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How to bleach things in house conditions

Art of bleaching of things each hostess has to own. After all the snow-white cloth will decorate any holiday table, and thanks to ideally white pillowcases your guests will have only a positive opinion on you. And if in your family there is a school student, ability to bleach things in house conditions is just necessary for you.
Art of bleaching of things each hostess has to own. After all the snow-white cloth will decorate any holiday table, and thanks to ideally white pillowcases your guests will have only a positive opinion on you. And if in your family there is a school student or work someone from family members demands observance of the dresscode including a white shirt, ability to bleach in house conditions of a thing to you it is just necessary.
If you try to use on a minimum in your house household chemicals, use the checked national methods which "rescued" white shirts and blouses not to one generation.

We bleach white shirts and blouses

Way first. It is possible to bleach a blouse that is in any family – three-percent peroxide of hydrogen. For bleaching pour 2 liters of water in a basin. It is better not to use Tazy from copper and metal, it can spoil fabric. Water for bleaching of a white blouse has to be temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius.
Как отбелить вещи в домашних условиях
But for increase of efficiency of bleaching water can be heated to 65-70 degrees slowly. One teaspoon of peroxide of hydrogen joins water of the necessary temperature.
Как отбелить вещи в домашних условиях
If the blouse strongly turned yellow or has the eaten spots, add a teaspoon of the calcinated soda to this water.
Как отбелить вещи в домашних условиях
Stir water and put in it a blouse, periodically stir slowly a blouse for uniform bleaching.
Как отбелить вещи в домашних условиях
It is necessary to bleach a blouse at a temperature of 65-70 degrees no more than 10 minutes. At the water temperature of 30-40 degrees, it is possible to bleach a thing till 20 minutes. After bleaching the thing should be rinsed carefully in clear water.
Как отбелить вещи в домашних условиях
Bleaching by peroxide of hydrogen and soda very well deletes yellow spots of sweat and returns to clothes the lost snow-whiteness.
Как отбелить вещи в домашних условиях
Way second. Pour 5 liters of hot water in a basin. Pour in 1 tablespoon of three-percent peroxide of hydrogen and 1 tablespoon of liquid ammonia in water. Ship linen in the turned-out solution (which you just washed). Leave linen to be bleached approximately on half an hour. Then rinse linen in clear water.

We get rid of traces of a ball pen on white clothes

Removal of traces from the handle very actually for parents of all school students, and especially pupils of initial classes. I suggest to use the old checked method for which it is required to you... cologne. A place from which it is necessary to remove a trace of a ball pen, fill in with cologne and so leave for some minutes. Rub this place a laundry soap and rinse. If after the first time there is a brightened trace from the handle, repeat all procedure once again. During removal thus the trace from the handle from white fabric, a spot from cologne on it does not remain.
If you not the supporter of "grandmother's" methods of bleaching, considering a wide choice of industrial bleaches on counters of shops, learn how it is correct to use different types of bleaches. All bleaches can be divided into three main categories: chlorine-containing, oxygen and optical. In what their difference and what bleaches will be suitable for your blouse, read below.

Use of bleaches

Как отбелить вещи в домашних условияхChlorine-containing bleaches. The bleaching substances which part chlorine is, are quite aggressive, but are rather effective. You should not use them for bleaching of things from fine, delicate fabrics, such as silk, chiffon and others. Also you should not be fond of reusable bleaching by chlorine-containing substances, bed linen, for example. All this can lead to thinning and destruction of fabric. And here from white jeans or a dense white cloth such bleaches will cope with removal of spots perfectly well.
Oxygen bleaches. Lately many hostesses give preference to the bleaches containing oxygen. Despite the high cost of these preparations, they have many advantages. Oxygen bleaches do not cause an allergy and irritation on skin that does them suitable and for children's things. These bleaches do not spoil structure of fabric. Also hostesses are attracted by universality of bleaches with oxygen, they can be used and for color things. And one more important point about which readers of should know, – oxygen-containing bleaches are effective in water with a low temperature.
Optical bleaches. A relative novelty in the market of bleaches – optical bleaches. Action of this category of bleaches already reaches us in their name – "optical". That is, if you use such bleach (according to the instruction), your thing will simply shine snow-whiteness, but all this thanks to the parts which settled on fabric visually clarifying it. Optical clarifiers which as we understood, do not bleach fabric also are a part of some import powders, and cover it with special substance. Be careful in use of optical bleaches on fabrics of not purely white coloring, color of such thing can change.

Whether it is possible to bleach linen boiling?

By means of boiling it is also possible to bleach white and light linen in house conditions. For the best effect it is possible to pour in 1 tablespoon of liquid ammonia to 10 liters of water. It is worth boiling linen in the enameled bucket on small fire about 30 minutes.

What to do that the linen did not fade

If you have a suspicion that things from the combined fabric (color and white) can fade, add to water in which clothes, a little usual table salt will be washed. From it the thing will keep color and will not fade.

How to erase handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs before washing in the machine should be wetted in salty solution. For this purpose, take 2 liters of warm water and dissolve in them 6 tablespoons of salt (not small). Stir salt and lower in solution handkerchiefs for 40-45 minutes.
Let your snow-white clothes always give you self-confidence and good mood.
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