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With what to wear chinosa trousers

Today both among women, and among men chinosa trousers became very popular. And it is not surprising! After all in them everyone will feel not only comfortably, but also stylishly. The style of trousers is so universal that you will be able to put on them with anything and anywhere. The main thing - to learn it is correct to combine them with other elements of your image.


To buy qualitative chinosa, it is necessary to know what they have a style and from what fabric are sewed. If you decided to get such trousers, it is worth remembering that they generally are on sale from flax or cotton. Trousers are slightly truncated, with a top, to a bottom are made a little narrower, thanks to it the woman looks more harmonous, and the man is more elegant. For many a chinosa - fine alternative to jeans because they are so convenient, utilitarian and practical. It is worth looking narrowly at them that who prefers to carry the free, not holding down clothes. Trousers remarkably look in different images, but most harmoniously and pertinently they approach casual style.

Interesting facts

Dandies and women of fashion for certain know in order that all public accepted any new thing, has to pass not so not enough time. Let's say for chinos it was required neither much, nor it is not enough – the whole century (since 1848 to the 1950th)!

According to history, at the beginning of the XX century during war between Spaniards and Americans who battled for Philippines, the form for soldiers was produced in China, from fabric which was called as chinos (in translation from Spanish "Chinese"). After that so began to call also trousers.

    Interestingly! In those days chinosa sewed made narrower to a bottom not because it was fashionable and then very few people thought of fashion, and for elementary economy of fabric

Chinosa got to Europe after World War II and became popular among the population.

It should be noted that in the USA similar trousers carry to style to more official, than jeans, but less official in comparison with woolen trousers or a suit.

All and for all

Many fashion designers consider that there is nothing more accurately and more elegantly, than chinosa. What can be better than the trousers sewed on a figure, which are not dangling and not baggy? They became a favourite thing not only students and excentric persons, but also models, and stars. The last in such trousers can be met both during daily shopping, and at a notable party.

Very stylishly sprained chinosa look with footwear on heels.

There was a stereotype that these trousers suit only high and slender young ladies. It by no means not so. If is available for you to steam of extra kilos, be not afflicted and do not refuse to themselves pleasure to carry a fashionable thing. Stylish chinosa are capable to disguise perfectly shortcomings, especially if you competently pick up other ensemble for creation of an image. Also remember, they suit girls with any growth – low, high and average.

Color scale

Generally chinosa are on sale the monophonic. Though, the summer option can be found with a bright print and a various coloring. The main rule of trousers – they surely have to be combined with basic elements of clothes. It will give you the chance to fit even into a daily set. For this purpose chinosa of any color scale will approach. For example, brown, red, black, white, gray, khaki, beige and in pastel shades. In a warm season it is worth selecting trousers of light shades, and in cold – dark. Chinosa in a cage are considered very fashionable recently.

With what to carry?

In chinosa you will be able to go on a disco, to restaurant and even on a wedding, of course, if it not yours. To look always ideal and irresistible, it is necessary to make ideal onions correctly.

Monophonic tops, t-shirts with not a defiant print, and also classical shirts perfectly will be suitable for daily style. As the trousers fitted, top it is possible to pick up the free – a chiffon blouse (summer), a sweater from large knitting (winter) and a jacket (in the spring and in the fall).

And to emphasize even more a waist and to present to an image more feminity, it is worth putting on a wide leather belt. The dress can be added with a jacket which is desirable for putting on the fitting shirt from cotton. Not bad beige chinosa with a light polo-neck and a bolero look. In that case from footwear shoes on a heel in combination with a clutch best of all look.

If you decided to create more strict image, for example, for a campaign on an exhibition, in movie theater or for work in office, it is possible to create absolutely other image. For this purpose perfectly various vests, pullovers, and also jackets will approach. It should be noted that it is better to put on vests over classical shirts. To create sports style, put on chinosa in combination with a wide t-shirt with favourite drawing or make look slender (the Tolstoyan with a hood). If you go to night club, beige, and also white chinosa for this purpose will be ideal. It is possible to add an image with the bright top embroidered by paillettes or a light undershirt with an open back. The blouse with ethnic jewelry in ensemble with monophonic chinosa will present you an image of the gentle and at the same time ambitious lady.

As for outerwear, from chinosa short leather jackets, fur vests and down-padded coats best of all look. And in general, these trousers are excellently combined with everything, in it and there is their big plus. Everything depends on your imagination and on as far as you safely are able to combine stylish things.

And what into the account of accessories?

It should be noted that accessories can directly approach chinosa or by the image in general. Let's say belts should be selected under trousers. So leather classical belts, from cotton, flax, with buckles, and also various metal chains will approach. recommends to carry chinosa with braces. They can be both in tone of trousers, and under color of the whole image. Also contrast is not less preferable – looks rather simply and at the same time originally.

If you love volume or long scarfs, safely combine them with trousers. Throw with it carelessly a neck and create the unique image. To differ and look on all hundred, add to an image a volume bag with a long beads or a classical clutch with a necklace. Believe, not only men from you will not look away, but also women will be delighted. The footwear should be selected proceeding from the ensemble created from chinosa. It is possible to clear up here – both shoe boots and boots, and barefoot persons and shoes on a heel, and also gym shoes, timberlenda, flats and even sneakers perfectly will approach.

For those who in a trend

Do not forget about that chinosa is an absolutely not concrete, certain model of trousers. That is they after all can differ on a cut, details and a style. Therefore are never lazy and surely try on some couples when come to shop to make a right choice. And men should choose such trousers with the second half – the representative of third-party opinion. Who as not it will help to pick up that model which most of all will suit you.

Remember that classical chinosa of beige color and khaki perfectly will be suitable for business meetings and work. And bright coloring and cheerful prints will be suitable for free pastime.

Very important! For more stout persons it is worth buying chinosa from light fabrics. It will help you to look more harmonous.

If you want to extend visually feet, you should give preference to trousers with the overestimated waist. And if you the owner of high growth, safely get chinosa with strongly made narrower bottom. They though reduce growth, to you it not is not terrible at all.

For female representatives with magnificent hips also there will be a suitable model. For example, in that case it is worth buying chinosa of a direct style without folds. And the main thing, look that in hips and a waist it was not sewed artificial volume.

It should be noted that such trousers need to be sprained above an ankle no more than on 5 centimeters. But if you low growth, the gap between shoes or boots and a trouser-leg can be reduced.

Before spraining chinosa, be guided by such qualities – width of a top of trousers has to be narrow not to make heavier a silhouette.

Create the irresistible and unique images! Try to combine those things which completely open your inner world.

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