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How to choose a pheromone perfume

Our cave ancestors were hardly delighted by a smell of a violet or a lily of the valley. Agree when every day it is necessary to fight for a survival, the thought of magic aromas of flowers comes to the last turn.

Spirits are a product of more distinguished era. Their first similarity was revealed in tombs of Pharaohs. The Egyptian spirits reminded wax and were stored in pots from alabaster and an ivory. Among the female population various aromatic a body oils urged to strike on the spot a man's half of mankind were very popular. Remember where the bible heroine Sulamif went before going on appointment to darling? On a market where trade in aromas.

Spirits in the form of spirit or aqueous-alcoholic solution for the first time appeared in France. Sensual, spicy, soft and cool. Sweet, exotic, strict and fresh … Any woman does not think of the life without bottle of favourite spirits if only she is not a priverzhennitsa of pheromones. Today suggests to talk about pheromone perfume and their action on the person.

What is the pheromones

Scientists made remarkable discovery – it is impossible to feel an attraction to an opposite sex if its smell is unpleasant to you. And the speech goes not about perfume here at all.

Pheromone (in translation from Greek – "the attracting hormone") – group of the chemical compounds made by bodies of the living beings bearing in themselves information capable to have impact on behavior of other individuals. On the example of fauna it is proved that pheromones, and, respectively, and reactions which they provoke, is a scaring away in case of danger, protection of posterity, an appeal of individuals of one look to gather in the right place, well and, of course, attraction of individuals of an opposite sex very much.

It should be noted that pheromones have no smell, but for perception of information which they bear, they after all need to be inhaled then at the person, as well as at an animal, the vomeronazalny gland (Jacobson's body) located in a nose comes into effect. She is capable to distinguish presence of a pheromone and to send a certain signal to a brain. It is proved that at the person it is less developed, than at animals – these can explain stronger behavioural reaction of animals to this substance.

It is necessary to tell that the attention of mankind was drawn by opening of "sexual" pheromones which send a signal of appeal and availability of the distributor. Producers of cosmetic production hurried to use it, having quickly picked up idea to add pheromones to spirits and body creams.

It is important to note that application of spirits is capable not only to cause a certain inclination to an opposite sex, but also to improve mood, to remove a stress, to facilitate an emotional state – this results from the fact that when using a pheromone perfume the organism increases development and own pheromones. And the good mood is already much.

Types of pheromones

If to speak about an origin of pheromones, it is possible to allocate two groups – natural and synthetic:

  1. Androstenon – more a man's pheromone (at women it can be allocated in minute quantities). Its distinctive feature is that besides the sexual inclination caused by it, he creates "aggressive" aura. So, his distributor in the opinion of people around will look a leader with pronounced aggressive sexuality (in other words "a prepotent male").
  2. Androstenol can be present both at women, and at men and is the recognized leader in creation of a friendly and romantic situation. His owner seems more disposing to communication, young and healthy, and it is often regarded surrounding as ability to a reproduction. That is also important for attraction of an opposite sex at the instinctive level.
  3. Androsteron – is exclusively man's pheromone capable to cause in the woman feeling of security and safety during communication with the man exhaling androsteron. Important feature of this pheromone is that the presence, it is capable to strengthen action and other pheromones.
  4. Kopulin – is recognized by exclusively female pheromone. He contains in a vaginal secret of women, it is especially active in the period of an ovulation when the nature helps to attract the partner to sexual intercourse for the purpose of conception. It is proved that kopulin, soaring in air, it is capable to increase the level of men's testosterone, thereby causing excitement in the man in the presence of the woman.
  5. Androstadiyenon is the only pheromone which is allocated both males of animals, and men. Besides its smell is not notable as for men, and most of women. Numerous researches confirmed that inhalation of an androstadiyenon undoubtedly attracts women, and also is capable to improve mood of women and has ability to change a lyuteniziruyushchy hormone of blood which is responsible for a regularity of menstrual cycles and plays the main role in reproductive function. However it is worth handling with it very with care, after all at long contact with skin it is capable to turn in androstenon (a pheromone - "aggressor") which we mentioned earlier.

In production of perfumery generally synthetic pheromones which are analogs human are used. Here some of them:

  • osmoferin – analog of a kopulin;
  • osmoferon – on action it is equated to a man's androstenon.

You should not lose sight also that as a "erotic" component of spirits perfumers quite often use the most effective, in their opinion, the "baits" capable to excite love impatience in the person are secretions of sexual glands and even physiological allocations of animals. Here some of them:

  1. Musk which is emitted by a male of a musky deer during the "marriage" period.
  2. Tsibetin "delivered" by the Ethiopian cat.
  3. Kastorum (or a beaver stream) – secretions of sexual glands of the Canadian beaver.
  4. Gray ambergris, gift from family of the whale.

It is considered that all these animal smells remind a smell of pheromones of the person and have a similar molecular formula. Their emotional impact on the person is also explained by it.

How to make a right choice

It is worth recognizing that from a variety of a pheromone perfume eyes simply run up. How not to be mistaken? At a choice of perfume first of all be defined, what effect is necessary to you, and already then start studying of structure and having only convinced that the pheromone capable to render the demanded effect enters it – safely get. Also consider, the mistake in a choice is fraught with that you will not achieve desirable effect, so, will spend money for nothing. By the way, you should not forget that it is better to buy similar production in the checked places, after all only then you obtain a relative guarantee of that spirits really contain pheromones. It was already said that they have no smell therefore their existence in this or that bottle can be defined only by laboratory researches, than and swindlers can use.

I will separately note that besides spirits there are also feromonosoderzhashchy sprays. They, as a rule, have no perfumery fragrances and therefore them it is possible and even it is necessary to use with your favourite aroma. It will give to additional confidence that who does not like to change the preferences. Besides it is worth remembering that pheromones affect subconsciousness and it is possible to nullify all effect if opens that fact that you decided to increase the sexuality by means of pheromones.

As it is correct to use

The woman smells as oysters, champagne and caviar. There is such "delicious" aroma let out its pheromones developed by sweat and sebaceous glands, and also genitals. This smell is hardly notable, but, nevertheless, serves as a powerful sexual stimulator. Such poetical conclusion was drawn by George Dodd, the leading expert in area of biotechnology of a smell. Can seem to much, as to put pheromones it is necessary on those places, from where they are usually allocated. It would be a mistake. Producers of a pheromone perfume advise to use them as usual spirits, applying on wrists, behind ears, on an elbow bend, a nape, whisky or under knees (these are the main places on which spirits well "keep"), without forgetting thus about an accurate dosage, having exceeded which it is possible to gain a boomerang effect. Remember it when there is a temptation to pour out on itself a half-bottle.

One more council - use pheromones indoors, and it is even better - alone with the man whom you plan to tempt. Good luck!

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