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Use of oil of a walnut

Oil of a walnut is considered one of the most tasty and fragrant. Therefore is the excellent assistant for all culinary specialists. But still this product possesses extensive useful properties. After all in it is mute so many necessary vitamins and minerals contain that they can even replace some products in our daily diet.

How it is received?

This oil is mainly made by means of a method of a cold extraction of kernels of usual walnuts. Thus any heating is excluded. As a result of an extraction the product turns out liquid, with a golden shade. Thanks to such processing in it all necessary useful substances well remain.

Thanks to pleasant nut smack and quite saturated smell which is possessed by walnut oil, it with success is used in many culinary recipes. Still it is quite actively used in the medical purposes (mainly treatment-and-prophylactic) and in cosmetology as it is allocated with unique useful properties. Let's talk about everything now in more detail.


This oil contains a set of polynonsaturated fatty acids in the structure, among which olein, linoleic, linolenovy. Besides, there are stearin and palmitic acids.

Still it vitamins and minerals, richly necessary for the person. As a part of a product zinc, iodine, calcium, iron, magnesium and copper contains. In addition, in it is mute such vitamins as A, C, E, K and PP are concentrated. As a part of oil of a walnut very useful substance - coenzyme Q10 contains.

Application in cookery

Oil of a walnut is very actively used in cookery. By means of it it is possible to impact to dishes really original relish. Thus it is recommended to give only cold sauces for all dishes prepared with addition of this oil. The secret is hidden that heat treatment changes oil tastes for the worse.

So, Mirsovetov recommends to prepare salad from fresh vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, greens) and then to add to it some droplets of a product. It is possible to fill with the remained press of oil of a walnut various meat snack.

Addition of several droplets of this product - a secret of excellent taste of some dishes of east and French cuisine. In Mediterranean it is used as gas station of paste, and also for addition in seafood and in various desserts.

Sometimes to make dough more refined, on it before cooking add a spoon of nut oil. By means of it it is possible to emphasize taste of meat or fish. For this purpose the dish is oiled by it just before readiness. Also the sauce prepared on its basis will approach.

In our country in cookery this oil is not really popular, but it nevertheless should be used in the course of cooking. After all it improves and supplements salads from fresh vegetables. Besides, this oil can become a fine highlight for cold appetizer. On it it is possible to fry meat. It is added sometimes to house pastries.

    Important! At it oil quite high caloric content. So, hundred grams of a walnut contain about 884 kilocalories. Thus in it absolutely there are no proteins and carbohydrates. Therefore using this oil is wrong, it is possible to gather extra kilos quite.

Application in traditional medicine

This product can be used at such serious pathologies as tuberculosis, oncological diseases, chronic arthritis, an inflammation of mucous membranes, diabetes, chronic colitis, sharp otitis, a lock and stomach ulcer. At regular application of a product the organism rejuvenates, the zhenenny tone raises, so oil is capable to remove radionuclides and other harmful substances, strengthens protective forces, reduces the level of bad cholesterol in blood and considerably increases resilience to influence of radiation.

Nut oil, thanks to the content of vitamin E is also useful for pregnant women. It is connected with that this vitamin plays very important role in the correct development of a fruit, and also helps to snizat manifestations of toxicosis.

It is possible to apply oil of a walnut outwardly. It helps to heal quicker wounds, burns, cuts and various inflammations. Still the product is quite effective at varicosity.

Application in cosmetology

Thanks to the qualities, this oil is capable to improve a condition of skin, to help at cellulitis and to raise the general tone of an organism. Therefore it is actively used in cosmetology. The matter is that in it is mute the vitamins and very useful microcells which are necessary for any type of skin capable to tone up it are concentrated, to feed and humidify.

Oil of a walnut is available as a part of a large amount of useful balms, cosmetic creams, and also various means for hygiene of a body. Thus it is usually used in pure form that allows it to be distributed evenly on an integument and quickly to be absorbed. Thus skin becomes silkier and gentle.

This product will be useful at the mixed (combined) and fat skin as helps to pull together a time, to remove the expressed inflammation. The special mask on the basis of two oils - a walnut and lemon, with addition of green clay is for this purpose used. For preparation of such useful mix we take one tablespoon of oil of a walnut, we mix it with three drops of oil of a lemon and with green clay (couple of tablespoons). We bring to a pastelike consistence. After that mix can be applied on skin. Hold it usually about half an hour then wash away warm water.

For receiving the effective moistening mask it is enough to mix walnut oil with olive, almond, apricot or with the peach. It is best of all to mix in equal shares.

For removal of an inflammation it is possible to use the following mix. We take two tablespoons of broth of a camomile pharmaceutical, three-five drops of oil of a walnut, and also colourless henna. All we mix, the dense consistence will not turn out yet. The mask is applied on integuments for ten minutes, and then it is necessary to wash away warm water. This useful mix quite will be suitable practically for any type of skin.

Still the useful and effective cosmetic anti-inflammatory mask prepares according to the following recipe. It is necessary to mix the following oils on one tablespoon: walnut, cedar, sea-buckthorn. Such mix has to be put on a face before withdrawal to a dream daily. Surplus of mix then is cleaned by means of a usual napkin.

One more property

Walnut oil is also considered very strong aphrodisiac. Vegetable enzyme which improves blood circulation in genitals is a part it. Besides, it stimulates formation of spermatozoa in male genitals.

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