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Vitamins for heart

In modern conditions the intense vital rhythm became norm of life. Feeling periodically an indisposition and weakness, some people miss that fact that these feelings can be connected with heart. The matter is that under the influence of nervous tension this vital can quicker wear out, than manages to be restored.

It is possible to fill the forces and to strengthen a cardiac muscle by means of the balanced food, and also reception of vitamins, necessary for normal work of heart.

Features of functioning of heart

The health of any person substantially is defined by quality of functioning of the cardiac muscle ensuring functioning of heart as the pump which pumps over blood in an organism. Before emergence of pain many people do not reflect that it needs support.

In the presence of the pain felt in heart it is necessary to address to the help of drugs. It is important to note that many pharmaceutical preparations thus affect a cardiac muscle like a whip, "urge on" it and compel to work in the emergency mode. Additional overloads can be avoided - for this purpose it is necessary to seek for preservation of health of heart as the principal important organ. Physicians recommend to pay close attention to the food. It is very important to watch that it included microcells and vitamins for heart, necessary for strengthening of its state and stable work in a normal rhythm. The lack of these substances can affect not in the best way its work, causing various pathologies of cardiovascular system. Thus, in the presence of these diseases, and also for their prevention it is necessary to use vitamin complexes for heart and products with the high content of these vitamins.

For whom vitamins are necessary for heart

Frequent overloads in everyday life can conduct to a heart overstrain, provoking additional expenses of energy and its strengthened work with the subsequent wear. Considerable efforts for creation of career, including working works involving all hands and overtime works, an inactive way of life, hours-long sitting behind the computer, a prosizhivaniye in front of the TV and improper feeding often aggravate a situation. From here feeling of weakness, stenocardia, pressure jumps, violations of blood circulation and work of separate bodies. In such mode the cardiac muscle functions in the mode of the raised loadings. It is possible to warn similar situations and to avoid further problems by means of the balanced food, and also additional reception of vitamin preparations, useful to heart.

For whom vitamins are especially useful to heart:

  • support is especially necessary for this vital after 35 years. With its help it is possible to avoid dangerous cardiological diseases, including development of a myocardial infarction;
  • at active sports activities and existence of considerable physical activities. Besides, vitamins are necessary for athletes for improvement of food of vessels at accumulation of muscle bulk;
  • in the presence of problems with vessels vitamin complexes are very useful as promote expansion of capillaries and strengthening to blood inflow – thereof the probability of a blockage of vessels, and also very dangerous emergence of blood clots decreases. Accepting vitamin supplements for heart, it is possible to reduce substantially risk of emergence of varicosity, arthrosis and other serious and dangerous diseases, including a stroke;
  • after the postponed illness which is followed by high temperature and considerable weakness. Some types of ORZ and flu can provoke complications to heart and vessels – thus, additional vitamin support can be necessary for the fastest restoration of an organism;
  • to the people who transferred serious heart diseases, it is necessary to accept vitamins for strengthening and support of heart;
  • to elderly people for maintenance of the mode of functioning of heart as with age the quantitative and qualitative composition of the vitamins and microcells acquired with food noticeably decreases;
  • the women planning to give birth to the child should consider that throughout the pregnancy period loading for cardiovascular system considerably amplifies. Thus "starvation" of a cardiac muscle of the pregnant woman can have an adverse effect on health of the woman and the developing fruit. The balanced food and additional reception of vitamin preparations will promote normal course of pregnancy;
  • children can pick up vitamins for heart after consultation of the doctor. Children's vitamins are harmless to heart and give soft support for full development of heart and an organism in general.

Ways of strengthening of heart

To strengthen health of cardiovascular system, having provided it optimum conditions for full functioning, it is possible as follows:

  • having organized the correct diet with the balanced diet including vitamins and minerals, necessary for a cardiac muscle;
  • in addition using vitamin complexes for improvement of work of heart;
  • to normalize the mode of physical activity and competently to dose the physical activities necessary for strengthening of force and endurance of heart.

To avoid development of cardiovascular diseases, it is required to support a qualitative carbohydrate and salt exchange, and also optimum capillary blood circulation in an organism. In most cases really to reach it by means of regular and healthy nutrition at which there are all necessary vitamins. To organize it often it is difficult – statistically, in modern conditions one person from twenty fully eats. In such situation it is possible to use specially balanced vitamin complexes.

What vitamins are necessary for heart

It should be noted that owing to features of a structure of a cardiac muscle growth of its cages and restoration happens much more slowly in comparison with other systems of an organism. At the same time, the majority of known vitamins promote normalization of the vital processes in an organism.

For improvement of health of heart and normalization of warm activity the following vitamins are the most useful:

  • tiamin (B1 vitamin), promoting strengthening of elasticity of fibers of a cardiac muscle. Thanks to this effect it becomes stronger and works more evenly, the warm rhythm is stabilized. Various cereal cultures, and also coffee beans act as a source of a tiamin. Besides, tiamin contain the following pharmaceutical preparations – Passilat, and also Cocarboxylase and Tiamina chloride (in the form of ampoules for injections);
  • routines (vitamin P) – it is useful to decrease in permeability and fragility of vessels, and also for restoration of their necessary elasticity, effectively interferes with developing of capillary bleedings. As a source routine it is possible to accept broth or infusion of a dogrose, to eat plums, spinach. A large amount of this vitamin contains in an apple peel and buckwheat cereal;
  • ascorbic acid influences ukreplyayushche a cardiac muscle, minimizing accumulation of cholesterol on walls of vessels. A powerful source of vitamin C are many vegetables, sour fruit and berries, especially a citrus, a sea-buckthorn, a dogrose, a white cabbage, and also green onions. Besides, in a drugstore it is possible to get various dragees and tablets of ascorbic acid or an ampoule for injections;
  • tocopherol, or vitamin E, is widely known as youth vitamin as it suppresses oxidation of lipids at education of free radicals. Vitamin E can be got in the form of liquid (oil solution) or capsules. Eggs, various vegetable oils, a liver, grain, different types of nuts, yolks of eggs can act as a natural source of tocopherol in a diet;
  • the pyridoxine (B6 vitamin) – improves activity of cardiovascular system, normalizes a fatty exchange in an organism and promotes cholesterol disintegration. To the foodstuff rich with a pyridoxine, it is possible to carry red meat and fish, and also rice, different types of bean cultures and dairy products. The preparations containing a pyridoxine – Milgamma (includes a complex of vitamins of group B), the Pyridoxine a hydrochloride (in the form of solution for injections). It should be taken into account that by means of regular reception of vitamins of group B it is possible to revitalize significantly cardiovascular system in general;
  • the vitamin F representing a complex of polynonsaturated fatty acids interferes with formation of plaques of cholesterol and their further adjournment on walls of vessels. For replenishment in an organism of PNZhK it is useful to eat seafood, and also vegetable oils. In a drugstore it is possible to get F99 vitamin;
  • vitamin (coenzyme) of Q10 – is useful to power support of warm activity, normalizes pressure, interferes with developing of cardiac arrhythmia and emergence of hypoxemic damages owing to blood circulation violation. This substance produces in an organism a liver from various arriving products. Besides, in a drugstore it is possible to get a vitamin complex Vitrum Byyuti Coenzyme Q10.

Thus, regular reception of above-mentioned vitamins (in a food allowance and in the form of vitamin supplements) will promote preservation of health of heart for many years, improving thus health and providing forces, so necessary for active lifestyle.

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