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When apply ОРАЛСЕПТ®

For certain for each of us the phrase "the THROAT HURTS" causes a sad picture of seasonal colds, SARS and other inflammatory diseases which unexpectedly and not palatably break our habitual rhythm of life in memory. Regardless of the reasons, pain in a mouth and in a drink often causes the real sufferings.

Today drugstores offer a number of preparations with the anesthetizing and antiseptic action. But often happens so that or it is inconvenient to apply preparations, or they cannot reach a painful point. However ORALSEPT® spray differs in both efficiency, and convenience in application. Additional plus is its universality is a local anesthetic possesses anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antifungal action. will tell everything about this universal nonsteroid anti-inflammatory preparation.

General information about ОРАЛСЕПТЕ®

One dose of transparent flavovirent solution with mint taste contains 0,255 mg of a benzidamin which is the main active agent. In total bottle of 30 ml is calculated on 176 doses. When you open a cardboard pack where together with the instruction medicine is placed, you will see a plastic opaque bottle of white color.

Feature of a structure of a bottle is that the nozzle can be put. Before an irrigation it is only necessary to lift a nozzle at an angle of 90 degrees to a bottle, and after use – it is simple to put.

Simplicity of use guarantees that the nozzle will not get lost in the first-aid kit or a bag, and you will not sicken, again and again collecting "designer".

When it is appointed ОРАЛСЕПТ®?

Thanks to that is part ОРАЛСЕПТА® benzidamin, it is possible to appoint this spray at a big range of diseases of ENT organs and a mouth, and also at stomatologic diseases. So, use ORALSEPT® spray at the following indications:

  1. Known trio – pharyngitis, tonsillitis and laryngitis. In the first case, this inflammation of a mucous throat, in the second – almonds, in the third - vocal chords.
  2. Inflammations of different character in a mouth. For example, gingivit also periodontosis (when gums are inflamed), glossit (when language fabrics are inflamed). As for stomatitis, it is known that this disease can be the bacterial, virus and fungal nature. Therefore universality ОРАЛСЕПТА® in this case is irreplaceable.
  3. Kalkulezny inflammation of salivary glands because of education in them small stones. It diseases most often meets at school students.
  4. Interventions of surgical character and trauma. For example, removal of almonds, jaw fractures
  5. The milkwoman in a mouth. Here spray acts as a part of therapy as local antifungal means.
  6. Also ОРАЛСЕПТ® helps to prevent inflammatory processes after you cured or extracted tooth.

Who should not use ОРАЛСЕПТОМ®?

Spray is contraindicated to people with hypersensibility to a benzidamin or other excipients. As we know, hypersensibility to medical preparations meets at allergic persons. If you know about the allergic reactions to any drugs, you have to treat accurately all new preparations.

Children till 3 years cannot also splash ОРАЛСЕПТ® as clinical tests for patients of this age group did not carry out.

With care apply spray at patients with hypersensibility to acetilsalicylic acid and other NPVP. Also accurately people with bronchial asthma as development of a bronchospasm is not excluded have to use spray.

Whether and it is possible for pregnant women?

In spite of the fact that ОРАЛСЕПТ® it is applied locally and it is practically not soaked up and does not make the general impact on bodies and fabrics, clinical tests as influences ОРАЛСЕПТ® pregnancy and a lactation, were not carried out. It is also not known, gets or not benzidamin into breast milk. Or feeding the doctor who appointed spray has to assume responsibility for application ОРАЛСЕПТА® for pregnant women.

Method of application and dosage

Spray is intended for local application. When pressing the standard dose of medicine - 0,17 ml that perhaps thanks to the special batcher is absolutely always allocated.

The quantity of doses is defined by age of the ill:

  • to kids from 3 to 6 years the quantity of orosheniye is determined by weight. Each 4 nurseries of kilogram correspond to one dose (but thus at most 4 doses). It is necessary to splash from two to six times per day;
  • to children from 6 to 12 years splash on 4 doses from two to six times per day;
  • to children 12 years are more senior and adults need to splash on 4-8 doses from two to six times per day. warns that for the absolute accuracy of a dosage between each pressing has to pass 5 seconds!

The course of treatment depends on what needs to be cured:

  • inflammations in oral cavities and drinks are treated 4-15 days;
  • stomatologic diseases and diseases of gums are treated by spray of 6-25 days;
  • after surgical interventions and injuries ОРАЛСЕПТ® use 4-7 days;

Before beginning therapy, do not forget to consult to the doctor. At long use of spray it is also necessary to address to the doctor. And still Mirsovetov warns that it is impossible to splash over the recommended dosage.

ОРАЛСЕПТ® it is released without recipe, but regardless of that, the preparation is prescription or not, it is always necessary to consult to the doctor. Superfluous it will definitely not be.

Side effects

Among it it is possible to note local reactions in the form of dryness, a sleep in a mouth, burnings (pass quickly). And also allergic - hypersensitivity reaction, an itch or rash on skin, the small tortoiseshell, sensitivity to an ultraviolet, Kvinke, anaphylactic reactions swelled. Also producers note possible laryngospasms. If suddenly you notice other side effects, address to the doctor!

Overdose? It is improbable

As for overdose, it is possible only in case spray gets inside in a dose which in some honeycombs of times exceeds the therapeutic. For this purpose it is necessary to drink bottle contents actually. What is improbable, the truth? But if it happens, emergence of excitement, spasms, a tremor is possible. Can feel sick the victim, his movements will lose coordination, and he will excessively become covered then. Such high dose demands the fastest washing of a stomach and other manipulations which only experts will be able to carry out. So call an ambulance. pays your attention that it is necessary to stop treatment if you noticed hypersensitivity reaction. Further actions will be defined by the doctor. If there was an ulcer damage of a mucous membrane and symptoms keep more than three days, it is also necessary to address to the doctor.

Special instructions

If you irrigated a throat more, than it is recommended, rinse properly a mouth water. If incidentally got spray to eyes (that is very undesirable), also rinse them water in a large number.

When using of spray you can safely drive any vehicle. However, ОРАЛСЕПТ® does not influence and any other activity demanding the increased concentration.

It is necessary to store a preparation at a temperature up to 25 °C inclusive and far away from ubiquitous children's hands.

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