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How to organize a wedding abroad

Here this most long-awaited instant in your life came: made you the proposal of a hand and heart. Ahead there are a lot of efforts and experiences about the forthcoming wedding. What she will be where it to carry out and how to organize everything so that this celebration was remembered well?

The wedding – how many means this simple and modest word, all know without exception newlyweds and their parents. How to hold a wedding, what month in a year to choose, decide on restaurant, to carry out beautiful wedding ceremony. Also it is not the full list of prewedding vanity. About one of the most interesting and unforgettable options of a celebration of a loving couple – the wedding abroad, to readers will be told by Mirsovetov.

Agree, sounds invitingly – to celebrate the wedding in any exotic cozy town on an ocean coast. The dream will become quite feasible if to it properly to be prepared and learn all possible "reefs".

About legality

Many loving couples which decided to celebrate a wedding abroad start doubting at the first stages of preparation. Whether there will be such ceremony lawful? Certainly, will be, at observance of some nuances. If citizens of Russia decided to legalize the relations outside the native land, the wedding will be considered as the lawful. Also according to a letter of the law can establish a family in other country as the Russian (Russian), and the citizen (citizen) of other country.

Marriage will be considered lawful if it is carried out according to all rules of the legislation of that country which is chosen for carrying out wedding ceremony. An exception will be only the different belief. It concerns only the Muslim countries - in their territory marriages of the people professing other belief are forbidden.

In what country we will marry?

This question, is in the list of newlyweds in the forefront. It is considered that the most recommended countries for registration of the relations are:

  1. Greece.
  2. Austria.
  3. Australia.
  4. Italy.
  5. Cuba.
  6. Cyprus.
  7. Iceland.
  8. Mauritius.
  9. Czech Republic.
  10. Jamaica.
  11. USA.

In each of these countries there are laws of carrying out wedding ceremony. For example, many countries oblige guests to carry out a wedding celebration only in the territory of hotel. For carrying out a celebration in Greece it will be necessary to stay at first in hotel of Athens to resolve issues with documents. And here in Mauritius that registration of marriage was lawful, one days prior to an estimated celebration it is necessary to go to the capital of this island there to issue and in advance to sign all documents.

    Council the young: do not forget to consider weather and some other nuances at a choice of the country. For example, to the summer period on Maldives there are incessant rains, and to get married in a post in all countries – it is forbidden.

In more detail about documents

The set of documents is considered full if enter it:

  • passports of a foreign sample;
  • birth certificates of the young;
  • marriage search certificate;
  • the certificate on divorce (if the person was already married);
  • the certificate on death (if that is available, being the wife/husband).

It is necessary to be morally ready to that in some countries will request from newlyweds the certificate of lack of "interesting situation" of the bride who was married before, and from the moment of divorce as has to pass more than 12 months from now on. Perhaps, can request the reference confirming from lovers that at the time of registration of the relations he / she do not consist in a legal marriage.

All above-mentioned documents, and also "spare" references need to be translated into English or, in rare instances, into language of that country in which there will take place wedding ceremony. Also according to uniform rules, documents surely are subject to assurance at the notary, and on each document the special stamp which grants the right to be considered as the official document in the territory of any country is put down. The stamp is called – an apostille.

According to laws of each country, it will be necessary to send by mail of the copy of all documents in advance, and to arrive on a ceremony with originals. But happens and vice versa, for example, in Jamaica, according to their laws, it is in advance necessary to send originals of all documents for consideration.

What to do, if …

How to be if one of couple is not the citizen of Russia? This question excites many grooms and brides. You should not worry about it. For legitimation of all documents it is necessary to spend a little more time.

By the way, for the foreigner the receipt of a visa will not become a stumbling block in such countries as USA and the Schengen agreement where to receive the visa rather difficult.

    To newlyweds on a note: if there is no desire to resolve issues with registration of the visa or if one of newlyweds had a bad visa history, there is an alternative: to celebrate a wedding in the country where the visa is not required to be received and shown previously. Cuba and Dominican Republic treats such countries.

For what time it is worth beginning preparation

As you see, questions of the organization of a wedding abroad collects enough. And one of them – when it is worth beginning preparation for wedding ceremony.

As practice of travel agencies which are engaged in the organization of weddings abroad shows, all preparatory activities should be begun beforehand – month for celebrations, two-three before estimated date. At first all necessary documents are prepared, then there comes the turn of the most important – a choice of hotel and a place of a celebration.

    Council to newlyweds: if you wish to register the relations in a certain day, for example, on February 14 in Paris, or become attached to magic date where numbers of day, month or year coincide, it is worth seeing to it beforehand about paperwork and to find out all nuances of a celebration. This council treats not only paperwork, but also booking of plane tickets and numbers in prestigious hotel.

About dresses and not only

This question excites all without exception of newlyweds. And whether it is necessary to carry with itself abroad a wedding dress? How to pack it so that it was not trampled down and how in general the brides who decided on a celebration abroad arrive?

Here it is necessary to rely on himself. If to bring a suit in a special cover it will become not so problematic especially as trousers, a jacket and a shirt it is possible to iron in any hotel (service, as a rule, paid), with a dress it will be more difficult. Special, with a long loop the wedding dress will not be simple to pack and to be translated. It is much simpler to hire a dress directly on a place or to buy in any wedding salon. The cost of hire will cost to you 100 and more euros, depending on the country in which wedding ceremony will be carried out. By the way, wedding ceremony in national suits of that country to which you arrived will become interesting and unusual option of a celebration.

Services of the hairdresser, the makeup artist, the manicurist are available in each hotel therefore about it too it is not necessary to worry. Decided to make an intricate, difficult hairdress? Photograph it on the phone and show to the master. Even if you will not be able fully to communicate in a foreign language, the master will understand you and without words. It is desirable to stock up with all jewelry and hairpins, necessary for a hairdress, in advance.

You should not worry and about services of the photographer and video operator – they are provided by each firm in any country of the world.

About types of ceremonies

And it is the most interesting. Here it is necessary to rely on the imagination of the groom and bride. Want registration on an ocean coast or near a volcano? And if it is the smart carriage with elephants or a limousine? Each wedding agency has a data set of services in the arsenal. The only thing on what there is a wish to focus attention of the young - it is not necessary to be afraid to communicate with managers of agency and in detail to tell and describe the dreams, and also that specifically you want to hear and see during wedding ceremony.

Dream price

Naturally, the wedding will cost abroad 10 times more, than an ordinary wedding in Russia. But you should not refuse dream. For example, the wedding celebration in the Czech Republic will cost practically also as well as in the homeland. In Cyprus, by the way, too the low prices.

And the trip to Prague will manage to newlyweds no more than four thousand euros for week, the sum includes flight, food, accommodation in hotel and a ceremony with paperwork.

Wish a wedding in an exotic place, on islands? Then it is necessary to leave the bigger sum which lion's share will be occupied by air flight. But never nobody will tell the exact sum to you – everything depends on individual preferences. Be ready to unplanned expenditure. You should not go abroad, having strictly fixed sum who knows, in a purse what surprises expect you in an unfamiliar place.

Minuses of a foreign celebration

From all available wedding advantages abroad, there are also shortcomings, it:

  1. There is no opportunity to invite to a celebration of all friends and relatives. Even to pay flight and accommodation of witnesses is already essential sum.
  2. To organize official registration of marriage abroad it will be very difficult. As alternative – it is possible to legalize the relations in the native land, and then it is beautiful to repeat a symbolical ceremony in other country.
  3. It is impossible to bring all wedding surroundings with itself therefore the most part should be ordered directly on a place, and these are additional wastes.
  4. There is no confidence in professionalism of the local photographer and the video operator.

And though many newlyweds, and in particular their parents, consider a wedding abroad as luxury and complexity, it is excellent alternative to boring feasts with unclear jokes of the host and the mountain of mayonnaise salads. After all the wedding abroad is a small fantastic travel of which each loving couple is worthy!

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