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Zoning of the room

The one-room apartment is not an occasion to be upset as it is now very fashionable to turn one placement by means of zoning into "some rooms", allocating mission of this or that corner. For example, it is possible to combine a drawing room and an office or a bedroom and the nursery. One room, but combines in itself some places which carry out various functions – actually, it is not difficult.

For what purposes use zoning of rooms

It should be noted that zoning of the room is applied not only in one-room apartments – this reception is used often in nurseries when it is necessary to separate a game zone from a recreation area or in studio apartments when it is necessary to separate a hall from kitchen and a drawing room. Experts allocate the following aims which are pursued by owners, applying zoning:

  1. To divide the general space into zones of various value: visually separation in a recreation area drawing room from a lunch zone or separation of a zone of kitchen from a zone of reception of guests, or separation of a recreation area from a working zone in a bedroom.
  2. To divide the room into absolutely different parts, for example, on the general and private. Such maneuver is used when it is necessary to approach the solution of vital space considerably: separation of the nursery from bar, from a place of meetings with friends and from an adult sleeping zone in the one-room apartment.
  3. To change spaces at different times of days including when it is necessary to change proportions of separate zones visually.
  4. To create optical illusion in order that the interior looked more attractively: thus, it is possible to reduce or increase room space visually: the small room will seem more, and big – it is less.

Main ways of zoning of rooms

  1. Arches. It is a classic method of zoning of the room – quite elegant and refined if to consider that modern arch apertures most often become the real work of arts. Bow-shaped, unilateral, rectilinear, broken, column – what only options will not be offered by experts. Thanks to that width of an arch can be varied, being guided by the desire, the border of a zone or is only defined – line is established, or increases a privacy of the chosen territory. Besides, if you choose this way of zoning, you should not forget that arches at all not necessarily have to correspond to design of all room. The arch in itself is a design graceful – it takes few place, both in the room, and on a floor – thanks to it this way perfectly suits even to the smallest apartments.

  2. Decorative designs. This way not only more labor-consuming, but also more large-scale as is "ploshchadezatratny". For an idea embodiment in life it is necessary to allocate a certain space. It should be noted that the decorative design is a not so blank wall. This way will allow to allocate zones not so roughly, after all the decorative design looks easier and more beautifully. If to decorate it with niches, spotlights, glass shelves or gypsum cardboard, decorative fireplaces, aquariums or terrariums.

  3. Podium. This way is good that it very practical – with its help it is possible not only to separate zones, but also to arrange occasional seats for storage of some necessary things. Especially it is actual in small apartments where the excess corner will be very opportunely. The podium is also used to hide there … a bed. The low bed on castors or on runners perfectly leaves and comes around under podium steps, thereby in the room the place is saved. Depending on height a ceiling and utilitarian value of a podium, its height can make from several centimeters to several steps. Generally the podium bears decorative function, but it is possible to go further and to think up to it some function – there would be a desire. Advantageously the podium when its face part is decorated with spotlights looks. In spite of the fact that many do not consider a podium as convenient reception, this way has also admirers. Before to be accepted for good reason, think, whether to you conveniently will go on steps all the time – especially after there is a furniture.

  4. False partitions. A new way of zoning which is applied in studio apartments or where adhere to loft style. Thanks to such facilitated wall it is fenced off not only kitchen from a bedroom. She will help to create a cozy corner in any room, especially if to use a falsh-partition as a wall with regiments.

  5. Sliding doors. What do we know about sliding doors? What are they used in sliding wardrobes or in those places where it is impossible to establish oar doors? Actually sliding doors are an excellent way for zoning of the room and fine alternative to all types of partitions. For zoning glass doors or glass doors with elements of plastic, a tree, metal are used. If you want to hide part of the room from foreign eyes, the door can make opaque or color. If the office of part of the room not so important point, as sliding doors is used translucent rice paper – analog of glass.

  6. Furniture. Very ancient way which was thought up by our great-great-grandmothers when halved the room by means of cases, buffets, dressers. But for zoning of the room it is not obligatory to arrive so cardinally – for allocation of this or that zone it is possible to use even usual sofas. It is enough to put of it not at a wall, and, say, a room posereda. Such reception psychologically forces us the space limited to furniture to perceive as a separate zone. It is necessary for bigger effect that the back of a sofa was rather high. For the same purposes it is possible to use a bar counter, a bilateral fireplace, whatnots, high regiments. Thus, the higher the subject for office of space is chosen, the more accurate it is perceived as a natural partition. However, you should not forget that the bar counter pertinently will look only in kitchen, but not in a drawing room in any way. In the same way the bookcase between kitchen and the dining room will silly look. As for a nursery, at an angle to a wall it is possible to establish a rack on which both parties to establish table-tops – there will be a fine workplace for two children. Just the same reception can be turned in a drawing room or an office – for adults.

  7. Fabric, curtains. Probably, the easiest way of zoning of the room. Its main advantage – it very economic. By means of fabric it is perfectly possible to create a cozy corner where that it is necessary to hide from eyes will hide. For example, clothes or regiments in a hall. In the same way, selecting color of curtains or fabric, it is possible to visualize insulating space, and not just to separate part of the room.

  8. Lighting. An unusual way of zoning of the room, but very effective as it is calculated on svetovospriyaty the person. If in the room to use some types of lighting, for example, bright a sconce and a floor lamp, and also the muffled spotlights, light will help to differentiate with a bedroom a working zone and a recreation area, or a zone a game and residential zone in a drawing room. By means of a play of light it is possible to recreate-level lighting which visually will help to separate zones indoors. Quite often this way is used together with other ways sounded above that it is more favorable to emphasize zoning.

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