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Rest options on winter vacation

Winter vacation – a remarkable time. It is a freedom of action and desires, it is not necessary to get up early anywhere, it is possible to dare to luxuriate in a warm bed. It is not necessary to do homework every evening.

It is the festive atmosphere in the house, it is a lot of gifts, execution of long desires. And this time when also the parents who are eternally busied are able to afford to spend at last time with children to present them love, caress, attention. Vacation will be interesting, eventful if adults think of it in advance.

All children look forward New year and vacation. In their dreams magic, beautiful fir-trees, surprises, hills, skates, travel, communication with parents. Of course, there will be also such mothers and fathers who dream to sleep, roll about on a sofa, to watch TV, to read long ago the planned book, to stay in silence, having waved on everything a hand. Dear parents if you exactly thus spend all the long days off, time will fly by quickly, it is useless, boringly, at all not festively. Children will loaf on the house or on the street, provided to themselves, will receive disappointment from holidays, unfulfilled dreams. As it is correct to organize rest to give joy to beloved children, to strengthen their health?, as always, have ideas in this respect.


Some parents try to arrange so leisure of the children that vacation was spent not only cheerfully, actively, but also with advantage. Knowledge new, pleasant impressions – a fine combination for children's rest. For example, it is possible to take the permit in winter camp. It is possible to choose such rest where will be combined communication with contemporaries, equestrian sport, mountaineering, skating or skis, profound learning of foreign languages or programming, computer technologies. Plus to everything competitions, quizes, games, discos, competitions on air. Only at a choice of camp, consult to the child, consider his interests and hobbies. Sometimes active class teachers will organize for the wards bus tours to Europe. The set of sights, practical application of knowledge of foreign languages received at school, acquaintance to the European customs and features of kitchen of other countries – the mass of impressions waits for children in such rounds. Attractive to winter rest will be Finland. There is a lot of opportunities for unforgettable entertainments in this country – a snowboard, mountain skiing, a safari on snowmobiles, large and well-known aquaparks, the Finnish sauna, excursions on the different cities. Children very much will like visit of Lapland, Santa Claus's small village, entertainment Santa Park. And what delight delivers driving on dog and cervine teams! But such trip will demand a lot of finance, and also the long preparation including registration of international passports, visas and other important documents. If you are afraid to release the child in such distant travel, go to a trip all family. If in your family love skis, it is possible to take permits to skiing lodges of Switzerland, Slovakia, Poland in advance. And if you wish to warm regions to the sea, fine option – mysterious Thailand, hospitable Turkey. Except the distant countries, there are other not less interesting and informative places. For example, visit of the ancient Russian cities – Veliky Novgorod, Pskov, Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Smolensk … And how many the surprising waits for you in St. Petersburg! And, let and the child takes part in preparation for travel. Teach him to collect the necessary things, it is rational to pack a suitcase, a backpack, to look for useful information on the Internet.

We prepare for New year together

If you have no opportunity to go to distant travel, be not afflicted, the holiday can be arranged and at home. It is fine opportunity to improve the relations with children that they became more sincere and confidential. For this purpose be engaged in New Year's Eve efforts together with children. The holiday in which organization all members of household take part, very much pulls together. Let children will understand since small years that pleasure not in inaction, and in good and good deeds, the help each other. A task of parents – in days of vacation these affairs to find, arrange and organize quite so that process was fascinating, interesting, useful. So, we will decorate together the brightest and beautiful Christmas tree. And to bring the forest beauty (even if she artificial) to the house, it is necessary to bring to it an order, purity, to create a cosiness. Explain it to children, then they willingly will help you to put everything in order. It is possible to beat out together with the father carpets on the street, to buy products in shops, and girls will help mother to wipe pure plates, to lay the table, to clean dust from shelves … Remind kids that arrival of gifts which will need a place is expected, then they will understand the room, will throw out unnecessary, broken, will accurately spread out things in a case. If expect guests, let and children together with you dress up the house by means of garlands, the serpentine, snowflakes, tinsel, small lamps. Suggest children to make amusing gifts for the family, only prompt as to carry out it. It is possible to tell, for example, how figured snowflakes become, garlands, small lamps, Father Frost from handy materials. The youngest can create under the leadership of the senior brothers and sisters. And still it is desirable to acquaint girls with work in kitchen, after all so many delicacies should manage to be prepared. Do not wave away from the children's help, say, do not get in the way. Be not afraid to trust simple instructions to children, then they will grow up economic, hardworking. Mother and the father can teach to do household chores. For example, show to the daughter how to smear oil on sandwiches and caviar. Let the daughter wash fruit to a table, displays them in vases. And it will be able to place plates. If something becomes together, there is both confidential talk and harmony. You know the child better, will accurately correct his behavior, will be glad to its small victories and progress.

Ideas for joint rest

The main thing that days of vacation were various. Therefore in advance outline points of the plan in a notebook, plan visit of actions, guests, walks in the fresh air, reading, movies, and, alternate everything.

Surely in days of vacation find time for joint games. Games bring joy, smiles, laughter, positive mood, sdruzhivat and pull together. And even during games it is necessary to think, not to distract, be dexterous, attentive, fast, active. Games discipline, improve memory and concentration of attention. And still game actions teach children to follow certain rules.

Sports activities. As it is healthy to walk all family on snow, fantastically beautiful wood, with delight and ringing laughter to move down from abrupt hills on a sledge or to slide one after another on skis, to build snow fortress, to play snowballs, to learn to skate when caring father's or mother's hands pick up, secure, will not allow to fall.

One more option of rest – giving visit. Fresh air, walks. During walks try to give tasks to the child: let he will hang up a feeding trough, fills a forage for birdies, watches them, collects freakish material for hand-made articles. Pay attention to beauty of a winter forest, his inhabitants. Later let the child will draw seen on memory. And then after a frost vigorous, ruddy, happy and fervent family members settle about a cozy, warm fireplace or an oven, share impressions, tell stories, and on a table – the pie which is carefully baked by the grandmother or cookies and fragrant tea.

Let and children will think how to organize free time that it was cheerful, interesting to all.

It is possible to arrange one-day excursions, to go to a fir-tree to the capital, to visit a zoo, a dolphinarium, circus, an aquapark, festive representation, theater, an exhibition, a concert.

Some days before Christmas organize houses a workshop on production of gifts. Material for hand-made articles can be gathered in the wood, to get something in shop in advance. Now it is possible to look at manufacturing techniques of gifts in books or to find information on the Internet. It is possible to cut out figures, applications, to glue, draw on a canvas, to try to do stained-glass windows, to knit, sew tacks for kitchen, towels, to mold, do flowers of beads …

Quite good idea - to arrange day of delicacies. For example, all family to mold vareniki or pelmeni, to cut out figured cookies from dough, to do pizza. And then to inhale aroma of pastries from an oven and to bring an order in kitchen. Such joint affairs will teach much children.

That the holiday did not turn into a stress

Why it is necessary to occupy useful children in days of holidays? The matter is that inaction for children is a stress. The child loafs on the house, suffers, than to occupy itself, misses, he has no place to splash out energy. It sticks to parents, and that it wave away. Well unless it is a holiday? Then the child or rustles that leads to shouts, scandals, beaten ware, punishments, tears and offenses. Or it plunges into the world of games on the computer. Or the whole day lies on a sofa and watches everything on TV. Do not miss chance to have with the child a heart-to-heart talk, to give it heat, caress, care. Laziness and boredom conduct to irritation and quarrels. Live in peace and friendship, substantially, let every day it will be filled with positive emotions, jokes, drive melancholy and grief.

Let days of vacation will be saturated, interesting, then at children it will be joyful at heart, they will tell then contemporaries about the impressions. Bright actions, physical activity, joint affairs will help the child to understand that fine that he has houses a remarkable family where it is understood and love. wishes you good rest and surprising vacation!

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