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Treatment of a photodermatosis

Very often people face such problem as reddening of skin under the influence of sunshine which arises at all not that they long sat under the sun. Similar symptoms are characteristic for such illness as a photodermatosis. Also will tell about this disease to the readers.

Very often people face such problem as reddening of skin under the influence of sunshine which arises at all not that they long sat under the sun. Similar symptoms are characteristic for such illness as a photodermatosis. Also will tell about this disease to the readers.

What is the photodermatosis

The photodermatosis is a reaction of skin to influence of sunshine which results from influence of external or internal factors. In life it has a lot more other names, for example, an allergy to the sun, photodermatitis, solar urticaria and other. Craftiness of this disease that it is difficult to define it independently as in most cases it is similar to a simple solar burn, and other symptoms it is easy to confuse with any illness in general.

Disease symptoms

The most widespread signs of a photodermatosis is:

  • reddening of skin, as at an obgoraniye on the sun;
  • burning;
  • itch;
  • formation of blisters with pus;
  • in cases of a heavy allergy at the person also other reactions, for example, dizziness, temperature increase, weakness can be observed;
  • those who suffers from difficult forms of the solar small tortoiseshell, sometimes have bronchospasms, lowering of arterial pressure, loss of consciousness.

Causes of illness

Proceeding from the name "allergy to the sun", it is possible to think that sunshine can really cause allergic reaction. However doctors hurry to dispel this myth, after all it only the name of an illness, and in beams is not present any substance which can provoke an allergy. Actually they only provoke development of symptoms, and the reason can become or internal changes in a human body, or external reagents.

So, exogenous photodermatitis (external) – caused as a result of use by the person of any cosmetics, spirits and other products which part the substances which are badly reacting to the sun are. For example, as a part of sun-protection creams or lipsticks can contain eozin, paraaminobenzoyny acid, retinoida, salicylic acid, a sandal-wood tree, mercury preparations or phenols which cause allergic reaction at influence of sunshine.

Endogenous photodermatitis (internal) – arises against internal diseases. Violations in work of adrenal glands, a liver, kidneys can provoke it. Also here plays a role, violation of other exchange processes in an organism, decrease in immunity, the general fatigue of an organism.

Besides, the solar allergy can be shown as a result of the use of special groups of medicines in which side effects it is specified "can cause a photosensitization". For example, it can be antibiotics, oral contraceptives, antihistaminic preparations, aminazine, cytostatics and other substances. By the way, the ibuprofen and aspirin also here belong.

Still there is an opinion that some products, especially citrus, such as tangerines, grapefruits or oranges can be its sources. Be attentive to them and, whenever possible, do not eat them before an exit to the street.


That the photodermatosis is pleases. it is rather, the single phenomenon, than a chronic illness. And therefore it, as a rule, arises once then it is only necessary to adhere to the basic rules of behavior under the sun.

However if know that are subject to such disease, I recommend to readers of Mirsovetov to take such preventive measures:

  • before an exit to the street use creams with SPF protection, in 30 minutes before. Let's them time be absorbed. The same concerns also any other protective equipment, do not put them some minutes prior to an exit, and furthermore already on a beach;
  • attentively read composition of cosmetics which you use. If in them is though some of above-mentioned substances, refuse them better;
  • if you are an allergic person, some days before the planned rest spend on drink antihistaminic preparations, however, before it consult with the doctor;
  • after an exit from water be at once wiped dry as droplets of water lead to even bigger fire in comparison with dry skin;
  • try to conform in general to the basic rules of behavior under the sun to avoid its adverse effect (consider time of walks, stay duration under the sun and so on).

Ways of treatment

If you after all faced a photodermatosis, for a start can apply some make-shifts. For example, to attach sheets of cabbage, a crude cucumber or potatoes to the damaged place, these products help to cope with an itch and to remove reddening.

From medical preparations it is better to use the ointments containing in the structure lanolin, pantenol, zinc or methyluracil.

Happens so that the photodermatosis is shown not at once, and in some hours after stay on the sun (even in 32 or 72 hours). One of exceptional cases when the person reacts not only to direct sunshine, but even becomes covered by red rash indoors, well lit by the sun through a window. In that case there is a sense to address to the doctor who will help to define the real reason of his emergence.

As we already spoke, it can be caused by internal violations, and therefore treatment of a photodermatosis will depend first of all on treatment of the main illness that it is impossible to make independently.

Therefore at any suspicions that you have still some problems in an organism, address to the dermatologist, the allergist or the immunologist. They can appoint even special hormonal ointment which will quickly remove external signs of a photodermatosis.

And by no means you should not think that if it at you was shown once, so you more will never come to the sun. Yes, seldom or never this illness repeats again and again, but such happens very seldom and demands special treatment. But, as a rule, one course of treatment of a photodermatosis allows to get rid of a disease once and for all.

If to start a photodermatosis, it can lead to development of eczema. So, try to watch how your skin after fire behaves and, if something happens, do not hesitate on a visit to the doctor. Adhering to simple rules, you will be able easily to prevent emergence of a photodermatosis.

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