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What to bring from Thailand

Quite unexpectedly good luck smiled to us with the girlfriend – from snow winter we were postponed to ten days in the summer fairy tale. Nine hours of flight, and here already friendly and tenderly Thailand meets us. From one trip there are so much poleznost and souvenirs it was not possible to bring! Now I will tell you why our suitcases so grew fat.
Quite unexpectedly good luck smiled to us with the girlfriend – from snow winter we were postponed to ten days in the summer fairy tale. Nine hours of flight, and here already friendly and tenderly Thailand meets us …
Что привезти из Таиланда
View of Phuket from a survey platform
We came back holidaymakers, suntanned, places even burned though honestly used the sun-protection and moisturizing creams. Mood vigorous, on faces of a smile, impressions the weight, a memory card of the camera is jam-packed, and in hands much the grown heavy suitcases, packages, string-bags, baskets …
From one trip there are so much poleznost and souvenirs it was not possible to bring! Now I will tell you why our suitcases so grew fat.
Tourists usually carry with themselves to Thailand dollars, euro or rubles which should be exchanged for Thai money there, they are called by baht, in abbreviated form write THB. One baht is equal 100 satang. On each note you will see the image of the King. And to transfer to habitual Russian rubles very conveniently as one baht is almost equal to one our ruble.

Figures of elephants – a remarkable souvenir

Thailand at me is associated with elephants, after all they are symbols of this country and very much here are esteemed. Thai slow giants weighing two-three tons have huge ears which weight at adult individuals reaches about ninety kilograms! They are indispensable participants of different shows: play soccer, dance, have beautiful national clothes. It is possible even to feed a little good-natured elephant calf from a plateau, on it to you will place circles of a cucumber and banana. Children from this simply delighted. And home I brought figures of graceful elephants in national clothes, and also mother elephant cow with elephants. The prices for figures different – from 50 to the 250th baht. My many acquaintances collect such figures. They sincerely were delighted to replenishment of a collection.
Что привезти из Таиланда
Elephant in national clothes
Still it is possible to bring from Thailand brelka (on 10-15 baht apiece). Supports for handles, napkin holders and plates with the image of elephants too will be pleasant to your fellow workers, the chief and relatives. To have figures of elephants in the house – to good luck if accept to trust.
Что привезти из Таиланда
Charm with an elephant (close up)

Natural deodorant "Freshness Crystal"

I knew about this natural deodorant of a natural and volcanic origin long ago. And here for my friend it became the real find because her skin is inclined to allergic reactions. This defender from an unpleasant smell of sweat contains only alyumokaliyevy alum. It in structure has no oils, emulsifiers which are clogging up pores and channels of skin. Therefore it is considered hypoallergenic and it is allowed for application to pregnant women and those who nurses the kid. And it will not render any harm to children.
In Tye it is on sale several times cheaper, than in Russia. Depending on weight this firm deodorant in a plastic tube (unscrewed or simply attached to a basis) will cost to you 75-150 baht. Sometimes there is also an unostentatious fragrance, but most often it flavourless. And is on sale in large shopping centers (for example, on Phuket there is Centrel Festival), in BigC, Top's (there are shops), or on trays if take a little, sellers do a discount.
The deodorant "the Freshness Crystal" possesses strong bactericidal action, kills bacteria which cause an unpleasant smell. After a shower moisten a surface of a deodorant a little and apply on clean skin of armpits, feet, between fingers or in other problem places. Sweat will be emitted, it is normal physiological process, but the feeling of freshness remains about 16-20 hours. More detailed information on application of this deodorant can be received from the article "Natural Deodorant " Freshness Crystal "".
Что привезти из Таиланда
Coconut oil and deodorant "Freshness Crystal"

Coconut oil for beauty and health

Very much were delighted that in Thailand it is possible to get natural 100% coconut oil at the low price (depending on flakonchik volume 150-200 baht). We bought oil in one of small little shops which to us was shown by the guide during a sightseeing tour.
There is a lot of producers of coconut oil. Unambiguously I do not advise readers of to buy it from sellers on a beach, they often offer a handicraft product. Surely pay attention to existence of a label with an inscription of "Coconut oil". And quality of packing has to be good. The real oil very gently and pleasantly smells, has transparent, whitish, kremovaty or slightly yellowish color.
When you bring it to our severe climate, it will become dense and similar to fat. Be not frightened, all and has to be with qualitatively made oil, after all temperature of its melting of about 25 degrees. It is possible to use curative oil outwardly at care of skin and hair and inside. I offer detailed recommendations in the article "Use of Coconut Oil".

Balm for improvement of joints and bone system

Thais often use natural components in the medicines. We were already convinced more than once that very well kills pain and green balm with an eucalyptus and camphor treats. Types of this balm to us met much, pay attention to structure, the it is more, the better. Surely take it in a glass flakonchik or a jar with an iron cover, on a label there is an image of a leaflet or the man. It is possible to rub this odorous structure in joints, places of stretchings, bruises and injuries.
Что привезти из Таиланда
Что привезти из Таиланда
Green balm
Still Thais do tigerish ointments and balms on a copy-book of the Chinese herbalist. These means contained also powder from bones of a tiger earlier, but now in their structure only vegetable components, for example, oil of a kayaput, carnation, mint. To us white balm and red met. White possesses soft action, it can be rubbed in whisky if the head hurts. And here in red percentage of substances is more therefore the effects anesthetizing and removing an inflammation are expressed more strongly. They can treat rheumatism, arthritises, arthroses of joints, sprains. It is possible to pound a breast and a back if tortured cough for the night. It is useful to do inhalations, having added this balm to water.
After natiraniye do not forget to wash up carefully a hand hot water with soap. If there is a tendency to an allergy, it is necessary to apply with care. And during the lactation periods application is contraindicated to pregnant women.
The price depending on the weight of a jar fluctuates from 30 to the 80th baht. It is possible to find balms in the drugstores and little shops specializing on remedies.

Other natural Thai drugs popular with the Russian tourists

If skin did not manage to be saved from the scorching sun sun-protection creams, it is possible to get in Tye's drugstores excellent burns medicine – Aloe gel Vera, on it the leaflet is represented.
Что привезти из Таиланда
Aloe gel belief
This gel has a pleasant smell and a dense consistence, it is necessary to store it in the refrigerator. He removes inflammations and reddenings on skin, promotes its regeneration in short terms. At cold on lips (herpes) too put several times a day. And still it is useful to nourish face skin, area of a neck and under eyes. Take such masochka minutes 20 and wash away. Skin will freshen up at once and its color will improve. It is possible to bring inexpensive pencils inhalers if you are visited often cold, flu, cold from Thailand. Still it is possible to get curative toothpastes and powders. In a large number komarik and midges live in some areas of Thailand, the oil of a lemongrass especially necessary at visit of islands will help to be saved from them to you.
Что привезти из Таиланда
Oil of a lemongrass
Что привезти из Таиланда
Similansky islands in Thailand
And if you like to arrange picnics in the woods of Russia, such oil will serve to you and on native open spaces good service, frightening off the smell of blood-suckers. In the Royal drugstore often there are tastings of different medical teas. For example, "An Chang" contains blue flowers of papilionaceous peas which is useful for accepting inside at problems with sight and for strengthening of hair in structure. Packing weighing 100 grams to you will cost the 90th baht.

Mysterious plant of Nonie, advantage of its juice, capsules from leaves and various masks

As my work is connected with medicine, to a trip to Thailand I knew a lot of things about Nonie, the second name of this plant – a morind tsitrusolistny. Read even the book about its medicinal properties and other data of researches.
Что привезти из Таиланда
Nonie's juice (small bottle and packing)
There was a wish to try also to me such juice therefore found time for searches. It appeared that it is better to ask Nonie in small drugstores or private little shops. We got juice during a sightseeing tour across Phuket. And neighbors in number in hotel took Nonie during travel on the river Kvay.
I will list only its main properties. Juice of this plant improves immune system of an organism, as if it awakening. It clears our sections and all organism of slags, toxins if the person has an excess weight, there can even be a laxative effect, all unnecessary and harmful will leave. The rich structure improves work of an internal, rejuvenates and gives force and cheerfulness. Those who already bought Nonie's juice, took it repeatedly and assured that it increases working capacity, the fatigue is not felt even if you turn all day as a little squirrel in a wheel. Many said that at juice reception fill up quicker and rejoiced to sound sleep. I will precisely tell you that the mood from juice improves. It is necessary to drink it one, and two times in a day on 30 ml before meal are better even. Still juice is advised to use outwardly – accurately to put on a face, a neck, it removes inflammations, gives a fresh look, dark circles and swellings under our tireless eyes pass. It is possible to do also compresses locally to remove inflammations at acne rash, wounds and cuts.
I recommend to readers of Mirsovetov to take Nonie (Nonie Dzhus's) juice in glass small bottles, they beautifully also are soundly packed. The real juice of Nonie has dark color, a saturated consistence. And here about taste all speak differently. For example, it seemed to me that juice sour, with a shade of pomegranate and reminds koumiss a little. And here he reminded some apple cider vinegar, and wine taste seemed to someone. Juice should not be sweet. If juice sweet, to it was added by sugar or any other ingredients. Small bottles with a capacity of 0,5 or 0,75 liters. The price varies from 350 to 550 rubles. In Moscow it is many times more expensive.
Что привезти из Таиланда
Что привезти из Таиланда
Capsules from Nonie's leaves
It is possible to buy still the capsules in a jar containing extract from Nonie's leaves. But Thais say that juice nevertheless is more effective. In big assortment cosmetic masochka and srubs with this plant.

As Thais use snakes in traditional medicine

During one of excursions we were delivered in a little shop at specialized farm on which breed snakes for receiving from them various medicines. There it was possible to buy fat of snakes in kapsulka for intake, tincture from a gall bladder of a python or a cobra, soap and various cosmetics.
Что привезти из Таиланда
Soap with cobra fat
Here we also bought soap with cobra fat. It was pleasant that in the enclosed instruction it was recommended for improvement of integuments (at acne rash, dermatitis, eczema), for rejuvenation of skin and improvement of a condition of cells of epidermis. And those preparations which are accepted inside, appoint for stimulation of immune properties of our organism, harmonization and improvement of functioning of all bodies and systems. Course treatment helps to lose weight, to cure chronic diseases. Still the necklaces made of a backbone of a snake surprised us. They are recommended to carry having diseases of the musculoskeletal device (osteochondroses, radiculitises, rheumatism).

Natural latex, products from it – a quiet dream is provided

When we went from the airport to the hotel, my attention was drawn by a large number of the unusual trees growing as plantations. The guide explained that it is a hevea. It treats family molochayny and brings in the considerable income to Thailand. It was possible to notice the small cups attached to each stvolik. Here in these cups lacteal juice also gathers. It is also latex.
A large number of things is made of latex. Many tourists carry from Tye pillows, mattresses and mattress covers, various rollers. They become thanks to transformation of dense latex to latex foam. These small pillows cardinally differ from our daily. A form, thickness and the sizes at them different. I chose to myself a pillow in the form of anatomic heart. Many of our group got children's small pillows in the form of animals – a bear, a hare, an elephant. My pillow cost the 4000th baht, but it managed to me cheaper as we cooperated and instead of two pillows received three. Mattress thickness too can be chosen from 5 to 15 centimeters.
Advantages at pillows and mattresses from latex much. I will call only the main. Antibacterial properties of latex do not allow any microbes and pincers to be got in these sleeping accessories. The porous structure does not allow the person to sweat, air well circulates. Orthopedic properties provide full relaxation of muscles, thanks to it the person wakes up the holidaymaker. Any chemical compounds in the course of use it is not allocated. Employees of factory assured that their products will serve not less than 20 years. Pillows and mattresses have the special covers from cotton fabric which one are removed others – no.
Что привезти из Таиланда
Pillow from latex

Unique jewelry

In the territory of Thailand some branches of known jeweler factory are located, we managed to visit one. It appears, the sapphires, rubies and sea pearls got in Thailand gained world recognition. Pearl products are quite available at the price, beginning from 1000 baht and above. But not only from these stones create the masterpieces Thai jewelers, is also high-quality unique jewelry of diamonds, izumrudik, topazes, pomegranates. Explained to us that Thai jewelry of gold more yellow as at production silver, but not copper is added. And here Thai silver does not darken after time as has a special covering. This beauty can be bought in a little shop at factory. Most of all we liked sapphires in white gold (ear rings for 67000 and 90000 baht). But with ourselves we took only admiration, finance on purchase was not any more.

Small pleasures from Tye for the native

Very originally the orchid florets which are fancifully cut out by Thai masters look. Having looked narrowly, you understand that this soap with goat milk, mangostiny, a tamarind and other extracts of plants of this tropical country. Such soap is beautifully packed into wooden boxes, the price from 50 to the 150th baht. And if you have familiar flower growers, can bring as a gift to them from Thailand orchids – a bouquet in a beautiful box or boring, it will pack into a bottle with nutritious structure for convenient transportation. The price from the 700th baht and above.
Что привезти из Таиланда
If you wish to pomodnichat, for you there will be bags, key keepers, purses, card holders from a snake and crocodile leather. And still pleasant trifles in Tesco Lotus (on Phuket) – veer (25-30 baht), photo albums (75-100 baht), figures of animals, spices for gourmets. From clothes good products from cotton (a t-shirt from 100 to the 200th baht, tunics, children's suits), national skirts meet the image of elephants, trousers for hot and stuffy weather.
It is a lot of things from original silk. Children as a delicacy can bring coconut toffees, honey balls and even chips from a coco, the cashew nutlets covered with chocolate or gozinaki from them and cookies.

Basket with fruit – let and relatives will try natural exotic

If you wish, it is possible to bring to the native land for relatives a part of tropics. Most of all from fruit we with the girlfriend liked large yellow mangoes with a gladenky surface. Gentle taste, juiciness and unforgettable aroma will leave nobody indifferent. And pineapples absolutely differ to taste of that lie in a sluggish look on shelves of our supermarkets.
Что привезти из Таиланда
Banana grass with a bud and green bananchik
Small accurate bananchik too are more tasty. The citrus of a pomelo is well transported, it is similar to grapefruit, only taste sweet. And there are in Thailand still jackfruits are greenish-yellow balls, but not smooth, and with pimples, very peculiar smell, to me it bears to notes a strong resemblance of the overripe bananas, a melon and pineapple, and here pulp tasty. It is possible to bring from Thailand on test and pink apples, actually they are by sight similar to a hand bell or the Bulgarian pepper. Draconian fruit is a balsa of a cactus with crimson or white pulp. Also brown oval fruktik, to taste similar to a persimmon were pleasant, them call a sapodilla. I will call some more ekzot which from the first and you will not remember: fruit star a carambola, violet passion fruit with taste a kryzhovnichka, kislenky treat with taste of grapes, claret mangostina, a noyna (sugar apple), the brown tamarinds similar to beans in a shell. Fruit is on sale from 30 to the 50th baht for kilogram. And here to put prickly durian in a basket I do not advise you, it has a smell, I will softly tell, unpleasant. Asians of pulp, delighted with a peculiar taste, consider him as the fruit king because of the richest structure, this fruit nevertheless on the fan.
See how there is a lot of tasty and interesting there is a wish to bring from solar Thailand! The main thing to take with itself in a trip the necessary sum in a purse. I hope that the stated information will help to calculate everything and to make the list that to forget nothing. And if in baggage there is no place, you will be able to choose to yourself quite capacious bag or even a suitcase in Thailand, the prices from quite available to the impressive. Only surely in advance look in the tickets, how many on the weight of kilograms of baggage it is possible to take on your flight, it depends on airline and a class of flight if overweight turns out, be ready to pay the additional amount that will count over the put norm.
Let all brought it will be useful and reminds of wonderfully spent days in this fantastic country of friendly smiles and hospitality.
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