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Treatment of kalkulezny cholecystitis

Kalkulezny cholecystitis is the disease causing formation of stones in a gall bladder. Kalkulyozny cholecystitis has also another, the found name - cholelithiasis is more frequent.

That occurs at kalkulezny cholecystitis

When kalkulyozny cholecystitis is found in the person, it is quite serious and dangerous because not simply to cure such disease, especially at the started stage. Many people live and do not suspect existence in the organism of such illness as kalkulezny cholecystitis at all. If at the person the gall bladder is inflamed, it is cholecystitis which treatment is carried out quickly enough. But if to start usual cholecystitis to more serious form, then it develops into kalkulyozny cholecystitis that threatens with terrible consequences.

First in a gall bladder there is a sand which crystallizes over time, and the formed crystals drop out in a gall bladder. Over time round these crystals stones which can fill bilious canals start accruing. Severe pain at an urination, and sometimes even stagnation of bile in an organism will be result of such process. Because of stones the gall bladder starts coping badly with the functions and eventually in general ceases to accumulate bile. Kalkulezny cholecystitis leads to bile outflow violation therefore walls of a gall bladder stretch that causes severe pain.

If cholecystitis started proving, it is worth carrying out immediate treatment because the inflammation of a gall bladder can mention the next bodies (for example, a stomach, a pancreas, a duodenum) and then more long-term and expensive treatment will already be required. Besides nobody needs excess operation, especially if it can be avoided.

That can cause emergence of kalkulezny cholecystitis

Formation of stones in a gall bladder is influenced by two factors. Stagnation of bile in a bubble and the increased concentration of bilious salts which is caused by a metabolic disorder belongs to such factors. Kalkulezny cholecystitis can develop as a result:

  • pregnancies;
  • irregular food;
  • dyskinesia (violation of a motility) of bilious ways;
  • obesity;
  • reception of contraceptives on the basis of hormones;
  • pancreas diseases;
  • violations of the status of immune system;
  • inactive way of life;
  • hereditary predisposition.

Therefore to avoid such unpleasant disease as kalkulyozny cholecystitis, it is better to keep health and to watch image of the life. Anyway the diet, sport, lack of addictions, stresses and so on is useful to health.

What symptoms testify to emergence of kalkulezny cholecystitis

Kalkulezny cholecystitis can be shown in two forms – sharp and chronic. The person is not capable to feel existence of stones at the latent kalkulezny cholecystitis while stones lie at the bottom of a gall bladder. And here when these new growths start moving slowly to a channel on which bile outflow is carried out, here then there is a heavy feeling in the right podreberye, the bitterness in a mouth reminding heartburn, and also the patient is felt sick and tormented often by a strong eructation. At this stage of a disease of kalkulezny cholecystitis the best treatment is a diet and a diet. Of course, only such actions completely it is impossible to get rid of cholecystitis, but it is possible to facilitate considerably symptoms, and respectively and health.

When kalkulyozny cholecystitis reaches the aggravated stage, then the person has a hepatic colic which is characterized by an attack of sharp and intensive pain at the top of a stomach, it is more in the right part of a podreberye. Sometimes such pain is capable to give to humeral, scapular and lumbar zones. Usually pain amplifies after reception of fat food, and also alcohol. Run, fast walking or other physical activities are also capable to provoke emergence of pains. If the previous, easier symptoms were passed by attention, these signs demand it in an urgent order. It is not excluded that urgent operation so it is necessary to be attentive to itself in that case is required and to listen to the body.

Diagnosis of kalkulezny cholecystitis and treatment of an illness

For the correct resolution of the diagnosis of cholecystitis of recommends to address to the qualified specialist who not only will take the appeared symptoms to attention, but also will conduct a number of the additional researches confirming the theory about kalkulezny cholecystitis. To define kalkulezny cholecystitis at the patient the anamnesis, clinical, radiological and ultrasonic researches is carried out. In certain cases, when it is difficult to define cholecystitis by above-mentioned methods of the doctor can resort to a tomography, the cholecystography and a fibrogastroduodenoskopiya.

Kalkulezny cholecystitis needs to be distinguished correctly from beskamenny cholecystitis, dyskinesia of a gall bladder and its channels, a cancer of a gall bladder, stomach ulcer, hernia of an opening of a diaphragm of a gullet, appendicitis at incorrectly located shoot. All these diseases have similar symptoms therefore you should not tighten on a visit to the doctor and passing of all appointed analyses.

Treatment of kalkulezny cholecystitis can be carried out on – to a miscellaneous. It depends on a disease form. If cholecystitis is at a remission stage, then the strict diet with an exception of the fat, fried and spicy food is kept. Also physical activities are limited. When kalkulezny cholecystitis at the patient becomes aggravated, him hospitalize in office of surgery, appoint a bed rest, starvation and dezintoksatsionny therapy. At feeling sick of the patient to it appoint the anesthetizing and spazmolitichesky preparations. At an inefficiency of such actions kalkulyozny cholecystitis treat by means of operation.

When at the patient sharp cholecystitis, about self-healing out of the question is observed. Symptoms of such form of an illness serve as the indicator for urgent hospitalization in surgery. If to neglect such serious condition, consequences can be not consolatory, so started cholecystitis usually leads to a large number of surgical interventions and the long rehabilitation period. There are cases when the bad attack of cholecystitis passes independently therefore the patient does not address to the doctor. But at such actions by the most terrible that at the following bad attack kalkulezny cholecystitis will not leave alone the owner is, and the last needs the emergency operation. Loss of a kidney or a strong inflammation of nearby bodies can sometimes become result of long treatment.

As a rule, at inefficient therapy of kalkulezny cholecystitis treatment is carried out in two ways:

  1. Laparotomny holetsistektomiya – operation during which the big section in a gall bladder becomes and the gall bladder with the accrued stones is removed. A hem after such section quite long (20 - 25 cm). The truth such method is used more and more seldom today, usually in clinics where there is no endoscopic equipment or the doctor not owned other techniques of treatment.
  2. Laparoscopic holetsistektomiya which is carried out by means of modern video of the equipment and thin tools which enter into an abdominal cavity through openings, it is less than a centimeter. This method is more popular because after such operation on elimination of kalkulezny cholecystitis does not remain scars, and also the period of hospitalization makes 3 - 4 days because of easy injury.

Treatment of kalkulezny cholecystitis by means of surgical methods relieves patients of a disease in most cases.

Whether treatment of cholecystitis folk remedies is possible

At an early stage of kalkulyozny cholecystitis of a sharp form it is possible to recover folk remedies. The most effective methods of treatment are:

  • to make infusion of a tablespoon of the corn columns and a rylets which are filled in with a glass of boiled water and to accept on a tablespoon each three hours for disposal of sharp cholecystitis;
  • at the first symptoms of cholecystitis during the day to drink daily norm of infusion from the tablespoon of a plantain which is filled in with a glass of boiled water;
  • on a quarter of a glass on three times a day to drink infusion from a glass of boiled water and a teaspoon of a grass of a marjoram;
  • the oil and bran diet in a large number also helps to cope with a disease when cholecystitis is at an early stage of development;
  • for dissolution of stones in a gall bladder during a season of berries it is necessary to eat for three weeks on 3-5 glasses of wild strawberry. Treatment can be carried out tincture from a floor of liter of vodka and 4 tablespoons of berries of wild strawberry. It is necessary to accept such infusion three times a day on 30 milliliters;
  • the brine of sauerkraut needs to be drunk for two months on a glass floor to food three times a day;
  • syrup from several root crops of beet welded on small fire to accept on a quarter of a glass three times a day for several months.

Description of a course of disease

As a rule, the clinical record of the patient with kalkulezny cholecystitis is constructed on the clinical diagnosis of the aggravated cholecystitis, and also complaints of the patient and his health. Usually the patient has periodic sharp stitches, he feels fatigue and decrease in working capacity, the aching pains in joints and bones of hands and feet, backs.

When the patient a long time is in vertical situation, cholecystitis is shown by puffiness of feet. At an urination there are kolyashche-cutting pains, besides such phenomenon which is speeded up. The potentiality is lost, there is a sleeplessness, headaches, dizzinesses.

But at each person the organism is capable to react to diseases, including cholecystitis, on – to the so all patients suffering from kalkulezny cholecystitis can have such symptoms not.

Prevention is better, than treatment

For prevention of cholecystitis for a start it is necessary to eliminate or weaken action of factors which lead to formation of stones in a gall bladder. The low-calorie vegetable diet, restriction of excessive loadings, both physical, and emotional will help with it. Decrease in body weight also promotes improvement of the general health and reduces risk of formation of stones in a gall bladder.

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