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Advantage of a zabrus

All know about advantage of bee honey, much know of miracle influence of beeswax, but only units remember properties of a zabrus. Earlier about this useful waste product of insects almost all knew, but over time about a zabrus, as well as about many treasures of the nature, unfairly forgot.


Zabrus is a substance with which bees seal up to the top the filled honeycombs. Peculiar "lids" consist of such useful components as propolis, pollen and milk therefore no wonder that zabrus possesses powerful curative properties. Because of similarity to lids it is called often "signet". The honey which flowed out from such "signet" the most tasty fragrant and useful as its biological activity is several times higher than the usual.

Why presently forgot about a zabrus at all, it is only necessary to guess. Most likely, people become farther by nature, getting over from cozy huts to concrete houses and replacing the useful products which grew on the earth, synthetic substitutes of factory conveyors. suggests you to join number of those lucky who still remembers, appreciates and accepts gifts of the nature, receiving in exchange health and beauty!

In the well-known Novgorod birchbark manuscripts records that to Swedes some poods (16,3 kg) of a zabrus were regularly released remained. The advantage and its value were also obvious in those days, as today the value of money, gold, jewels, etc.

Zabrus in medicine

Bee zabrus possesses the most powerful antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative influence. At the same time it differs in low allergenicity therefore it can be given even to little children. The long use of a zabrus does not cause accustoming in pathogenic microbes unlike all chemical preparations.

In modern medicine zabrus it is used for treatment of a set of diseases, including arthritises, otseomelit and osteochondrosis. It actively helps to get rid of irritations in an oral cavity, to cure additional bosoms of a nose, to clear airways and to stabilize work of a digestive tract.

The well-known doctor D. Darvis claimed that regular chewing of a zabrus promotes formation of the strong immunity steady not only to seasonal viral infections, but also to more serious diseases. It is enough monthly course of daily chewing of "signet" to ensure an annual stock of strong immunity! For this reason it is so important to give it to small children and patients during restoration.

Zabrus helps to cure quickly catarrhal diseases, without allowing them to pass into a chronic form or complication. Unlike many medicamentous preparations intended for disposal of cold or pain in the mountain zabrus does not cause accustoming, a peresushivaniye of mucous, unpleasant feelings, etc.

To be treated zabrusy to a disgrace it is simple – it is necessary to measure only a portion, to put in a mouth and to chew within 10-15 minutes, without swallowing. Through certain time in a mouth there has to be only a wax. If you incidentally swallow a little wax together with sweet honey, anything terrible will not occur. On the contrary, if necessary it works as a strong absorber, collecting all "garbage" in intestines and by that improving its vermicular movement.

Traditional medicine uses zabrus so long that today it is impossible to tell who for the first time thought up to chew "honey signets". Probably, any caught a cold beekeeper, having spent the whole day on an apiary during collecting honey, strongly got hungry. To the house it was far, with itself(himself) it forgot to take a lunch, and decided "to have a bite" svezhesrezanny tops of honeycombs. Chewed-chewed and noticed that left not only hunger, but also cold, forces increased, and even the mood improved!

Application of a zabrus

To accelerate recovery at diseases of digestive bodies, it is necessary to chew zabrus at least once per day. It causes powerful salivation, improving secretion and motive functions of a stomach. As a part of a zabrus the set of biologically active connections which restore a metabolism, improve blood circulation and increase efficiency of the person.

Zabrus is irreplaceable at bleeding of gums, hypersensitivity or any diseases of an oral cavity, including stomatitises, irritation mucous throats, etc.

For prevention it is possible to chew "signet" of times a day on one tablespoon. If you intend to use it as a remedy for a certain illness, the dose should be increased to 3-4 times per day. It is very important not to hurry and carefully to chew, spending for it not less than 10 minutes. If got to you hardish or dryish zabrus, add to it a little honey.

Kids can give it every day. It will be simply magnificent if you accustom the offsprings instead of a cud, chips or confectionery for a dessert to chew zabrus. The dose can be increased during the periods of an exacerbation of the infectious diseases which are transferred in the airborne way. In the fall and let's children chew "signet" in the morning before school (kindergarten) and during the lunchtime in the spring. It is better not to indulge kids a sweet delicacy in the evening, differently it will be very difficult to calm fidgets then.

Get used to chew zabrus every day and you will forget about problems with gums, sensitive enamel of teeth and periodontosis soon. You should not think that sweet medosoderzhashchy products influence teeth also harmful, as well as sugar. Unique advantage of a zabrus that it consists of elementary monosaccharides of fructose and glucose which can directly come to blood, without passing preliminary processing by gastric juice. That is it is absolutely natural natural components which are not breaking internal harmony in an organism. Peripheral vessels are in an oral cavity very close to a surface of gums, and through them there is primary receipt of useful elements of a zabrus. Thus the gum is enriched with necessary microcells and becomes strong and healthy. Zabrus and honey do not irritate mucous gums and do not destroy enamel therefore even if you will chew it three times a day, caries does not threaten you.

During pregnancy it is just necessary to accept zabrus. If there is an opportunity, stock up with it, without being afraid to seem to the greedy person – will not be gone! Chew "signets" of all 9 months and after the delivery quicker to restore forces, health and to give to the kid all necessary vitamins through breast milk. The contents in a zabrus of pollen, wax, honey, a perga, propolis and other most useful products of beekeeping allows to raise and strengthen immunity of the pregnant woman for all term of incubation of the child. The dosage makes 2-3 teaspoons a day.

Zabrus for weight loss many sensible nutritionists recommend. It sates an organism with useful substances, normalizes a metabolism, gives forces on physical exercises and perfectly satisfies hunger. With such sweet assistant you will be able quickly to grow thin and without tortures!


Zabrus – one of the few curative products which have no contraindications to application. Low allergenicity allows to give it even to small children, pregnant and sick people. The exception is made by only individual intolerance of products of beekeeping.

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