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Warming of walls

If to compare expenses on heating of the usual house and house to thermal insulation, the difference will be huge. Not warmed house loses to 50% of heat. The main part of heat leaves through windows and walls.

In Europe where are able to count money, the issue of thermal insulation is resolved at the initial stages of construction. In Russia other situation takes place more often when to warm walls, the floor, a ceiling is required in use at home. Anyway, to warm the house never late. In this article will consider ways of warming of walls.

Ways warming of walls

There are only two ways of warming of walls – warming outside and warming from within. What way is better? For the answer to this question it is necessary to know: whether you live in the house constantly or happen in the house arrivals. The matter is that there is a big difference in heating of the house with continuous accommodation and houses which is not heated constantly to which come for a while and it is required to warm up quickly the room and to create feeling of a cosiness.

If you live in the house constantly, walls of the house accumulate heat proceeding from heating devices. And here it is important that walls of the house were as little as possible cooled outside. Thickness of walls, of course, matters, but still protection of walls against external cooling plays large role.

Otherwise the situation when you come to the netoplenny house looks. Walls inevitably were chilled to warm up them a lot of time and energy will be required. Besides, short-term heating is very harmful as leads to fast destruction and wear of designs. In this case, an exit – internally warming of walls. Then heat will remain indoors and will not begin to be spent for heating of the chilled walls.

Warming of walls outside

There is a lot of options of external warming and every year in the market there are new interesting offers. Choosing, it is necessary to be guided by features of a concrete structure and, of course, by the purse.

So, for warming of walls of apartment panel and brick houses - optimum option is the liquid heater. Such heaters are packed into container on 3, 10, 20 liters and look as smetanoobrazny weight. The heater is applied with a molar brush, the roller or by means of a spray, a thin layer on the cleared wall surface. Thus the layer with unique heat-insulating qualities is formed. The layer of a liquid heater in 0,5 mm according to the characteristics is comparable to a layer of mineral wool, 60 mm thick. Such heater possesses high waterproofing properties and interferes with corrosion of materials. The service life declared by the producer - till 15 years. Big plus is also that it is easy to restore such covering at the slightest damages.

Excellent option of warming of the house from any material are front thermopanels. The thermopanel as a decorative tile under a brick looks. Combines two most valuable qualities – thermal insulation and decorative finishing of a facade. That is installation of thermopanels will relieve the owner of all other efforts on finishing of a facade, use of waterproofing materials and other works. If everything is made correctly, any additional leaving and the more so replacements it will not be required any more.

The thermopanel is made on the basis of polyurethane foam. A finishing layer – a brick tile which is made of clay on special technology. Thickness of the thermopanel 70, 90, 110 of mm. Heat-insulating properties impress: the thermopanel of all 65 mm thick is comparable to a bricklaying up to 180 cm thick. Of course, it is material not from cheap, but it is unconditional, it is reasonable contribution of money as gives hope on for the rest of the life to save on heating and to live in heat.

The materials described above are still a novelty in Russia. More habitual materials for warming it is mineral wool, polystyrene, polyfoam.

If it is required to warm the wooden house, it is recommended to choose mineral wool. Such recommendation is explained, first of all, by relative fire safety of mineral wool. Besides, mineral wool does not pass moisture to walls, but in too time does not interfere with a steam-out from walls. That is, allows walls to breathe.

Polyfoam, expanded polystyrene are more often used as heaters of brick houses. These materials have many high qualities, besides the main - heat-insulating. These are materials cheap, easy on weight and easy to work with them.

The choice of technology of warming depends on what is thought front finishing. Let's give 2 examples of warming of walls with various front finishing.

First option.

As a heater we take polyfoam. On the prepared surface of a wall it is applied glue mix and we fix polyfoam plates. Or we fix a heater to a wall by means of expansion bolt shields. The heater can be put and in 2 layers, but seams in this case should not coincide. Then we apply glue mix on a heater and, without waiting for glue drying, we stack the special reinforcing grid. As front finishing we use decorative plaster. Before putting plaster, the surface needs to be progruntovat. Such way of warming of a facade is called "wet".

Second option.

When as front finishing the siding or a block house is used, we put a wind-shelter film on a heater. If as a heater mineral wool is taken, atop surely we impose a parozashchitny membrane which does not interfere with evaporations from within, but protects a heater from an external namokaniye. The waterproofing material is fixed by laths to a wall. On the framework made thus, we fix a siding or other finishing material. Between a parozashchitny covering and finishing finishing it is necessary to leave a small gap for ventilation.

Warming of walls from within

Warming of walls from within as it was already noted above, can be applied only in certain cases. For example, for warming of the country house where you like to come in the winter. Without fail it is necessary to warm frame houses. But you should not consider such option of warming for the house, where do you live constantly. Unless only as temporary measure.

The scheme of internal warming of walls looks so. We beat to a wall bar-shaped a framework. We stack porous heat-insulating material, the same mineral wool. Or there is still a good stuff – ecocotton wool. Ecocotton wool is more expensive, than mineral wool, but has a number of advantages. Ecocotton wool represents the sticky weight consisting of the crushed newspaper waste paper and antiseptics – boric acid and drills. It is put by a dusting that in itself excludes emergence of seams and saggings. And existence drills in structure does not allow to clear up to a mouse gang.

From the room without fail we stack a waterproofing that water vapor from the room did not spoil a heater. Between final internal finishing and a waterproofing the small air gap is left.

Walls at such way of warming remain in a zone of negative temperature. And heat received from different devices in the room.

As you can see, dear readers of, warming of walls and the house in general – a task very important. And it is necessary to solve it thoughtfully slowly, considering all specific features. Once is better to spend time and funds for warming of the house, than to spend tens of thousands for heating of the street.

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