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Registration and use of WebMoney system

The system of electronic payments of WebMoney is one of the most popular systems on open spaces of the former CIS. And that is deservedly, in view of the convenience, safety, convertibility of money. The purpose of this material on also is acquaintance with work in WebMoney system that has to facilitate considerably use of it.
The system of electronic payments of WebMoney is one of most, if not the most popular system on open spaces of the former CIS. And that is deservedly, in view of the convenience, safety, convertibility of money and many other advantages. But, unfortunately, many users experience difficulties with use of this system. The purpose of this material on also is acquaintance with work in WebMoney system that has to facilitate considerably use of it.

About WebMoney system

Система WebMoney WebMoney is system of online payments and conducting electronic business. The founder of this system the WM Transfer Ltd company showed to the world the child in 1998.
The system has some title signs which are equated to real-life currencies, each title sign has the guarantor. Operations are carried out only between the same purses, the exchange from one currency is carried out to another in specialized exchange offices (we will tell about it a little further).
Below the list in which possible types of purses and their guarantors are listed is provided:
  • WMR — an equivalent of Russian rubles (a purse like R), the guarantor on WMR-operations is JSC VMR, the company presenting to WebMoney Transfer in the territory of Russia;
  • WMZ — an equivalent of US dollars (a purse like Z);
  • WME — euro equivalent (a purse like E), on WMZ - and to WME-operations acts as the guarantor the company Amstar Holdings Limited, S.A.;
  • WMU — an equivalent of the Ukrainian hryvnia (a purse like U), acts as the guarantor of JSC Ukrainian Guarantee Agency;
  • WMB — an equivalent of Belarusian rubles (a purse like B), acts as the guarantor on WMB-operations Tekhnobank Open joint stock company;
  • WMY — an equivalent of Uzbekistan sum (a purse like Y), acts as the guarantor the company the Uzbek guarantee agency JSC TILLO-GARANT;
  • WMG — a gold equivalent (a purse like G), acts as the guarantor on WMG operations of WM Metals FZE;
  • WMC and WMD — WMZ equivalent for credit operations on With - and D-purses.
By means of system you can pay practically everything from the Internet or the mobile phone to the order to yourself products on the house. The range of application is very wide also you soon after the beginning of use of WebMoney system will feel it.

How to be registered in WebMoney system

Registration in WebMoney system is extremely simple. You have on a choice some possible options: WM Keeper Classic and WM Keeper Light.
WM Keeper Classic is the program installed to you on the computer and allowing to work with WebMoney system: has the simple and clear interface, plus all functions are available to work with system. It is possible to download WebMoney Keeper Classic at the link download Further we install the program together with all certificates (about installation of certificates it will be asked in the windows emerging at installation of the program).
WM Keeper Light is actually the site from which you can manage own account by means of the browser. Similar system at E-gold ("Registration and use of E-gold system"). Thus there is no need to download the program and to establish it. It is more convenient – to solve the first or second to you. But if you wish to use the program with a PDA either from the Internet cafe, or you have an operating system not of Windows – that you should use easy option of the keeper.
I consider that installation and use of the WM Keeper Classic client program as it is more reliable and functional will be the best option, and therefore is more convenient. Respectively, the further description will be for work with WM Keeper Classic.
Originally it is required to visit the website WebMoney and to pass to the page of registration.
In details it does not make sense process of registration to describe as to get confused there it is problematic. All that you need to make: to fill in data on the It is desirable to enter real data, especially e-mail – will come to it confirmation. On the future: if the letter does not come – that enter other address of a box as the antispam boat could remove it incidentally.
Having received a registration code on the mailbox, we start the program. We choose "To be registered in WebMoney" and we enter the received earlier registration code. Pay attention to the password, it should not be too simple.
You receive the WebMoney-identifying. It is not confidential therefore can give it to anyone. It is also desirable to write down it as it will be your login.
The responsible moment will come when you are asked to save the file of keys of the *.kwm format. Without it you will not be able to manage the account at reinstallation of system or on other computer. Therefore recommends to keep it in a reliable place, and it is better in several. Also you need to specify the password to this file. It has to differ from the password to the account. In attempt of an entrance from other system you will be asked to specify a way to this file and to enter the password. If everything is as it should be – that you will be able to continue work.
Well and right at the end the letter with an activation code will come to the mailbox specified by you. It needs to be entered into the corresponding dialog box. This code every time new therefore it is not necessary to remember it.

Acquaintance to WM Keeper Classic

At an entrance you will be met by such dialog box in which you enter your WMID and the password.
Диалоговое окно ввода WMID и пароля
After everything is entered truly, you get to the main interface of the program. Right after inclusion the WM Keeper Classic program will try to be connected to the Internet. In the right bottom corner on a place of a bug the current status of connection will be shown.

Статус: онлайн- online;

Статус: офлайн- offline, it is possible that there is a temporary mistake on the server or in your connection. To correct it or it is simple to receive new information – rather forcibly to make reconnection, having pressed the button to update in the interface;

Статус: к вам пришли деньги- to you money came;

Статус: входящий счёт- the entering account;

Статус: ваш счёт не оплатили- your bill was not paid;

Статус: для вас новое сообщение чата- for you the new message of a chat;

With the statuses, I think, everything is clear therefore we will go further. At the interface of the program there are tabs.
The first Correspondents tab of a great interest does not represent, in it you will simply see those identifiers with which you did a business.
Following Purses tab. By the way, at the first start, you also have no purses. Therefore let's create them.
Right-click in any blank space and select the Create item and choose a name and type of a purse.
Создание кошелька
Press "Further", accept terms of agreement. And so you can create unlimited number of purses of any type. As you see, there are various types of purses.
"Entering" – in this tab information on the entering events, accounts or messages is specified.
"Information" – here is great variety of useful links. How to fill up a purse, to receive, translate, remove WM and other useful information about system.

Monetary operations

Let's stop in more detail how all operations with the account of WebMoney are made.
Money on a purse can appear or by converting of real money in electronic, or having arrived from other purse. It is possible to receive money, having given to the sender number of the purse, for example, WM Z194614109298, (not to confuse to the WMID identifying) – to you will come the translation if, of course, the sender makes it.
Account replenishment
In what ways it is possible to recharge? There is a set of ways for each type of a purse. I will describe here the main and if you are interested other ways, come according to this page - all possible ways are described here.
First, it is possible to exchange one electronic money for money of WebMoney in specialized exchange offices. The next point where it is possible to put money, you can find, having addressed here:
Secondly, it is possible to recharge by means of specialized cards. Having bought such card, with a certain face value you will see on it number of the card and a code which need to be entered on the special page. Come on www, enter there the information then means are enlisted on your purse.
Thirdly, you can recharge WebMoney through bank. It becomes so:
Start the WM Keeper Classic program, visit the Banking WebMoney Transfer page (banking Further, having chosen the corresponding type of a purse, pass identification, necessary for the WM Keeper Classic program. Behind it it is necessary to follow the link "replenishment" in the section "Incoming payments". Further everything is intuitively clear – it is necessary to choose what of purses you wish to fill up, enter the sum and to press the Order button.
After that there will be a contract which recommends strongly to read to you to be convinced that everything is right, and to unpack. Press the button "Agrees" meaning that you examined and accepted terms of the contract.
At replenishment of a purse like R or U there will be a page where requisites for a bank transfer will be specified. For replenishment of a purse like Z or E it is required to send you listing of the contract certified by your personal signature by fax + (358) 94 2479599. Requisites for replenishment of these purses will be sent you by service of financial support (WM ID 749238964258) by mail of WebMoney system.
After receiving requisites for payment for transfer of the chosen sum on your purse it is necessary only to transfer money by a bank transfer.
And the last way of account replenishment will be an exchange at official dealers. The dealer is a person who in exchange for your real money transfers WebMoney from the purse on yours.
Removal of money
It is possible to remove money in the same way: at dealers, in exchange offices to change in exchangers, to transfer to your bank account or to buy for them other electronic currency. The complete list of the offered ways of a conclusion for each currency is specified here:
Transfer of money
Most it is possible to transfer money, having done the next simple way: - "Purses" - "To Transfer to "menu" WM" - "To WebMoney purse". Zaponyaem all fields, we press "Further", we enter control number and all – the translation is ready.
For each translation from you the fee of 0.8% of the transferred amount, but not less than 0,01 dollars is charged. This commission – earnings of system. If you send 10 dollars, you should leave 10,08 dollars. And the recipient will receive 10 dollars.
You can establish a patronage on the translation is a special code in case of which ignorance the recipient will not be able to take away money. You establish a patronage for a certain time on which expiration money comes back. Also you can establish a temporary patronage, i.e. money will become available to the recipient only on the expiration of a certain period.
If you want to make such transfer, put a tick "To use a transaction patronage" – and act on a situation.
Except the direct translations there are so-called accounts. You make out a bill for any services at which confirmation to you the sum specified in the account comes to a purse. To make out a bill press "Menu" – "The proceeding accounts" – "to Write out" and fill lines: "A coma (WMID)", "For a purse", "Sum", "Note".
If you received the account, you on it will notify. The icon of the keeper will start blinking a special badge.
Для просмотра деталей счёта перейдите во вкладку Входящие, кликните по нужному счету правой кнопкой мыши и выберите пункт Оплатить счёт
For viewing of details of the account select the Entering tab, click the necessary account with the right button of a mouse and select the Pay the Bill item.
Пользование системой WebMoney
The menu is very similar to transfer of money, but all fields will be already filled. If you agree with requirements of the account – press that "to pay" and follow instructions. If you do not wish to pay – press that "to refuse payment of account".
Процесс передачи средств
Передача денег на счёт
Converting of currencies from one type in another
The exchange of one type of title signs for another can be made by means of online exchangers. It is best of all to use the checked points, such as or (by the way, in them it is possible to exchange title signs of one electronic currency for another) as presently the set of "points" which offering favorable rates divorced deceives visitors. It is better to spend couple of excess kopeks, than strongly to risk the money.
Also converting of WebMoney is possible by means of dealers about whom I already mentioned in article.


It is almost impossible to crack your keeper (WM Keeper Classic) if you only do not help the malefactor. Avoid the people trying to offer you an easy money. Keep the passwords and the kwm-file in secret. Always keep access to that mailbox on which the keeper is registered. Activation through e-mail is an obligatory measure of protection and is not subject to shutdown.
You can adjust safety level in the corresponding menu. It is possible to establish or disconnect blocking on IP and to make other settings for your discretion.

On it we finish acquaintance to the main opportunities of system of electronic payments of WebMoney. Functionally the system is more saturated, but it is originally possible to manage quite a standard set of functions which are considered in this article.
We wish success to you!
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