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Advantage of tomato juice

Tomato juice – one of the most popular and favourite drinks. It perfectly satisfies thirst, sates an organism, treats for diseases and serves as their prevention. It is one of the few drinks which can be drunk in unlimited number without harm for health.

Useful properties of drink

The main and only ingredient of this valuable drink are tomatoes, and it means that advantage of tomato juice same, as well as the vegetable. The structure of tomato juice impresses with quantity of the useful. These are vitamins A, C, B, E, PP, microcells calcium, potassium, magnesium, chlorine, sulfur, zinc, selenium, iodine, iron, cobalt, manganese, pine forest, copper. It is natural that all this structure has the most beneficial effect on work of all internal, and also on hair, skin and nails:

  1. Tomato juice is capable to normalize a metabolism, to bring radionuclides, slags and harmful toxins out of an organism, interferes with development of diseases of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system, reduces destructive influence of carcinogens.
  2. In tomato juice there is a large number of such substance as lycopene which is famous for strong antineoplastic action. Oncologists noticed one regularity – the regular use of tomato juice reduces risk of a disease of a cancer, and the general condition of patients with oncology improves, tumors cease to progress and even decrease in a size. It is possible to tell that tomato juice – a fine natural antioxidant.
  3. Substances which are in tomato juice, help with development of the element increasing drink value - serotonin. He protects nervous system of the person from stress consequences, promotes undervoltage, weakens and removes a tone. Tomato juice – the best depressions medicine.
  4. It should be noted antimicrobic and antibacterial properties of tomato juice. Being in a stomach and intestines, drink protects them from the decaying processes.
  5. At such chronic diseases of a gastrointestinal tract as gastritis, stomach ulcer and a duodenum, in the period of diarrhea, a lock, a meteorizm tomato drink is simply irreplaceable. And still it is known as zhelchegonny and a diuretic.
  6. Tomato juice - one of those few drinks which are not contraindicated sick diabetes even heavy forms. It reduces sugar in blood, strengthens vessels.
  7. It is impossible to overestimate beneficial influence of tomato juice on walls of vessels. It is capable to bring cholesterol out of blood, to improve its structure, to raise hemoglobin, struggling with anemia. Juice from tomatoes is recommended at ophthalmologic diseases, such as glaucoma.
  8. Consultants for breastfeeding recommend strongly to the feeding mothers to drink one glass of tomato juice which increases a lactation and well influences the female organism exhausted after the delivery.

Tomato drink for youth and beauty

Besides all listed properties tomato juice has the rejuvenating effect:

  1. Tomato juice that is capable to bring slags and toxins out of an organism is valuable, and it well influences skin – it becomes smooth, silky.
  2. The antioxidants containing in tomato juice prevent early aging of skin, without allowing to appear wrinkles.
  3. Tomato juice at its regular influence is capable to bleach skin. Wipe a face and a neck ice cubes from juice of tomatoes every day within 2 weeks, you will surely notice effect.
  4. Using tomato juice in and in the form of masks regularly, you will be able to get rid of such unpleasant problem as acne rash. And still you will notice how activity of sebaceous glands decreased, face pores were narrowed.

Tomato juice can be considered as drink for weight loss. It in honor at most of nutritionists of the world thanks to the low caloric content (only 18 kcal on 100 g) and abilities to reduce hunger hormone level in blood – a grelin. At 85% of people the level of this hormone is overestimated so that many even after dense meal feel need for having a snack in 2-3 hours. Drinking only one glass of this magic drink, you will relieve yourself of desire to eat for 5-6 hours. Inclusion of tomato juice in a diet of the people having obesity, surely.

Contraindications to the use of tomato juice

It should be noted negative influence of tomato juice on a human body at some diseases or their aggravations:

  1. If tomato juice is shown at gastrointestinal tract diseases, in the period of their aggravation it is categorically undesirable in the use, it can lead to even bigger deterioration of a condition of the patient.
  2. When breastfeeding mothers cannot use juice, whose children suffer from allergic reaction to this product.
  3. At the strong poisoning which is followed by vomiting it is not recommended to drink tomato juice also.
  4. It is not recommended to use natural tomato juice at a pancreas disease - pancreatitis. But if to subject drink to heat treatment, a small amount can be drunk.

Tomato juice in house conditions

It will be most correct to prepare tomato juice independently, then you will be sure of its quality:

  • wash tomatoes and melt away their boiled water;
  • when tomatoes cool down, rind with them;
  • pass tomatoes via the meat grinder or the juice extractor;
  • if you wish to prepare tomato juice for the winter, prepare banks and covers;
  • at will can add a little salt, pepper and sugar to taste;
  • pour out juice in a big pan of stainless steel and boil it within 10 minutes;
  • pour hot juice in banks and roll up covers;
  • turn banks covers down and leave in such look until contents completely cool down.

Correct use of tomato juice

Many consider that it is possible to drink tomato juice somehow and with what you want. Mirsovetov recommends that drink brought as much as possible benefit, it needs to be used correctly:

  1. Tomato juice needs to be used only freshly squeezed, without subjecting it to heat treatment, then in it all useful substances will remain.
  2. It is correct to drink juice in 30 minutes prior to food and in an hour after it. In this case at you fermentation in intestines will not begin.
  3. To prevent emergence of stones in kidneys and a gall bladder, tomato juice is not recommended to be combined with eggs, bread of all types, with meat and fish, with potatoes and dairy products. It is very useful to use juice with nuts, cilantro, a basil, parsley, vegetable and olive oil, with onions, garlic, bush pumpkins, eggplants and vegetable marrows, and also with cabbage of any kind, a radish and sweet pepper. It is not recommended to salt tomato juice.
  4. At obesity tomato juice needs to be mixed with juice of a celery, pumpkin and apple in equal proportions, having added couple of spoons of juice of a lemon and to take this structure for half an hour to food.
  5. For treatment of cholelithiasis the equal amount of juice from tomatoes and a brine of cabbage is mixed and accept 3 times a day on 1 glass after meal.
  6. Avitaminosis, gastrointestinal tract, diseases of kidneys, airways and blood vessels too are very well treated by juice of tomatoes in combination with chopped greens. It is necessary to accept on 1 glass of juice three times a day in 20 minutes prior to food.
  7. Fans of such addiction as smoking, have to drink at least 2-3 glasses of tomato juice every day in an hour after food to fill up the organism with vitamin C.
  8. In the period of periods women are recommended to accept 3 glasses of juice daily in order to avoid falling of hemoglobin and emergence of a depression.
  9. Quite interesting historic fact - ancient Peruvians called tomato a love fruit for its abilities to liberate and cause an inclination to an opposite sex. Drink tomato juice as often as possible, and you will have no problems of sexual character.

Despite advantage of tomato juice, you should not abuse it. After all all is useful moderately!

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