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Check and treatment of beaten pixels

Liquid crystal displays replace technologies of electron beam tubes. Having bought the new monitor you begin its testing. And suddenly you notice a black or color point right in the middle of the screen. It, misters, his majesty Beaten pixel. So, we will understand that such "beaten" pixel and pixel in general as to fight against it and as to find it.
Проверка битых пикселей, лечение битых пикселей Rates of development of technologies grow with an enormous speed, they bring new models to show-windows of shops, replacing with themselves the outdated devices of the computer world which became covered with dust. It happens to computer accessories, speaker systems, printers and scanners and, naturally, to monitors. Liquid crystal displays replace technologies of electron beam tubes. This process is simply inevitable, after all quality, dimensions, design, eventually changes. Natural thirst of the person for all new and modern forces us to do modernization of the electronic friends, using all family budget, after all novelties and cost not much not.
But here, having bought the new monitor and having forever said goodbye to old "box" you begin its testing. Games, movies and various make-shifts are used. And suddenly you notice the black or color point right in the middle the screen which is awfully disturbing in the pink color when viewing the favourite thriller. It, misters, his majesty Beaten pixel – a thunder-storm of all developers and dead defect of computer shops. So, we will understand that such "beaten" pixel and pixel in general as to fight against it and as to find it.

What is the Beaten pixel

Изображение на мониторе с жидкокристаллическим дисплеем, как и с электронно-лучевой трубкой, состоит из точек, в узком кругу называемых пикселями. Именно они складываются в разнообразные картинки, которые мы наблюдаем, посредством смены цвета. The image on the monitor with the liquid crystal display, as well as with an electron beam tube, consists of the points, in a narrow circle called by pixels. They develop in various pictures which we observe, by means of change of color. The pixel also has the not replaceable hierarchy – three subpikselya, black, red and green color. Final color is reached by change of provision of separate subpixels and the direction with it of a light beam of various power. In the modern monitors using a so-called, active matrix, each pixel copes own thin-film transistor (TFT, Thin Film Transistor) which failure forms on the screen a black inactive point – beaten pixel. It does not change the color at change of the image because of technical malfunction of the managing director of the transistor. It is possible to restore such beaten pixels only replacement of the corresponding transistor that it is possible to make only in special laboratory conditions that to obviously not well ordinary users.
However distinguish one more type of beaten pixels – got stuck. The light point against a dark background will become a sign of their emergence. Such it happens in case of jamming separate subpikselya in one situation. Respectively it does not react to change of the image on the display, but shines in the certain light color. Such defects, unlike black points, it is possible to restore also houses by some both program, and physical manipulations.
Perhaps, you want to ask, why independently to repair the new monitor, after all there is a guarantee! Here in it and all hitch. The percent of marriage of the monitors using technology of liquid crystals is very high therefore producers of the leading brands established the special norms allowing a quantity of beaten pixels on monitors of various standards. These norms were put into the certain state standard called by ISO-13406. will provide the table of an admissibility of defective pixels in 4 standards of monitors (the 1st – the highest, practically does not allow defects; the 4th – fortunately, is almost not issued in our market).
As we already told, the first class of monitors does not allow beaten or defective pixels at all. Producers of products of this class assure that at emergence of this defect, immediate replacement or warranty repair will be made.
The second class, the most widespread in the CIS countries, allows existence of 2 defects of 1 and 2 types, and also 5 defects 3 types.
The third class of products, according to developers, can possess 5 beaten pixels of 1 type, the 15th 2 type and 50 defects of the third type.
The last and most low-quality class of monitors allows existence of 50, 150 and 500 defects of 1, 2 and 3 types respectively.
  • 1 type - white pixel on a black background;
  • 2 type - black pixel on a white background;
  • 3 type - color (red, blue, green);
Битые пиксели
As you can see, if your monitor corresponds to the second class (about it you learn from the instruction attached to it), one red pixel which so irritates you, is admissible therefore you will not be able to exchange the monitor and to put forward a claim to the seller. The only way to avoid such situations – to check a product before purchase, after all you nobody will be able to force to buy defective goods!

Check of the monitor

Битые пиксели To measure existence of beaten or defective pixels by eye sometimes happens difficult, and even it is simply impossible. Sellers show the monitor, showing you bright multi-colored pictures, without allowing to consider the display on different monophonic backgrounds. Remember, the beaten pixel can be shown on certain flowers! For example, on the monitor there can be a red point noticeable only on a green background therefore it is necessary to check the monitor persistently and if you wish, meticulously. After all we pay money, considerable for our country, and in exchange we want to receive an excellent product.
Especially for check of monitors on beaten pixels there is a set of programs from which would like to recommend separately the test monitor from Nokia firm. Nokia Monitor Test allows to test the monitor for existence of defects, moire, beaten pixels and readability.
After start of the program you should choose the mode of check of Colour. Then, switch colors by pressing of the left key of a mouse and diagnose the display on existence of points of other color – beaten pixels.
Surely write down the program on a disk or other store before a campaign in shop.

How to treat beaten pixels

Цветной битый пиксель There are two most effective methods of disposal of beaten pixels. It will be a question not of black points, they, unfortunately, in house conditions will not manage to be revived. We will talk about the color, got stuck pixels.
For the first method recommends to stock up with patience because it will demand from you considerable diligence. The method consists in soft massaging of defective area of the display. Do not forget to switch off the monitor thus. It is necessary to do it not by fingers, and especially not sharp subjects is can lead to damage of an antiglare covering, and also to emergence of new beaten pixels. Best of all the Q-tip will be suitable for such massage.
Find beaten pixels by means of Nokia Monitor Test and start accurate pressing on this area, previously having switched-off the monitor. After several minutes of such simple manipulations include a product and look at area. Repeat these actions several times. Naturally, massage does not give hundred percentage guarantees of wonderful healing, however it is worth trying if you cannot be reconciled with such guests in any way.
One more way of massage is hardware. He does not demand direct physical impact therefore is completely safe. The program for elimination of the got stuck pixels is to the address and is available to start directly from the site.
Программа Nokia Monitor Test For start of the program directly from the site you need to open the page (, to find and click on the link Launch ScreenFix (your browser can not support work this program, developers recommend the FireFox Internet browser). Or you can download and start the ScreenFix Deluxe program (, notice that for its work previously Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 should be established.
After start of the program on the screen there will be a window with flickering pixels, simply guide it at defective area and expect result.
Judging by the statement of developers and users of this utility, the got stuck pixels in most cases it is eliminated after 20 minutes of use. However if experiment was not successful, try to include the program for 5-10 hours.
Cunning of this small utility that it carries out high-speed change of flowers of separate pixels that allows to level the got stuck pixel programmatically.

So, you know now that represent pixels and how to treat them defects. Nevertheless, recommends to check nevertheless monitors upon purchase that it was not necessary to be nervous and apply the knowledge once again.
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