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Occupations by yoga (councils for beginners)

What is the yoga? Each person is ready to give the answer to the matter. However when it is necessary to explain really that such yoga, there are certain difficulties. Today the yoga for many was narrowed to concept of "the Indian gymnastics". In this article will tell about the ancient doctrine and will make some recommendations for beginners.
Что такое йога? What is the yoga? Each person is ready to give the answer to the matter. However when it is necessary to explain really that such yoga, there are certain difficulties. And the reason for that not illiteracy or false understanding of an essence the matter is that the modern fashion on occupations by yoga imposed the shade on definition of this subject. In this article will tell about the ancient doctrine and will make some recommendations for beginners.
For some people of the yogi is a system of spiritual self-improvement, for others – religious philosophical doctrine. The third consider that the yoga is a fakirizm, ability to swallow sharp swords and to go on beaten glass – that, by the way, is not so far from truth though such abilities are rather a consequence of spiritual and power concentration of the person to which it is taught by yoga, than yoga as that. But about it later, and now about modern yoga, about fashionable yoga. Today practically each sports center offers among various courses of belly dance, club dances, shaping and other as well a yoga course. Yes, today the yoga for many was narrowed to concept of "the Indian gymnastics".

As well as where the yoga arose?

Статуя божества Шивы Long time was considered that the most ancient yogichesky text is the well-known "Yoga-sutra", the composition written by the Old Indian scientist and the philosopher Patandzhali about the second century B.C. However not so long ago in the territory of Hindustan excavation of the ancient cities which age more than four thousand years are just age of the protoindian civilization which prospered on this earth at the time of Ancient Egypt and Dvurechya were made. During excavation the press on which were available not only hieroglyphic inscriptions, but also drawings were found. On many of these drawings people in traditional poses of yoga – asanas are represented. This fact allows to judge that roots of yoga conduct to the protoindian civilization, and here where conduct roots of the civilization, scientists still did not manage to solve. Thus, the puzzle about a yoga origin still remains not resolved.
Despite various mentions of yoga in works ancient, scientists connect the beginning of active development of yoga with already mentioned Patandzhali's treatise "Yoga-sutra" or as it is called still by "Patandzhali's Aphorisms". These laconic and accurate statements became the yoga base. And further everything began to develop according to the scheme of the broken phone. The matter is that according to tradition aphorisms were told "from the teacher's lips to the pupil's ear" that, undoubtedly, gave rise to a set of comments, new interpretations. It was followed by emergence of a huge number of branches of yoga, on transfer and the description which not one article will be required.
Therefore here wants to mention only one curious fact. And this fact here about what. Invasion of Muslims into India laid the foundation to merge of traditions and customs of Moslem and Hinduism. It found the reflection not only in cultural and social aspect, but also in emergence so-called "Muslim yoga". Muslim yogis in Hindustan were called "fakirs" not to confuse them to the Indian yogas and Buddhists. And only over time "fakirs" began to call various vagrant conjurers giving street representations. Therefore if you will hear from somebody that the yogi is a fakir, you should not restrain this person a fleer, after all its judgment is to some extent not deprived of common sense.

What is the yoga?

Статуя медитирующего йога Despite a set of treatments of yoga, everything them is united by the same ultimate goal – achievement of a special state which is called samadkh. In it all essence of yogichesky practice is concluded.
But there is a logical question, what it for a state such? The set of philosophical schools defines this state differently. For one it "achievement of a nirvana", "merge to Space", for others a samadkha is "superstate", "spleen". There are also those who considers samadkh as peculiar "trance", "ecstasy" and even "nonsense". If to speak language of science, this special condition of mentality to which the person practicing yoga transfers himself.
On the one hand all this looks like something supernatural, unreal, however the condition of a samadkha is one of conditions of human mentality comparable with such states as a lethargical sleep or a trance. Moreover, today there are indisputable proofs of that the person is capable to reach this state. is ready to argue that reading the last paragraphs, you constantly felt feeling that before you something familiar that you already heard about such superabilities and, and, absolutely not so long ago. Remember events of 2002 when the whole world admired and surprised to really unique history which occurred in Buryatia. Then the buried Pandido Hambo's body of a lama the XII Dasha-Dorzho Etigelova was revealed and raised on a surface. After 75 years of burial the body of a lama was imperishable. This event caused a set of heated discussions in wide world circles, however the fact remains – the person, improving itself, can reach improbable heights.
Thus, today the yoga is the complex of certain actions and exercises which developed in the empirical way within several millennia and capable to lead mentality of the person to a certain state which is called samadkh. And the complex of actions and exercises are no other than practice of yoga.

How there takes place practice of yoga?

Символ аум In spite of the fact that we already told something to you about yoga, for certain everything also faces you a huge set of questions. And here a little from them: "What will the yoga give me? If samadkh – an ultimate goal, what there is a beginning and, actually, way?". To receive answers to the matters, It is necessary to tell about the work "Yoga-Sutra" of the philosopher Patandzhali slightly in more detail. By the way, despite a set of currents of yoga, "Yoga-sutra" is the cornerstone of classical yoga today.
According to this treatise of the practician of yoga consists of eight consecutive stages:
  • The first stage - "yam" ("hole") is rules of behavior and "self-restriction".
  • The second stage carrying the name "niyam" ("niyam") is the ethical standards consisting in observance of purity of a body and mind.
    In other words, "yama" and "niyama" cultivate certain moral qualities, moral in the person, and also give manuals in the field of personal hygiene.
  • The third stage - "asana" is a practice of those intricate poses which we represent at a mention of yoga.
  • The fourth stage, which name of "pranayam" is a practice of the correct breath.
    Here considers necessary to note that asanas in total from the pranayamy represent a special type of gymnastics. Undoubtedly, after a certain practice any acrobat or the gymnast will be able to master performance of these exercises, however it does not grant the right to this acrobat to be called as the yogi. After all in systematic and consecutive execution of asanas something is put bigger, than acceptance of some poses is simple. Under an indispensable condition of passing of the first two stages, in the following stages deep medical impact on the person which amplifies at the correct execution of the exercises relating to a stage of a pranayam is put.
  • The fifth stage carries the name "pratyakhar" and aims at disconnection of consciousness from sense organs.
    By the way, It should be noted what exactly on the basis of this practice our contemporaries began to build systems of a relaxation and autogenic training.
  • The sixth stage - "dkharan" or concentration (it figuratively compare to imposing of an arrow on an onions bowstring – a brain).
  • The seventh – "dkhyana" or concentration (a tension and descent of a bowstring of onions).
  • Eighth and last stage - "samadkh" (defeat by a purpose arrow, that is achievement of the purpose of yoga).
Passing of all eight stages – a task available not to each person. However and the last stage is not an ultimate goal because passing of each of stages is a raising one step higher than your physical and intellectual feeling.

Councils beginner

Занятия йогой
  • Beginners should prefer to books and video to materials live communication with the instructor at specialized school. After all often these materials have no justification "what for?", and are under construction generally on sequences of exercises.
  • Also it is worth treating with extra care those sports centers about which it was mentioned in the beginning. After all you have the purpose not to practice yoga Fashionable today, and you really want to like ancient philosophy which is born in itself by yoga. Besides, the correct decision will be to go to specialized school.
  • After passing of a basic course you can take some individual occupations from your teacher. Such occupations will aim for you to receive answers to the arisen questions, to correct a day regimen and a diet, perhaps, to add your daily program with some individual exercises.
  • Remember that the most important in occupations by yoga is a constancy. Be engaged regularly 2-3 times a week. If you want to receive fast result, it will be necessary to be engaged 15-30 minutes twice or even three times a day.
  • If you have any serious diseases, especially diseases of the musculoskeletal device, recommends to consult by all means with the doctor or the instructor of school of yoga before occupations.
  • Smoking is not an occasion to postpone the beginning of occupations. It is quite possible that after a while after the beginning of occupations by yoga, you make, at last, the long-awaited decision on refusal of an addiction.

Yoga for children

Йога для детей Undoubtedly, to start practicing yoga it is possible at any age. Not an exception and tender children's age. After all, really, the first steps, the first stages of yoga is not so much strengthening of physical spirit, how many formation of the moral and moral principles of the person. And at children's age it is so important to put in the child all the lightest and positive.
To interest the child in yoga, do not put upon him pressure at all. advises simply to try to bring it to occupations by yoga. At specialized schools yogis are also children's groups. Perhaps, your kid will be fond and will visit occupations independently.
Of course, programs of yoga for children have the specifics – they are planned in the form of game that allows children to feel in the elements – elements of the movement, energy and bright emotions. Despite this difference, effect from occupations anticipates expectations: at children the bearing improves, the risk of catarrhal diseases goes down.
By the way, it is much simpler to children to comprehend many subtleties and the fundamental moments of yoga, after all their consciousness is not burdened with the stereotypes and complexes surrounding the adult yet.

Yoga for pregnant women

Йога для беременных For pregnant women at various schools of yoga there are special programs which have favorable effect not only on future mother, but also on the kid. The yoga for pregnant women brings benefit not only to a physical condition of the woman, but also normalizes her mental state. Besides special physical and breathing exercises will prepare the woman for childbirth.
Occupations by yoga for pregnant women are formed according to the individual scheme. After all the important moment in selection of exercises is a physical condition of the woman, character of a course of her pregnancy, and also pregnancy term. In the first trimester intensity of occupations by yoga minimum, after all is great danger of an abortion. During the subsequent trimesters of occupation pass a little according to other scheme, occupations can be continued up to childbirth. Moreover, occupations by yoga will help the woman to transfer difficulties of pregnancy and to prepare themselves and the kid for childbirth (there are asanas capable to relieve pain during fights).

Summing up the result of the aforesaid, emphasizes that what school of yoga you would not choose, practice of yoga will bring harmony of your body and spirit in your life, it will eliminate discomfort, diseases, experiences from your life. The yoga expands consciousness, opening the world surrounding you in true pure paints, specifies your place in this world, giving absolutely new feelings and strength of mind.
At all it does not matter, if you, giving in to fashionable trends, follow the tastes of "niche brands" – yoga for health, yoga for tranquillity and force, yoga for friends, the yogi for appearance. The yoga studied six-thousand-year history therefore today it is ready to open also new sides for us, contemporaries.
Yoga for health? Great! Our organism will rejuvenate on kind some handfuls of pills and mixtures which were just replaced by yoga. Yoga for tranquillity and force? Remarkably! From life antidepressants and sleeping pill will disappear. Yoga for friends? Excellently! Replaces feasts with alcoholic libations. Yoga for appearance? Amazingly! Skin will have a rest from chemical cosmetics and will avoid intervention of the plastic surgeon. If the yoga is included into your life, you need only to receive it with open arms.
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