessary theoretical and practical knowledge, having completed distance learning courses, to attend internal seminars, to learn to trade, using a demo account, to get advice of professionals. Generally, all conditions are created that try as the trader anyone could.
However you should not hurry and, making the decision, it must be kept in mind that the trader to become much simpler, than the trader to be.
In work of the trader I liked a lot of things. First, it is opportunity to work at home behind the favourite computer, the free schedule, any to you chiefs. Secondly, work, certainly, the interesting. I chose stock trade, and it assumed knowledge of economy, thus it is simple to know was insufficiently. It was necessary to have the finger on the pulse all the time, expecting possible consequences of macroeconomic news, statements of politicians and even climatic cataclysms. Thirdly, there can be a trader only very disciplined person as the passion coming to trade time is capable to cancel your account completely. And it means permanent job over itself!

How to become the trader

Как стать трейдером So, if you decided to become a trader, first of all, you need to have N-oh the sum of money (not less than 20 000 rubles are desirable).
It is necessary to choose broker company to which you trust. The broker will be your representative in the market, will work from your name, to execute your instructions according to transactions, (to buy or sell), to report before tax, to keep all necessary documentation. The broker takes commission charges in the form of percent from profit on transactions for the services. Commission charges can differ in the different companies.
Having decided on broker representation, you will need to sign the contract in which all mutual obligations of the broker and client will be stipulated. The client receives from the broker passwords for access to electronic trade systems and trade programs.
Further, you should be defined, in what market you want to trade (Russian, American, international). Modern trading floors give such opportunity. In what assets want to be engaged (currency, actions, raw materials, future contracts, options).
Having executed all necessary formalities and having opened the trading account (or some accounts), you can directly start trade.

How trade is carried out

Как стать трейдером Trade is carried out on the Internet by means of special trade programs or the web interface, on the broker's site. The trader can trace the instant change in price for the assets interesting him. It is also possible to see number of the transactions on purchase and sale standing in a queue on implementation and, respectively, to draw conclusions about appeal of this or that asset. The trader and watches the changes in the portfolio caused by fluctuations of the price.
If it is necessary to buy or sell a certain asset, the trader exposes the demand in which the quantity of lots, the desirable price and conditions of the estimated transaction is specified. A lot – a certain conditional number of securities. The transaction is carried out by trade system at once after pressing of the Execute button.

That the trader needs to know

Making the decision on purchase or sale of an asset the trader has to analyze the situation which developed in the market and be able to be as if ahead of the majority. For example, you decide to take shares of Gazprom at the market price as assume that through certain time of a stock of this company will be three times more expensive.
The technical analysis helps to analyze a market situation to the trader. The technical analysis is the history of the auction of these actions presented in the form of the schedule. Considering such schedule, the trader can do forecasts and assumptions how quotations will behave soon.
For stock market still the so-called fundamental analysis is used.
The fundamental analysis recognizes that stocks of the successful companies grow in the price whereas stocks of the unprofitable enterprises fall. Really, the business which co-owner is the shareholder becomes more profitable, the share (action) in this business will cost more expensively. To the contrary, if the company incurs losses, debts increase, the cost of such company will decrease. Each company putting on the market the actions is obliged to publish quarterly reports on the financial activity.

Trading psychology

Как стать трейдером On traders do not learn anywhere. Of course, it is possible to assume that economic or mathematical education will help you to adapt quicker in the world of stock markets, but it is not obligatory at all. For successful trade the psychology has huge value. Transactions should not be made under the influence of emotions. And it is unimportant, whether there is to you to hands a fabulous profit or you observe how your account thaws in the eyes, the decision has to be made by cold prudent mind. Unfortunately, polls reveal that more than a half trading cannot distinctly specify the reasons which induced them to open this or that position. When the trader opens a position, he exposes so-called "stop", that is provides that price level below which to remain in a position extremely risky. Ignoring of this simple rule leads to sad consequences. Therefore the question of self-discipline is so important for the trader. One of skilled traders told that he had to bind the hands at the beginning not to make silly transactions.

Typical mistakes of the beginning traders

  1. Use of all money which is available on the account for purchase of one, any asset. A golden rule "Not to put all eggs in one basket" still brought nobody! And for the beginner to open a position on each separate paper no more than 10% better from the account.
  2. To play against the market. If most of players is adjusted on purchases, and you on the contrary sell, hoping for fast falling as it seems to you that the price and is so already too high, you very much risk or to remain with an unprofitable position for a long time, or to suffer losses.
  3. To ignore stoplights. "Feet" is an insurance of your money in case the situation will develop according to the negative scenario.
  4. Completely to rely on councils, strategy and actions of others even more skilled traders. Actually, in the market only the one who is ready to bear independently responsibility for the decisions and the money survives.
  5. Perederzhivany positions. If you see profit on the account, be not greedy, close a position, fix profit in time.
Learn to think, be not afraid to make the decision, at you everything will turn out!

Useful books

  1. Alexander Helder of "Basis of exchange trade".
  2. "How to see money on the monitor screen" under V. I. Safin's edition.
  3. Larry Williams "Long-term secrets of short-term trade".
  4. Vladimir Tvardovsky, Sergey Parshikov "Secrets of exchange trade".
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