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As it is correct to carry snud

For many of us the scarf is an integral part of clothes. It warms someone in a frost and an icy cold, and for someone is a basic element in creation of an image. Stylists developed a practical and cozy scarf-snud for judges of fashionable novelties. Thanks to the universality it allows to create and add any image – from daily to festive.

Sharf-snud call differently – a scarf collar, a scarf pipe, a circular and infinite scarf, but its essence remains in one. This accessory is connected around and has no began, the end. Its form reminds the circle or an infinity sign put by the eight. That snud it is possible to carry in independence of a season is remarkable and to combine with any clothes.

To plunge into the past

Snud came to us from Great Britain. Quite so Englishwomen in the VIII century called any headdress. Even usual silk tapes which girls interwove to themselves into hair, were called as snuda. There were women who twisted on the head hair in a bunch and covered it, the so-called grid-snud reminding a hood. Ordinary simple ladies possessed grids from rough fabric or a thick yarn. Notable ladies carried only the snuda decorated with gold and precious various stones.

And here already in the XVIII century there was a scarf prototype – a known hood. It was carried by all – beginning from little girls, finishing ladies of a balzakovsky image. Sewed them from different fabric – a velvet, flax, silk. Decorated with feathers, tapes, flowers and bows. By the end of century such type of a headdress became obsolete.

Only in the 60th years snud appeared in the look, habitual for us. It was at that time accepted to knit scarfs manually therefore admirers of bright accessories from natural fabrics – hippie carried them.

Later it became popular among motorcyclists as snud convenient at a driving and does not pass a wind.

Since the beginning of the XXI century dandies and women of fashion really estimated snud. And today it is possible to meet many in a scarf which perfectly looks in any image.

How to carry?

Fashionable snud suits all – fans of sport, romantic and distinguished persons, supporters of classics and even to thorough rockers. It should be noted, what even the most imperceptible dress will become bright and irresistible at the expense of competently picked up snud. But do not think that the scarf carries out only decorative function, it perfectly protects from a dank wind and a hard frost. The main thing, is correct to pick up color and texture of an accessory that it harmoniously looked with other elements of an image.

The main advantage of a snud before a usual scarf is its simplicity: there is no need to think out cunning knots or to master various ways of setting. The easiest way is to slip it on and to wind several times. Effect thus the simply delightful!

Generally snud wind round a neck in the form of the eight, and regulate density due to quantity of rings. If to make three-four rings, it will densely adjoin to a neck and will not pass cold air.

Fabric of a scarf can be the most various – fine silk, light chiffon, a rough yarn or soft cashmere.

Snud it is possible to carry not only as a scarf but also as a pelerine, having thrown it over shoulders as a bolero, having passed hands throughout loops of "eight" and also as a palatine, having straightened it from shoulders from top to bottom.

Seasonal images

Universality of a winter snud allows to combine it with a coat, a fur coat and a down-padded coat.

Today practically each woman in clothes has a down-padded coat. Naturally, after all it not only is convenient and fashionable, but also is practical and is warm. Today they are on sale various styles and shades. But to be allocated from crowd and not to look as everything, it is desirable to add it with a beautiful accessory. And here comes to the rescue snud. For example, the scarf of chocolate, white, beige, blue or gray color will approach a down-padded coat in style kezhuat. It is possible to finish an image warm gaiters and original mitts (gloves without fingers) in tone. Such stylish dress will warm you in the winter on the way for work and on walk. And here bright and bright snud best of all will approach a classical down-padded coat in gentle tones.

    On a note. Snud generally put on over a down-padded coat. But if on a jacket the wide collar, is better to lay beautifully a scarf inside.

If you decided to combine snud with a coat, try to give preference to classical outerwear from a thick woolen cloth. Very beautifully and elegantly the scarf from fur or natural fabric in combination with a coat looks. He perfectly fits in in an image and emphasizes classical style. Fur snud costs not much therefore for updating of the images it is possible to get at once some scarfs of different textures and styles. And then the same coat in ensemble from a snudama of various flowers will look every day in a new way.

Also with a coat it is possible to put on a long woolen transforming scarf, having wrapped up it round a neck so that from above there were two short loops, and from below three long.

Women of fashion who keep up to date for certain know that two at the same time put on snud – one – on a neck, and the second – on the head very originally looks.

Many women consider that snud you should not combine with such expensive thing as a fur coat. And it is vain! After all most often to outerwear from fur (both artificial, and natural) it is very difficult to pick up a headdress. Ideal option can become snud. It is possible or to throw with it the head, or to wind with it a neck. Very elegantly silk snuda with fur coats look. Some women can be met in a fur coat in combination with a fur scarf, but this image on the fan.

In the summer and in the warm spring snuda should give preference from cotton, silk or chiffon. They can be combined with dresses, tops and even an undershirt. Having put on easy snud white color in a tandem with a red dress in the cool summer evening, you will look excellently. Under such image it is possible to put on white flats daily walk, and in restaurant shoes on heels will approach better.


Sharf-snud it is possible to carry not only as a scarf, but also as a headdress. In that case you will be not only in a trend, but also are always ready to fast weather changing in off-season. In the morning and is a fashionable hood, and in the afternoon – a beautiful scarf in the evening. To make a hood very simply – for this purpose it is enough to lift and straighten the second ring, and then to cover with it the head. So you will find idle time, but at the same time an attractive image which will be suitable both for walk, and for a campaign for work.

Elegances can be given a snuda by means of a fashionable brooch or a pin. It not only is beautiful, but also is practical – after all snud will be densely fixed and will not slip from the head at all.

Combination of flowers

Choosing color of a snud, recommends to adhere to moderation. That is to make an image more womanly, and also classical reserved shades will help to soften it. They will not be evident and distract from the main image.

It is better for supporters of casual style to give preference to scarfs of gray, dark green, and also white color.

If you wish to look extravagantly, look narrowly at models of black and saturated claret shades.

Fashion designers advise to choose snud to match or in tone of footwear or a bag.

More courageous girls choose scarfs of bright shades with various prints – they not only decorate a dress, but also refresh strict style.

Snud-sharf is the real find for any woman of fashion. After all for it there are no certain and strict rules – it is possible to carry snud as the imagination prompts. The main thing that the scarf on style and color was combined with other elements of clothes.

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