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Wakeboarding for beginners

Fans of active recreation chasing thrill think out all new and new entertainments. The list of extreme sports is replenished every year, and wakeboarding occupies one of the leading positions.

Popularity of this entertainment is caused by that anyone is able to afford to enjoy the speed and splashes, having had the minimum training.

This sport came from surfing, but unlike it, you do not need to wait for a "good" wave to sweep on a board – enough to choose due draft force. It can be the boat or the regular truck which will ply along the coast and to roll you on a water smooth surface.

Types of wakeboarding

Wakeboarding happens two types, depending on draft draft.

The boat – the movement is carried out by means of the draft force of the boat. The wakeboarder keeps for fat, standing on a wide board, at a speed up to 40 km/h. For creation of special big waves towing boats are used. On such waves it is possible to carry out various tricks – a somersault, jumps, revolutions.

The rope – draft force is provided with rope and towing installation – alternative to the boat. There are two types of installations: ring (movement in a circle) and peversivny (advance and back).

In the European countries rope wakeboarding is popular – it is more eco-friendly and available.

Wakeboarding history

Surfing – the primogenitor of wakeboarding, was many years a main type of a beach extreme. Skilled surfers already at the beginning of the 80th used boats and trucks to driving at high speeds. But long and massive surfboards were not really convenient, and in 1985 the surfer Tony Fin thought up how to solve this problem. Everything appeared simply – the board should be reduced and expanded that he also made, having shown the world "skarfer" and a new sport. "Skarfer" was something average between a small surfboard, a board and a snowboard.

Tony Financial started popularizing actively "child", and its efforts did not remain unaddressed. In some years first-ever skarfer-competitions were carried out, but it was still not windsurfing. The lack of finance and technologies, and also complexity of technology of driving on a board considerably slowed down development of a new extreme sport.

In the early nineties the owner of the company on production of water skis, Herb O'Bryan, decided to make the experiment with a surfboard. It also presented the first-ever wakeboard. The board was made by means of a press and unlike "skarfer" possessed high buoyancy and ease. At last, wakeboarding got every chance to become public property.

Over time O'Bryan improved a board, having supplied it with the upper cuts cutting a water smooth surface and allowing to do sharp turns. The bottom also had a special structure – special bends fixed position of the athlete on a board and absorbed blows during landing on water. It became more convenient and more pleasant to ride a veyka.

1992 can be considered as a reference point for development of professional wakeboarding. The wave of competitions swept across all Europe. At first amateur, and then and professional tournaments within the World Cup.

Wakeboarding is the real revolution in the world of a beach extreme. Its history keeps within only some decades, but during this time it won the hearts of thousands of people worldwide. Constantly new clubs, with huge pools for wakeboarding open, allowing thrill-seekers to enjoy a favourite sport all the year round.


Many think that wakeboarding was thought up by surfers who grew lazy so that adapted for driving of the boat and trucks. Actually wakeboarding includes elements from surfing, and such disciplines as snowboarding, a skateboarding and a water ski. If you at least once tested in one of these sports, to cope with wakeboarding will not make special work.

  1. Board – the main element of this sport. It is necessary to select it according to growth and weight. Width is strictly proportional to length. Also for a veyka removable Kiel which task consists in regulation of stability of the athlete on a surface of the water is necessary. The size of this Kiel can vary depending on what stability is necessary for you. Big Kiel is good for beginners, and small allows to carry out turns and acrobatic tricks easily.
  2. Fastenings – on appearance are similar to sandals or boots. Such design allows to remove and put on easily them, provides comfort for the athlete. The only shortcoming – at fastenings of "sandals" is not present a back which would fix a foot during performance of tricks. If you intend "to show everything, on what are capable", it is better to get reliable "boots". They are selected individually by the foot size.
  3. Life jacket – a protective element of equipment. It reduces risk to get a trauma from blow about a water surface or to drown. The vest should not hold down the movement. It is also selected on growth and weight of future owner. There are nylon and neoprene vests. Plus nylon vests that they perfectly hold the athlete on water.
  4. A helmet – an optional element. It is recommended to beginners and thrill-seekers who carry out non-standard tricks and risk to face an obstacle (springboard).
  5. Fal – a cable which the athlete holds. One end of a fal is attached to the towing boat or the truck, on the second end – the holder. The cable has to be very strong and inelastic (should not stretch). Surely bright color that it it was noticeable against water. Length of a fal is determined by skill and physical data of the athlete. Short cables which length can be increased in process of training will be suitable for beginners.

Wakeboarding for beginners

If you want to test the strength in wakeboarding, for a start find veyk-club.

The main criteria for a choice of good veyk-club:

  1. Bolshaya Square of the reservoir/pool.
  2. Qualitative and serviceable tower.
  3. Skilled pilot-instructor of a tower.
  4. Modern qualitative equipment.

The pilot-instructor is the most important figure and the main indicator of good veyk-club. Depends on its experience, skill and knowledge not only your safety, but also speed of training in wakeboarding. The instructor has to be responsible and interested, he has to "live" wakeboarding because your future relation to this sport depends on the first occupations with it. If occupations take place in the mode of sluggish instructing who needs such "extreme"? The skilled pilot for couple of trainings will train you in elements of wakeboarding and will teach all necessary.

The cold season is not a hindrance for wakeboarders. Besides a standard set of equipment in club there have to be diving suits in which it is possible to be engaged under any weather conditions.

If you feel in yourself a dissatisfaction, thirst for adventures if unrealized potential is torn outside, and thirst of adrenaline does not allow to sleep peacefully – Mirsovetov assures, wakeboarding will help you to embody the dreams in reality.

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