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What to present to darling for New year

Hear? Already the joyful tune of a New Year's holiday sounds. Already very soon bright fireworks will decorate air, and splashes of champagne will emphasize solemnity of the moment, in houses elegant green beauties will begin to sparkle, and under them there will be mountains of nice boxes with gifts …

And you, dear readers of, already thought up, what present to the darlings for New year? Is not present? Well, then allow to give some helps.

Souvenir products

Souvenir gifts do not oblige, look rather effectively and perfectly carry out the prime function: lighten the addressee mood, force to smile. And after all it is remarkable! The main thing in their choice – to adhere to New Year's subject and, of course, to consider tastes of darling. In this segment it is easiest to find so-called gifts tricks. Besides, it is possible to carry many modern gadgets and devices which range opens the huge scope for a choice at all to souvenir products. For example, a digital photoframe charm – small, but very useful and lovely gift for darling for New year. Thanks to such entertaining bagatelle of the photo of people close to heart will always be near the addressee.

Options of gifts:

  • New Year's rug for a mouse with verses or the text and your photo;
  • tie with a New Year's print;
  • bottle of whisky, an adhesive tape, champagne (or other alcoholic drink) in a suit of Father Frost;
  • New Year's towel or dressing gown;
  • New Year's frame (for example, in the form of a Christmas ball which can be hung up both on a wall, and on a fir-tree);
  • t-shirt, payta, baseball cap or other subject of clothes with wishes for the future year;
  • charms, card holders, lighters, handles, badges and medals on a New Year's subject;
  • modern gadgets, electronic souvenirs;
  • and many other things.

New Year's hend-meyd

How many it was already told in favor of the gifts created by the hands! But after all with an ulterior motive. Such things really possess special power, radiate warmth and emphasize the special relation of the donator (in the person of the founder hend-meyd a souvenir). A scope for variations here huge – from practical things to purely symbolical, lightening mood. To give a gift to darling the hands not so difficult as can seem at first sight to the girls who are not owning art of knitting, sewing, a molding, soap manufacture or cookery. After all, for example, having understood simple modern graphic programs, it is possible to create an original calendar from joint photos. Or at all a short video topic – programs for creation of video are also very available. Such gifts are capable to warm in the most severe frosts and to present bright New Year's mood!

Options of gifts to darling for New year:

  • knitted things (scarf, cap, sweater, mittens, plaid etc.);
  • the embroidered or sewed souvenirs;
  • toys from improvised materials;
  • fir-trees from candies;
  • cards the hands;
  • gastronomic masterpieces;
  • amateur soap or cosmetics;
  • souvenirs from clay or salty dough;
  • beautifully decorated candles;
  • video congratulations;
  • photo album, calendar production, business cards;
  • and another.

Classical perfumery and cosmetics

Here comments are excessive. It is worth reminding that to give spirits, eau de toilette or subjects of personal care it is desirable only if you are sure of taste of your partner. Otherwise risk to be trapped. However, here too there is a universal decision – to present the gift certificate for n-uyu the sum from shop of cosmetics and perfumery. For today practically each perfumery and cosmetic shop offers the clients the gift cardboard or plastic cards, certificates containing a certain equivalent of cost of which the addressee will be able to dispose at discretion (within the range of a concrete trade institution, it is natural).

Gifts impressions

Such gifts will be suitable for active, adventurous and romantic persons. They will bring a bright variety in festive vanity and will become a source of magnificent, unforgettable impressions and emotions! The gift impression is the whole event, excellent opportunity to try something new and interesting. Such gifts will provide bright festive mood and will become those unforgettable moments which make a moneybox of the most pleasant romantic memories.

Options of gifts to darling:

  • air entertainments. For example, weeds by a balloon, the helicopter, a glider, a paraplane and other flying objects. Here it is possible to refer also parachute jump;
  • adrenaline rest. For example, an extreme on the ATV on the snow-covered mountains (if, of course, in your district there are those);
  • sincere entertainments. Such as participation in show on a retrocar, riding lessons, the sniper class, a master class in the photo (or to other hobby);
  • series of pleasures "Gourmet". For example, tastings, gastronomic master classes (chocolate, sushi, tea ceremonies etc.);
  • romanticism. It and a dinner on a roof, and a cinema hall for two, both romantic sightseeing tours, and some other options;
  • beauty shop. For example, Thai massage of feet or at all SPA day;
  • and many other things.

Practical gifts

Your darling dreams of a new computer chair, the autovacuum cleaner, an inflatable boat or a fancy compass long ago? Perhaps, came to embody time his desire in reality. If your partner – the practical and serious man, a similar gift pleases it. It is convenient to select a practical gift with caution on a hobby. So, for example, if darling adores winter sports, he can get a good set of thermolinen from a bamboo. If he spends long time at a wheel – an orthopedic cape on a chair. And if does not represent itself out of sport – any sports attribute: an emphasis for push-up, dumbbells, hours-pulsomery, expanders, underwater equipment and another (depending on preferences of darling). Generally, colourful packing and original presentation will turn any, even the most strict and simple gift into an interesting gift.

So, as you can see, the scope for a choice of gifts for New year – is immense. Look for the option, and let with a choice you will be helped by your feelings, the imagination and sharpness.

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