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Statement of wedding dance

Many loving couples in recent years before a wedding, an important and touching event in the life, ask such question: whether it is necessary to take individual lessons from professionals by preparation of wedding dance? Or it is possible to do without these additional actions?

To come to such occupations to dancing school or studio or not is a personal record of each future married couple. The reasons for which couples nevertheless decide to take such lessons different. Someone wants to organize a smart, ideal wedding. Someone very much liked dance on a celebration of friends. And there are girls who believe that at least thus it will be possible to force to dance the future spouse – after all all of us know how most of men for some reason avoid pair dances.

So, if all of you decided to be prepared for the first in matrimonial life dance, this article will prompt how to choose style, to find suitable music, what to consider that everything turned out unforgettably.

Sometimes young people have a question: how many it is necessary to visit occupations? Everything depends on what you set the purpose before yourself, the composition and an idea is how difficult, whether quickly remember the movements shown by the professional … Someone has enough two occupations, and other – six.

What dance to choose?

Passed those times when the waltz was the first wedding dance of the bride and groom surely. Therefore now one couples nevertheless choose a lyrical waltz, and others want something more modern.

If on the bride there is a traditional dress with a crinoline or a semi-antique magnificent dress, the waltz will remarkably look. So, you represent the first dance is a waltz. Then at once we will note that the crinoline should be taken on occupation to understand, whether you in it will be able to execute a waltz or it is necessary to choose other style. But here you try to be turned qualitatively and long and feel that to you inconveniently: the head is turned or the magnificent dress prevents to carry out the main movements.

Then it is possible to try other version, it is called "a figured waltz". Partners undertake finger-tips and carry out to "balyansa". Here and there become slow rocking on waltz steps. Then rocking are to each other replaced by the movements from each other. Then partners are interchanged the position by ceremoniously sliding steps the friend with a druzhka. New figures – the partner moves forward, and the partner rotates under his raised hand meanwhile. Further the newly made husband gallantly picks up the young wife for a waist, and couple waltzes in the traditional way. Then everything repeats again … You will be turned in this case not all the time of dance therefore the head will not suffer. And various figures do dance not monotonous, but fascinating. Try to choose music the corresponding.

The soul is eager for romanticism? Then ask the choreographer to adapt for your couple hastl or any else pair dance under slow beautiful music. Dance will consist of several simple movements. For example, spaces a foot back-forward, then in one party, then in another alternate, disperse, meet. The groom, more precisely, already the husband, changes with the bride (that is already the wife) places, scrolls under the hand, and then captures darling hands in a ring in the various ways. It is possible to roam, take a little aside, and then again to attract to itself. Rotations by hips in such options of dances are absent, the wedding dress dictates other plasticity of movements.

If the girl has a dress length to a knee, at your disposal salsa, a mamba, a jive, a Charleston.

And something can original?

Do not forget that the purpose of wedding dance – to tell about your feelings. Therefore many newlyweds do not constrain the desires at a choice of style of dance for a wedding celebration now. Not all choose to the romantic and the lyric poet. And if you wish to execute a tango, a twist, a jive, a rock'n'roll before guests – well, dare! Same your holiday, your day!

And still some couples execute a peculiar potpourri, dancing some dancing fragments to music made of "slices" of absolutely different genres.

Other extraordinary approach. You begin dance with a serious waltz, adhering to all manners and ceremonies, and then suddenly the music which is in advance prepared sharply changes. And you pripuskatsya right there in incendiary dance, having surprised all present guests.

Now wedding dances are very various. The skilled teacher by all means listens to wishes of the pupils, making dance, helps to embody expectations and dreams of future newlyweds in reality.


For a start be defined, what image you want to show in dance. It can be gentle romanticism or rough passion, gravity and solidity or impetuous fun, mysterious mysteriousness or easy enthusiasm, ancient manners or modern frankness … Everything has to approach harmoniously: wedding dress, musical composition and style of dance. If the dress is already bought or is sewed according to the catalog, it is necessary to proceed and make a start from it. What image it prompts to you? The fatal beauty, the passionate temptress or the lovely princess from the fairy tale? And then already look for music which will be suitable for your estimated image. And, maybe, you have "the" song which means to your hearts much? At a choice of composition listen to percussions. When the question with a rhythm a little clears up, get up in the center of the room, turn on the music, having slightly embraced, rock it in a step. If could catch a rhythm, get feet precisely to a step, so this composition suits you. If it is difficult to deal with a rhythm, look for other option or consult with the teacher.

Slow music is difficult for beginners, after all pauses between the account should be filled with emotional expression and the movements of a body. Average melodies the most suitable option for wedding dance. And here fast melodies are difficult as demand speed of reaction and accurate possession of feet and a body moreover and it is necessary to remember emotions. At complex musical compositions the rhythm constantly changes, here it is necessary to express as much as possible the feelings and emotions, and within its powers unless to professionals.

Even if you cannot decide on music, in many studios there are collections with compositions, suitable for such celebration. In the same place music will also be edited if necessary. Or can by means of special computer programs make "cutting" of musical fragments – there would be a desire and time. The main thing that under the chosen music the soul that the melody was pleasant both newly married revealed.

About important points

It is desirable that on some occupations you took a crinoline, it is necessary to prepare for the "scenic conditions" expecting you already in advance.

Ideal option – to dance in the shoes similar on wedding in a form and height of a heel, rise that then there were no unpleasant surprises.

If at a dress the loop is supposed, in advance tell about it to the teacher, it too should be considered by drawing up dance.

Working off of wedding dance

    Address to the specialist of dancing studio or school in advance, but not one week prior to a celebration. recommends also houses to repeat the dance movements. It will help to perfect skill of execution of figures. And still it is excellent opportunity to stay together with future spouse (spouse). Be surely adjusted both on a romantic adventure, receiving pleasure.

Be not nervous, do not straighten out each other if something is impossible. Be more tolerant to each other. Dance has to pull together, give positive emotions, but not embroil. You after all not prepare for prestigious competition where there will be many judges therefore dance has to show not correctness of performance of the most difficult movements, but your sincere love, care about each other, mutual understanding, tenderness.

To girls not to the liyena to work alone with the bearing. Stoop very much spoils impression about any dance.

Be not afraid of possible difficulties, learn to overcome them.

Be not confused if confuse in steps, it anybody can and not notice. And here your lost and tortured look will be noticed by all if you are excessively nervous, panic and afraid.

Be self-assured, relaxed during occupations and preparation of the house.

Be not adjusted as on examination, simply derive pleasure from dance.

During occupations do not hesitate, be not confused, ask questions to the teacher, correct together creation of dance and an image, then everything at you will turn out.

Joint visit of occupations before a wedding unites lovers even more, dance helps them to understand each other, to open the inner world, the feelings. Many then, years later, remember with tenderness and a smile not only wedding dance, but also process of preparation for it. There are even cases when couples and further continue to study and comprehend dancing art. And wishes you an unforgettable holiday, bright impressions and happy family life.

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