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How to choose the bread machine

Bread machines on pleasure to hostesses, are able to bake simple bread and bread with various additives, to knead the most different dough, to bake cakes and even to cook jam. The bread machine can have from 3 to 17 programs of pastries. So, suggests to understand, what modern bread machines and are able on what it is necessary to pay attention at a choice of concrete model?
Запах свежего хлеба – самый лучший запах на свете The modern person does not have enough time. He constantly somewhere rushes, hurries, is late, at work at him a work involving all hands, children have a difficult school program, it hardly finds time to call native and to meet friends. We so have no time to think of ourselves, there is often nobody to take care of us and breakfasts in a bed to us carry not every day.
And here present: in the morning you did not manage to open an eye yet, but already catch a smell of fresh bread – the best smell on light. You stretch, get out from under a blanket, go on kitchen – and there you are waited by the most tasty roll of bread with a fragrant, ruddy crust, with raisin, cheese or nutlets, baked specially to your morning tea (or coffee). Unless not a miracle? But if to bring such roll for you in seven mornings there is nobody, the bread machine is simply necessary for this miracle.
These compact hi-tech devices, on pleasure to hostesses, are able to bake simple bread and bread with various additives, to knead the most different dough, to bake cakes and even to cook jam. Thus you solve, what products and additives to you to use, and yours in the house always fresh and, the main thing, the bread baked especially for you.
The bread machine can have from 3 to 17 programs of pastries which differ in dough batch time, duration of baking and temperature. So, suggests to understand, what modern bread machines and are able on what it is necessary to pay attention at a choice of concrete model?

Basic functions

Как выбрать хлебопечку So, in all bread machines there is an opportunity:
  • to choose crust podzharistost degree (light, average or dark);
  • to knead yeast and bezdrozhzhevy dough of the most different consistence – for pizza, pelmeni, pancakes, etc.;
  • to bake French baguettes – bread with a crisp and soft core.
Besides, practically all units (except, perhaps, most inexpensive) have the mode of the accelerated pastries – at it bread turns out more dense because time of raising of dough and, respectively, a full cycle of pastries are reduced from 4 o'clock time in two. This mode can be used and for baking of the bought ready yeast dough, and also for preparation of rye bread (in this case before baking knead dough by means of the corresponding mode).

Additional functions

With growth of the price also possibilities of bread machines extend, and in the list of their functions appear: Как выбрать хлебопечку
  • preparation of jam;
  • preparation of cakes;
  • program of baking of the Borodino bread;
  • baking of bread with various additives;
  • special program for rye bread;
  • baking of Easter cakes;
  • baking of dietary bezdrozhzhevy bread;
  • baking of bread from a corn, rice, pearl-barley, buckwheat flour,
  • the program for pastries from a flour of a rough grinding;
  • the program for pastries with raisin, chocolate, honey, sugar and other additives.
What of these additional functions for you are necessary – to solve only to you. It is undoubted that first of all the bread machine has to be able to bake bread – and within its powers even to the simplest models. However additional programs can be necessary for you if you want from the bread machine something special.
So, the diabetics suffering from intolerance of gluten and an allergy to cereals, and in general that who thinks of the health need the program of bezglyutenovy pastries – from a rice, buckwheat, pearl-barley flour (it, by the way, can be prepared in house conditions, having processed the corresponding grain). About advantage of bread with bran, the high content in it of cellulose and vitamins all know and dietary bezdrozhzhevy bread for certain will also find the admirers.
Как выбрать хлебопечку Programs of preparation of pastries will please sweet teeth and children. Feature of these programs that baking happens at lower temperature that rescues ingredients from burning.
As for preparation in the jam bread machine (or jam), thus fruit and berries pass much more sparing thermal treatment and, respectively, keep more vitamins. It will not be possible to prepare thus a lot of jam so that who got used to reserve full cellars of vitamins for the winter, the bread machine will help a little, however without special efforts will be able to weld couple of jars of tasty jam to tea everyone.

Protective functions

As well as any electric device, the bread machine has protective functions: protection against differences of tension, against children and against an overheat.
Хлебопечка Protection against differences of tension meets in many models. This function allows to remember the program at temporary shutdown of electricity, and after renewal of its giving to continue work from that place where process was interrupted. However the stock of memory is small – as a rule, from 7 to 15 minutes, and only in the most expensive models it reaches 40 minutes.
    Some use this option if suddenly it was required to release the socket. Disconnect from a network directly during implementation of the program, transfer the bread machine to other socket and include again in calculation that the device will continue the work. Yes, and such manipulations take place, but has to warn, what not at all and not always – in particular, the bread machine can simply give out a mistake and refuse to continue the program. And therefore you should not abuse this opportunity, and at a choice not to pay to it attention, as to one of the most important.
Other two protective functions are most often not included in the budgetary options. Function of protection against children allows to block a cover or buttons of the control panel and not to worry that your child in a research rush will incidentally change the program of preparation or even will do itself harm, and protection against an overheat will switch-off the bread machine by means of the special thermorelay if you forget it to make.

Technical parameters

Except the listed above characteristics, at a choice of the bread machine its technical parameters are of great importance.

Weight, power, dimensions, bread machine case
Выбирая хлебопечь, обратите внимание и на ее габариты Unit weight – from 4 to 7,5 kg, and power – from 450 to 860 W. The device power is higher, the quicker it works, however and the expense of the electric power is higher.
Choosing the bread machine, pay attention and to its dimensions. It is better if for it in kitchen there is a special place, after all constantly to get and remove back to the storeroom the device it is rather heavy, especially with the maximum weight. It is natural that more compact models at the same set of functions are more expensive.
The case of the bread machine can be made of plastic or of stainless steel (at more expensive models). Steel, undoubtedly, stronger and is more durable than plastic, and only traces from hands are more noticeable on its cold surface – that in general not a problem and in a root cannot affect a choice.

Weight of finished goods
Разные модели хлебопечек позволяют испечь хлеб различный по своему весу: от 450 до 1500 граммов Different models of bread machines allow to bake bread various on the weight: from 450 to 1500 grams. Thus, each family can choose the option which is most suitable for itself. Thus the pastries weighing about 1 kg are done also by the budgetary models, however it is necessary to understand that the bigger weight of finished goods is provided, the device dimensions will be big.
Many modern bread machines offer some options of weight of production that is very convenient if, for example, you need to bake not such big roll as last time, or, on the contrary, you wait for guests. Depending on the weight of pastries duration of process and temperature of baking changes. In practice you can, having chosen in the menu one of the roll sizes, to bake and intermediate option if put ingredients in a necessary proportion (however no more greatest possible, differently dough, having approached, simply will not be located in a form). Perhaps, thus it is necessary to select temperature of baking or composition of ingredients that the product did not turn out neither damp, nor dry.

Pastries form
Форма выпечки, как правило, прямоугольная – именно такое ведерко входит в комплект поставки As for a pastries form, it, as a rule, the rectangular – such bucket is included in the delivery package. Depending on model it can be teflon, aluminum or from stainless steel.
It is necessary to clear a bucket a wooden or rubber rake, preserving a surface against scratches, after all its cost makes nearly a half of cost of all bread machine. For additional protection of an antiprigarny covering it is possible to oil a form, to use salt only of a fine crushing and even to add it in the form of a brine, to steam out raisin before a bookmark, and whenever possible to part yeast and sugar.
However all these precautionary measures can not work. In case the teflon covering after all was scratched, the bucket can be replaced: or on a guarantee it is free, or for the corresponding payment. According to laboratory researches, particles of teflon are harmless to the person and are easily brought out of an organism, and ware service life with an antiprigarny covering makes no more than 5-7 years.
There are also models in which package the additional round bucket and a support for baking of four baguettes are included, however they meet seldom.

Timer and dispenser
Дисплей хлебопечки Each bread machine is equipped with the timer from 12 to 15 hours which allows to delay start of the program that the fresh pastries waited for you from work at home or awoke with the aroma in the mornings.
If you intend to use actively the timer, recommends to pay attention to the models equipped with a dispenser – the special device in a cover. In it put additional ingredients (dried fruits, raisin, nuts) that the bread machine itself added them at the end of mixing of dough, and you did not need to do it manually.
But as the dispenser also brings the contribution in car cost, it is possible to do and without it. Depending on model the bread machine publishes quite loud signals that it is time to fill up in additive dough. Therefore it is possible to fill up all necessary additives on a signal in the afternoon, and for morning pastries it is possible to select rolls without additives. And, perhaps, with experience, you already remember time through which it is required to add raisin to dough, sunflower seeds and other ingredients, or will fill up them at the beginning (at own risk, after all they can complicate process of a vymeshivaniye).
One of useful, but optional options is also the removable cover of the device which facilitates its cleaning after use.

Now, when you approximately represent that the bread machine can, it is necessary to define which of the listed options are important for you, after all depend on it the unit price. You will be able to spend less if refuse functions which are not for you necessary. If it is your first bread machine, perhaps, you should pick up basic model or model with insignificant number of additional functions that at not too big monetary expenses to find out, whether this unit is necessary to you in general, to experiment, try various recipes, the modes, to get the hand – and only after that, having understood what exactly your bread machine has to be able, more difficult to choose the device.
In spite of the fact that almost each model is completed with a measured glass and a spoon, skilled owners of bread machines recommend to buy together with it and electronic scales as at preparation of pastries it is necessary to observe precisely a dosage not to break a dough consistence.
    There are also other cunnings which need to be known for preparation of tasty pastries. So, salt and yeast should be put in different corners of a form that they did not adjoin with each other, differently bread can not rise; if you put too many whole grains, bread will be too friable, and at insufficient amount of fats the crust will turn out rubber.
At a bread machine choice the preference should be given to famous brands, thus it is worth paying attention to guarantee duration (in any way not less than 1 year) and existence in your city of the service centers. Many of owners of bread machines positively speak of models of bread machines from Panasonic and Moulinex, further according to the list there are LG and Kenwood.
Remember that even the most "eminent" bread machine is not insured from breakage therefore, except a brand, also as far as the bread machine is convenient personally for you is important and as far as it is pleasant to you to use it. And in this case, of course, you will please the relatives and friends with various delicacies more than once.
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