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Use of bear fat

For a long time bear fat was extraordinary useful product. With its help treated cold, liver diseases, tuberculosis and even serious wounds. Bear fat in the conditions of severe cold was especially appreciated. After all, was considered that only these provisions are capable to cure of frostbites and to rescue the person who left under ice. Than bear fat is still valuable, today will tell

Structure and properties of fat of a bear

The curative force of bear fat is proved not only experience of nonconventional medicine, but also numerous scientific researches of its qualities. Thanks to rich structure, it is practically recommended to apply this product at all diseases, sometimes as the main medical preparation, sometimes as auxiliary. Among microcells which contain in bear fat there are pectins, proteins, triterpanovy glycosides, nucleinic acids, fat oils, tsitamina, vitamins of group A, B, E, the Omega acid and other useful substances. The majority of them digestible, that is, are capable to nestle close in a cellular kernel in an original form and to feed an organism from within. That each component of bear fat possesses the set of medical qualities is remarkable. For example, tsitamina improve an intracellular metabolism, helping to develop energy for activity. Panaksozida stimulate development of a normal hormonal background and work of a hypophysis. Besides, these microcells have immunomodulatory effect and influence organism resistance to stress. Polynonsaturated Omega-3 and 6 acids have vasodilating and anti-inflammatory effect, reduce cholesterol level in blood, normalize work of a digestive tract, influence work of endocrine, reproductive and nervous system.

Use of bear fat in medicine

Long since bear fat is considered extraordinary valuable medical component in many regions of the world. Among them: China, Buryatia, Tibet, Siberia, etc. About one today it continues to be used by nonconventional physicians comprehensively. Grease with it wounds and cuts to prevent their infection and to promote fast healing. At inflammations of airways, an ulcer, gastritis, gullet diseases fat of a bear is accepted in inside. Do compresses and a pulverizing for simplification of rheumatic pains of it. Besides, it is considered that bear fat is capable to cure a number of pulmonary diseases as which number rank even such serious diseases as tuberculosis, pneumonia, lung cancer, bronchitis and catarrhal diseases. In general, the track record of bear fat is so great that even not each healer is capable to list it. Nevertheless Mirsovetov allocated a number of positive effects which were observed at use of bear fat. They include:

  • improvement of exchange processes;
  • improvement of adaptation function of an organism;
  • immunity strengthening;
  • increase of intellectual and physical working capacity;
  • improvement of blood supply of an internal and brain;
  • activization of processes of regeneration of fabrics;
  • improvement of digestion and fermentoobrazovaniye;
  • gepatoprotektorny action;
  • improvement of a condition of cardiovascular system;
  • increase in amount of hemoglobin in blood;
  • sedative action;
  • improvement of functions of reproductive system;
  • elimination of pains in muscles, backbone and joints;
  • disposal of skin pathologies (itch, burns, wounds, frostbites, grazes, dermatitis, etc.);
  • helps to win against sleeplessness, depressions, a syndrome of chronic fatigue, etc.

Bear fat excellently proved as cold medicine. To get rid of such diseases, it is used as follows: accept in inside on one tablespoon for adults and a teaspoon for children, before food three times a day. Besides, grease with the kindled warm fat a thorax, area of lungs from a back and rub feet. These events are held before going to bed then put on a warm shirt the patient and wrapped up with a blanket. Much tried this recipe are praised that the next morning for cold does not remain also a trace.

There is still rather large number of curative recipes with use of bear fat. But in most cases it is applied as the ointment which is a little warmed up on slow fire. At the use inside fat is mixed often with honey, sea-buckthorn oil or milk. recommends to try all options, after all this product will not go to harm, and on the contrary, will add health and vital energy.

Use of fat of a bear in cosmetology

Cosmetic properties of bear fat estimated in Ancient Egypt. Cleopatra used spirits which were made on the basis of bear fat. Small slices of this component became impregnated with flower extracts and were put in a hairdress. From natural heat of a female body fat started thawing, thinning charming flower aroma. Besides, since ancient times, rich girls of times a month rubbed with bear fat face skin and bodies. So, it became smooth, brilliant and gentle for long time.

Today bear fat is comprehensively applied at production of cosmetics to rejuvenation, restoration of elasticity and elasticity of an epithelium, smoothing of wrinkles and a stop of process of withering of skin. Masks on the basis of bear fat enjoy the greatest popularity. Especially they are effective at dryness, a skin peeling, emergence of wrinkles. In winter days it is recommended to apply cream as a part of which there is a fat. They as if envelop the person a thin film, minimizing negative impact of low temperatures. Also bear fat is used often in cosmetics for hair: shampoos, masks, conditioners, etc. It prevents a hair loss, does them elastic, strong and healthy.

Contraindications to use of bear fat

As well as any medicine, bear fat has a number of contraindications to application. Among them:

  • zhelchekamenny illness in the period of an aggravation;
  • diseases of bilious ways;
  • pregnancy and period of a lactation;
  • children till three years.

Also it is worth to remember about individual intolerance of bear fat. Whether to check you suit a preparation, make the trial test. Begin use of bear fat with a small dose – approximately a half-teaspoon for adults and less than one fourth for children. Also apply a preparation outwardly: apply its small quantity on the cleared back party of a palm. If side effects it is not observed – the preparation suits you.

Bear fat – a unique product. It possesses a rich complex of microcells and, thanks to it, is capable to cure the person of a big range of diseases. But, despite it, does not recommend to apply a preparation willfully, without consultation of the doctor. Besides, it is best of all to use it as a supportive application, but not the basic. Before acquisition of bear fat carefully examine its structure and manufacturing firm – this product is forged often.

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