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Diseases of female genitals

The female organism is capable to conceal in itself a set of diseases. Each of them is shown by concrete symptoms. Today we will also talk about them.

The sexual system of the woman consists of external and internal genitals. Carry to the external:

  • pubis;
  • small and big vulvar lips;
  • clitoris;
  • vagina threshold;
  • to vulva iron.

Internal genitals it:

  • vagina;
  • uterus neck;
  • uterine tubes;
  • ovaries.

Description of diseases of female genitals

All female diseases share on some groups:

  1. The diseases caused by hormonal changes. Carry uterus myoma to that, polikistoz ovaries, violation of a menstrual cycle.
  2. The diseases caused by tumors and dystrophy. These are such diseases as a uterus neck erosion, krauroz, a kistoma of ovaries, a leykoplakiya.
  3. Diseases of inflammatory character. As diseases of this kind consider vaginit, vulvit, tservitsit, andeksit, an endometritis.

These are not all diseases which can be found in a female organism and each of them is shown by certain symptoms. But many diseases, as a rule, begin with the same signs.

Reasons of female diseases

The most various factors can become the reasons of developing of this or that disease, besides, at each woman such factors can influence an organism differently. But in most cases, there is a certain quantity of the reasons causing female diseases:

  • wrong perception of sex or its long absence;
  • depressions and inability to enjoy life;
  • consequences after the delivery;
  • reception of antibiotics;
  • abortions and cleaning of pregnancy;
  • abuse of alcohol;
  • smoking;
  • drug addiction;
  • frequent change of sexual partners;
  • not observance of personal hygiene;
  • improper feeding;
  • excessive or insufficient weight.

In order that it was not necessary to be treated long from as the woman considers, the disease which developed from nowhere, it is worth visiting regularly the gynecologist and carefully to treat the health. After all genitals are the very difficult and serious mechanism influencing the general condition of the woman. Besides, many diseases can lead to infertility, an abortion or infection of the kid at childbirth. Therefore how in genitals any changes are noticed, it is worth addressing to the expert for consultation and further treatment of a problem if such is available.

Symptoms of female diseases

Usually the woman herself is capable to feel when in her organism something goes not so. Sometimes it is promoted all by habitual female intuition, and sometimes and rather poor health. But there are situations when the woman does not show consideration for a condition of the body or simply considers this or that phenomenon as norm. But there are certain symptoms of female diseases at which emergence it is not necessary to hesitate on a visit to the doctor. The following first of all belongs to such symptoms:

  • if on achievement of 14-15 years the girl has no periods;
  • periods which last more than seven days or are more plentiful, than usually;
  • bleedings in an interval between menstrual cycles;
  • itch, burning, strange unusual smell from genitals;
  • sharp or nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach, a waist;
  • unusual or plentiful allocations from a vagina;
  • pain at sexual intercourse;
  • delay or lack of periods;
  • unpleasant feelings of gripes at an urination;
  • irritation, roughness or growths in the form of nipples in genitals.

Sometimes about existence of a female illness diseases of bodies which adjoin with sexual testify (for example, a bladder, a rectum). All diseases can have either sharp, or chronic character. It depends on the reason and prescription of an illness. The more long the disease "lived and grew" in a female organism, the consequence will be heavier and treatment which inopportuneness can lead to a cancer and as a result of sudden death is more difficult.

But it is important to know that there is a course of asymptomatic diseases of female genitals to which also carry tumors and sexually transmitted infections. In that case the patient will have no bleedings, the accompanying back and stomach pains, violations of a menstrual cycle and other symptoms. Therefore it is necessary for each woman at least time in a floor of year to visit the gynecologist for planned survey for prevention. It is even better when on a chair analyses of urine, blood, dabs on flora and cytology are added to survey. Such inspection together with analyses give the chance to reveal existence of the latent diseases which pass without symptoms.

Diagnosis of diseases

Today there are many various methods of diagnostics thanks to which it is possible to define this or that disease in due time. Modern clinics widely use ultrasonic research, laboratory analyses, laparoscopic and endoscopic methods. It is worth remembering that health of the woman is pledge of happy motherhood and her general health. And the happy woman is a happy safe family.

For this reason it is necessary to carry out planning of a family in advance and to assign an important part to protection against undesirable or early pregnancy. Reception of modern contraceptives will help to preserve health of genitals which can be injured during the cleaning or abortion. Thanks to modern technologies each woman has opportunity in time to be examined and begin timely and adequate treatment at early stages of a disease.


Treatment of genitals cannot be conducted independently, without consultation of the expert by no means. Besides one sexual partner, and at once both should not be treated. During treatment you should not resort to the sexual relations because all efforts and expenses will come to nothing. Also at treatment of diseases of this kind it is necessary to carry out special hygienic procedures and to treat the accompanying inflammatory diseases of genitals. The modern pharmaceutics charges a huge number of preparations by means of which it is possible to get rid of any sexual disease. One of such drugs stronger, others are weaker. The quantity, term and a dosage in application depends on complexity and a stage of a disease. Usually for treatment of sexual diseases doctors appoint reception of tablets, antiseptic solutions and candles of local application. But in more started and serious cases enough strong antibiotics in pricks resort to appointment. The most widespread preparations for treatment of genitals to women appoint tablets Klion-D, solutions hlorgeksidin and trikhomonatsid, antibiotics of penicillinic, tsefalosporinyovy, aminoglikozidovy, trobitsinovy, makrolidovy, hinolonovy groups in combination with metronidazole or tiberaly. For the purpose of desintoxication intravenously inject drugs of a haemo misinformation or reopoliglyukin. Also at treatment by such preparations include reception of vitamins B and About both the protivokandidozny and desensibilizing means.

Application of the immunostimulating preparations, inductors of interferon, biogenous stimulators, antifungal antibiotics, tetratsiklin, hinolon, fermental, vazoaktivny and other preparations is not excluded.

But besides we will remind of safety for health. The disease can appear or prove at any time, even the most unexpected for the woman. Pregnancy at which reception of many preparations is contraindicated can become one of such moments. Therefore if in the next plans there is a conception of the child, it is necessary to be examined carefully to both partners. Because in the presence of an infection it is possible to carry out necessary treatment which at pregnancy is capable to do much harm to both fruit life, and health of mother.

Prevention of diseases

For prevention of a disease of genitals it is necessary to show consideration very much for the health and in due time to visit the gynecologist. It is recommended to do a kolposkopiya when the expert examines a uterus under a microscope on each planned survey. Also for prevention it is worth handing over dabs on onkotsitologichesky research. All this gives the chance to diagnose an erosion, an ektopiya, polyps, a leykoplakiya, a displaziya, a cyst of a neck of a uterus and other diseases on early terms therefore there are more opportunities for the correct and timely treatment by method of radio waves. This method allows to remove quickly and without serious consequences a sick site of a neck of a uterus for the subsequent histologic research.

Also prevention of sexual diseases is promoted normal by the sexual relations promoting blood circulation in a uterus and appendages, improving outflow of a lymph with products of cellular activity (cages, bacteria, viruses). When sexual life of the woman is minimized and it is connected with age, it is worth carrying out training of vaginal muscles for maintenance and improvement of blood circulation in a small basin. Such trainings also prevent loss or the corresponding feeling in a uterus.

It is necessary to pay special attention to hygiene of genitals which needs to be done at least once a day. For the purpose of a protection from sexually transmitted infections at frequent change of sexual partners it is better to use a condom. Because diseases such at difficult stages often become the reason of infertility and strong inflammations in a small basin. It is necessary to carry underwear pure, ironed and from natural fabrics. It is especially important to care of purity of genitals during periods. Also it is worth being protected from undesirable pregnancy, but the doctor after inspection has to appoint methods and preparations.

Also for prevention of diseases of genitals it is necessary to empty in due time intestines and a bladder as frequent control in such cases can lead to a bend of a uterus and worsen blood circulation of a small pelvis. You should not forget about a food allowance, especially about excess amount of carbohydrates which lead to education of the milkwoman. Doroy readers of, try as it is possible to treat more attentively and more carefully the health, take care and do not leave everything "for later" because "then" can be late.

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