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How to choose a women bag

The women bag is a mirror of her hostess. The mood, style, situation in society – all this can be considered in a ladies' handbag. This necessary thing became not simply the porter of female accessories for a long time, but also important addition to a ladies' image. The bag helps to create the style and to be allocated from crowd.
The women bag is a mirror of her hostess. The mood, style, situation in society – all this can be considered in a ladies' handbag. This necessary thing became not simply the porter of female accessories for a long time, but also important addition to a ladies' image. The bag helps to create the style and to be allocated from crowd.

Bags happen different

As speak, to everyone the hour and a place. Therefore at a choice of a women bag the first main task – to define the purpose. Before going to buy a new bag, decide on its appointment.
For work. The main task of a business bag – a practicality as it has to be ready to contain not only the folder with documents, but also a hairbrush, lipstick and even sandwich. It does not mean that it is necessary to choose a bag of the huge size. It is important to pay attention to its functionality – some offices and pockets, convenience of an arrangement of different things. Perfectly the bag portfolio – any catchiness and pretentiousness approaches an official style, everything is strict and harmonious.
To a business suit select a bag of black, brown or gray color. From materials excellent option – skin. She not only will serve more long, but also will create image of the person who prefers quality.
For every day. It is a bag for all occasions – on walk, in shop and even for work. It has to be multipurpose that all necessary – cosmetics was located, a notebook, keys, phone, points and other. The main thing – everything has to be on the place – in a pocket or office. The bag for every day has to be a little mixed style – business and informal.
For special cases. If you were invited in theater, cinema, restaurant or to a party, take with yourself a small handbag – a clutch. In it it is possible to place phone and the most necessary cosmetics. The clutch has to be bright and bright, harmonious addition to your evening dress, decoration of your image.
Beach option. The bag for a beach has to correspond to a subject and a place. Sea motives it is just underlined its appointment. The main thing in a beach bag – its brightness and originality. Pletenka from straw, a transparent oilcloth or a grid – all this will give to your image of ease and feeling of rest. The beach bag is selected to color of a bathing suit or pareo. It has to be quite capacious to take with herself on a beach all necessary.
Shopping bag. This assistant has to be in each house. And even if you make all purchases by car, the shopping bag all the same is useful. It has to be strong, capacious and practical. Pay special attention to strong and convenient handles that they did not bring at the most inappropriate moment.

Model and form

Now, when we defined the purchase purpose, let's deal with a bag form.
The hobo – very capacious bag with the short handle for walks and shopping. It is called still the tramp's bag. Will not be suitable for work as the form of a half moon and the soft case do not allow to place documents exactly.
Frame – a bag with a firm basis, a dense framework and one small handle. In such bag is practical to transfer the fragile and rumpled things. It is ideally suited for business women.
Setchel – a bag with a long strap or short handles, a rigid bottom and soft walls, very much reminds a portfolio. It is practical for an official style.
Dafl – a sports bag, is intended for trips. It is quite capacious and divided into some offices, has many pockets that is convenient at the maintenance of an order on the way.
Baguette – a bag which indeed reminds a baguette. Has a long low roundish form with a short strap for carrying on a shoulder.
Tnut – this bag in the form of a rectangle or a trapeze with open top and pair of short handles. Strict style allows to carry it and for work, and to go shopping.
Ristlet – female option of a man purse. It is a small handbag on a thong which allows to take with itself the minimum of things, for example, keys and phone.
Clutch – a bag for an evening dress. Clutches small by the sizes and flat in a form, are decorated with pastes or an embroidery. They carry out more role of ornament, than the bag.

Material and accessories

The fashion comes and leaves, and skin remains forever. Yes, products from skin are not simply durable and practical, but also simply never get out of fashion.
But the sumochny industry expands the borders and offers a wide choice of women bags from various materials – natural and fur fabric, a leather substitute, textiles etc.
Choosing a bag from skin, carefully consider all lines, corners and joints of material – everything has to be ideal. The color of a bag has to be uniform, without spots of light or dark tones.
Upon purchase of fabric bags pay attention to quality of material and possibility of washing of a product. Otherwise the bag will be disposable.
Also quality of a lining is of great importance. It has to be from thin, but strong fabric.
It is not always simply to check quality of accessories. Look narrowly at a covering on metal details – it has to be monophonic and uniform.
Fasteners, lightnings and other details of a bag need to be checked surely – if something "jams", for certain such detail will serve not for long. It is better to refuse such bag.

Fitting is obligatory

Having chosen the pleasant bag, it needs to be tried on surely on herself. Designers advise to choose a bag form opposite to a form of the constitution. If you the stroynyashka, is better to choose a bag a roundish form, it is more on width, than on height, and vice versa.
And here with sizes of a bag plays other rule. Isn't that so, little young women with huge bags and tall magnificent women with tiny clutches ridiculously look? That everything in your image was harmonious, choose the bag size in proportion to the body.
It is also important to consider, to what dress you buy a bag. For example, it is considered a bad form to come to festive evening with a big bag. For such cases there is a clutch. But the same clutch absolutely ridiculously looks with sports style.
For this reason the ladies' clothes have to consist of several bags. The old stereotype "in the winter – black, in the summer – white" does not meet the requirement of the modern woman any more. Therefore it is necessary to have some bags for certain cases. But follow the main rule – not quantity, but quality.
And to all this arsenal elect to yourself the favourite daily assistant with whom and at office you look efficiently, and on walk with friends feel easily and comfortably.

How to look after a bag

Any bag demands attention and individual care. Leather bags need to be wiped from dust a damp rag, after drying to apply a thin film transparent or color (under color of a bag) cream, in 20-30 minutes to wipe a flannel rag.
The suede bag is wiped an eraser or rigid part of a grain crust. Such bag can be erased in soap solution, but it is very gentle and accurate, it is impossible to rub and squeeze out.
It is better to store bags in fabric sacks and cases. So to protect a daily bag it will not turn out therefore choose by it the place in the apartment where there are no direct sunshine, heating devices and artful animals.

Purchases pleasant to you!
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