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Advantage and harm of kvass

As it is pleasant to drink a glass of the tasty invigorating kvass in hot summer day! This drink perfectly satisfies thirst, but many ask a question: Whether "Kvass and if it is useful is useful, than?".

Types and grades of kvass

Kvass – ancient drink which already more than 1000 please the admirers. This drink – result of fermentation of a flour and malt or rye crackers with addition of other ingredients. It enjoyed especially wide popularity at ancient Slavs and was most often used not as usual drink, and as a basis under soups and soups. At weddings and other feasts ancient kvass was intoxicated drink. But very few people know that earlier kvass prepared not only from bread. This refreshing drink turns out also from apples, pears, currant, cowberry. Added to it for giving of special taste mint, cinnamon, ginger and other components. Unfortunately, today the most demanded still remain grain kvass as other recipes of ancient drink are lost, and to find them not so simply. Today it is possible to find a huge number of various grades of drink in sale. All of them differ in tastes, structure and term of realization. And nevertheless the most tasty and useful kvass – house, own production.

To improve taste of drink and to give it a highlight, use such components as strawberry, raisin, mint. For strengthening of fermentation at production add ferment, fruit, various barmy cultures to raw materials.

Kvass depending on the main components shares on three look:

  • the barley;
  • the wheat;
  • the rye.

Depending on additional ingredients kvass shares on the following grades:

  • the grain;
  • the fruit;
  • okroshechny;
  • the dairy;
  • the berry;
  • the honey.

Useful properties of kvass

Besides unusual taste kvass has also many useful qualities:

  • very well satisfies thirst;
  • sates an organism with useful microcells and vitamins, loads with energy;
  • regulates acidity of a gastrointestinal tract and water-salt balance of an organism thanks to what it is especially recommended at gastritises;
  • promotes the best comprehensibility of meat dishes and dishes with the increased fat content;
  • improves appetite and a metabolism;
  • has properties of fermented milk products – restores flora and kills alien harmful bacteria;
  • raises a potentiality;
  • thanks to the high content of vitamin C, it is effective for prevention of a scurvy.

Harm of kvass

Unfortunately, despite a large amount of useful properties, drink has also the contraindications:

  • kvass at stomach ulcer is not recommended, irrespective of a state, even during remission;
  • it is impossible to use kvass at oncological diseases of a stomach, at hepatitises and cirrhosis, bilious and output ways and intestines, and also at renal diseases;
  • as kvass contains yeast, drink is not shown at allergic reactions to this component. In addition it is necessary to be careful that who has allergies to cereals and grits. Attentively read structure of drink on bottles and packages then not to regret about purchase;
  • Mirsovetov does not recommend to use kvass during driving of the car as in structure there is a small percent of alcohol;
  • it is worth refusing drink during pregnancy and feeding by a breast or to drink no more than 1 glass per day;
  • because of the maintenance of 1,2% of alcohol in drink, children till 3 years are also not recommended to use kvass. Though physicians in this respect did not come to the general opinion – one do not recommend drink to children till 3 years, others even till 7 years. The decision remains for parents.

Medicinal properties of kvass

Traditional medicine actively uses kvass at treatment and prevention of some diseases. Drink of house preparation in which there are no preservatives, amplifiers of taste and various artificial dyes is especially rich with medicinal properties. So, at what diseases folk healers recommend kvass:

  1. On the curative properties kvass is equivalent to fermented milk products, such as kefir, curdled milk and yogurt. To them successfully treat dysbacteriosis after reception of antibiotics.
  2. At diseases of vessels and a hypertension drink is also very useful. Vitamin C promotes removal of cholesterol from an organism, clears and strengthens walls of vessels and all blood system.
  3. Enzymes which contain in kvass, help at treatment of diabetes and other diseases of a pancreas. Thanks to kvass it is possible to be exempted from heartburn, swelling of intestines and unpleasant feelings in a stomach. But it is worth noticing that at the started forms of diseases more radical ways of treatment, than barmy drink are necessary.
  4. Vitamins and microcells which kvass contains, promote successful treatment of eye diseases - at a cataract, glaucoma, an atrophy of an optic nerve and at other ophthalmologic problems.
  5. Kvass is excellent antiviral and antibacterial means. It is appointed as an additional tool to the main treatment at bronchitis, pneumonia, tonsillitis, laryngitis and otitises.
  6. Yeast which are a part of kvass, help at skin diseases – a furunkuleza, dermatitis, acne rash, skin injuries. Using kvass in and as lotions on problem places, you will be able quicker to get rid of these diseases.
  7. Also compresses from kvass very well help at diseases of joints.

Kvass is very high-calorie drink therefore the people suffering from excess weight are not recommended to abuse it. But also completely you should not refuse this magic drink – it is possible to drink no more than 1 glass in the first half of day. And here that who actively plays sports and in a type of the profession it is subject to strong physical activities, kvass is shown to the regular use.

Use of kvass in cosmetology

Cosmetologists very often recommend kvass as an additional tool in the solution of cosmetic problems:

  1. Thanks to the rich vitamin and mineral structure, regular reception of kvass inside well influences skin, hair, nails and even a dental health.
  2. It is possible to get rid partially of freckles, wiping them daily the sponzhikam impregnated with kvass.
  3. Trays for hands and feet, and also rejuvenate bathtubs with use of kvass and tone up skin, doing it more elastic, velvety and fresh.
  4. The course of masks for hair with addition of kvass will relieve you of dandruff, will strengthen roots and will return to hair natural gloss and silkiness.

How to prepare house kvass

As it was already told above, house kvass is much more tasty and more useful purchased. It is simple to prepare it. It is required to you:

  • rye bread – 500 g;
  • water boiled – 3 l;
  • yeast – 50 g a live or 1 bag dry;
  • sugar – 0,5 glasses;
  • raisin black – 100 g.


  1. Cut bread small slices, spread out them to a baking sheet and put in an oven. Dry bread of minutes 10 on small fire.
  2. In in advance sterilized to bank pour out croutons and fill in with boiled water, but not to the very top that other ingredients were located.
  3. Part yeast in boiled water to a uniform state and pour out them in bank.
  4. Deliver to bank in a warm place, previously having closed it a cover.
  5. In 48 hours it is necessary to filter liquid and to add to it sugar with raisin. At will can add fruit, berries or mint to drink.
  6. Pour ready kvass in more convenient capacities (bottles). That they were located in the refrigerator.
  7. In 2-3 days kvass will be ready to the use.

Besides that kvass in itself is a ready-made product, it still can be used at preparation of other dishes:

  1. Adding fruit, berries and honey to kvass, you only improve tastes of the drink.
  2. The most tasty okroshka invigorating and refreshing in hot day turns out from kvass. And what turns out from botvinye kvass – fingers will lick!
  3. Bake the most tasty from kvass, soft, with the crackling fragrant crust bezdrozhzhevy bread which long does not harden.
  4. Pancakes, fritters, cookies, rolls – all this fancy bread it is possible to prepare on kvass, replacing with it soda, yeast and other baking powder of dough. The pastries turn out air, with unusual smack.
  5. That boiled pork turned out softer and juicy, meat pickle in kvass. To use kvass as marinade it is possible not only for preparation of the baked meat, but also stewed, fried.
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