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Vishnevsky's ointment from spots

Vishnevsky's ointment was invented by absolutely incidentally field doctor during the Second World War. Since then passed already more than half a century, but still the medicine does not know more effective and universal remedy for treatment of various skin diseases. Ointment is capable to relieve of local irritations, to facilitate a state at a furunkuleza and to help to say goodbye once and for all to spots.


At the time of the Soviet Union Vishnevsky's ointment was applied practically everywhere to treatment of the most different diseases. However special advantage means to bring at contact with skin, rendering on it the powerful healing and calming influence. Ointment not only eliminates any rashes, but also promotes the fastest regeneration of affected sites, doing skin smooth and elastic.

The problem of emergence of spots excites the most part of people, since the puberty period. And while one are lucky, and spots pass by itself, others are compelled to deal regularly with this problem even in adult life.

Today on shelves of shops and it is possible to find the mass of miracle cures for spots in the Internet for every taste and a purse, but not everyone is capable to make skin absolutely pure. Maz Vishnevsky copes with this task in 100% of cases, and does it almost free of charge and very quickly. The cost of the foreign advertized means sometimes reaches an absurd limit. The price of the old checked Vishnevsky's ointment makes from 30 to 80 rubles a maximum.

Than such low cost and efficiency of means speaks? The matter is that the simplest natural components are a part of ointment of Vishnevsky: powder kseroform, birch tar and castor oil. Any aromatic additives, synthetic dyes and other components capable to cause allergic reaction – only natural elements.

During war doctor Vishnevsky created wonderful ointment almost incidentally, trying to make the disinfecting and wound healing means "from this that was". As a result at it the medical substance, unique on the characteristics once again confirming firm truth turned out that all ingenious is simple.

The secret of efficiency of ointment consists that all three components ideally supplement each other. Birch tar intensifies blood circulation, kseroform fights against the pathogenic environment, and castor oil softens skin and allows other substances to get quicker inside.

Properties of ointment

Birch tar which is a part of ointment of Vishnevsky, is an effective natural stimulator of a blood-groove. By the way, means is obliged to it in the dark color. Powder kseroform quickly destroys all pathogenic microorganisms which are not allowing to heal to wounds and provoking emergence of spots. And when all pathogenic microflora is neutralized, into action goes castor oil – it does skin pleasant to the touch and allows to recover quicker from irritation.

Vishnevsky's ointment is ideally suited not only for treatment of spots, but also for disposal of more serious problems – furuncles, burns, purulent wounds, decubituses, etc. Process any wound, and soon from it there will be no trace also even if it is about burns.

Impact of ointment of Vishnevsky on skin:

  • disinfects open wounds, gets inside and kills pathogenic bacteria under skin;
  • dries wet not healing wounds;
  • stimulates skin receptors;
  • quickly reduces puffiness in inflammation places;
  • for a long time disinfects a wound;
  • activates the regenerating abilities of skin;
  • makes the powerful softening and calming impact.

In a case with spots castor oil quickly softens skin in the inflamed zone, allowing active components to get quickly deep into a spot and to destroy activators locally, without having given them the chance to extend further on skin. As a result the spot "ripens" several times quicker, purulent masses with the neutralized bacteria comes to light, and skin is quickly restored.

Initially Vishnevsky's ointment was used for elimination of more dangerous "relatives" of spots – furuncles. After all if the hypodermic abscess breaks, it can provoke blood poisoning and lead to a lethal outcome. Ointment quickly aggravates process of an inflammation, and the furuncle goes beyond few days independently and absolutely harmlessly. Looking at ointment force in this case, even it is not necessary to doubt its efficiency at fight against spots!

When to apply ointment

Under the general name "spots" disappears not one and not two types of inflammations of skin. Actually, there is a lot of kinds of spots, but most often meets only three of them.

Mirsovetov recommends to use Vishnevsky's ointment in the following cases:

  • for fight against acne on a face;
  • at emergence of a large number of spots on a back;
  • for elimination of hypodermic spots (ointment is one of the few ways to get rid of this sort of inflammations, without resorting to surgery);
  • any kinds of an acne.

How to apply ointment

Before applying any cosmetic or a remedy, it is necessary to make the test for an allergy. Vishnevsky's ointment usually does not irritate skin, but in a case with hyper sensitive skin there can be collateral reactions. Put a little funds for an internal bend of an elbow and wait 5-10 min.

If it was not found allergies, it is possible to treat safely spots Vishnevsky's ointment:

  1. At detection of the first signs of maturing of a big spot (such often call "horn"), make a special bandage. For this purpose put bandage in some layers, grease it with ointment, impose on a problem zone and fix a plaster. Leave for night, and since morning after washing grease this place with any spirit lotion properly to dry skin and not to leave to bacteria uniform chance.
  2. At heavy forms of an acne illness make a mask of Vishnevsky's ointment. Take a big piece of a gauze, put several times that the rag capable to cover all face turned out. Make openings for eyes, a mouth and a nose, grease a gauze with ointment and put on the person. It is necessary to idle 2 hours, but the result will not keep itself waiting – after the first time noticeable improvement of a condition of skin is observed.
    Attention: minutes through 30-40 you can feel easy burning or temperature increase of a body. It is absolutely normal – ointment started extending pus and to fight against pathogenic acne bacteria.
  3. At local inflammations apply ointment directly on skin without gauze.

Important point: after use of ointment of Vishnevsky from spots, especially after a two-hour mask, there can be painful reactions in the sites which are especially struck with eels. Also reddening can become aggravated. You should not be frightened is the temporary and absolutely natural effect testifying to efficiency of means.

About Vishnevsky's ointment as about means for fight against spots, the set of positive responses is left. Even in the most "started" cases visible improvement for the 3rd day of active application of structure is observed. For full treatment it is recommended to use regularly ointment without breaks until spots leave at all. The most pleasant what "to go too far" in it or it is impossible to overdo on skin. Insignificant allergic reactions are only seldom or never observed.

Useful tips:

  1. If you have a fat or problem skin, for the period of treatment and after it to the maximum refuse junk food. It concerns not only sweets, aerated water and alcoholic drinks, but also too salty and smoked food. Remember that all problems go from within, and eels arise not because of the dirty city atmosphere, and in a consequence of the wrong way of life, including food.
  2. For the period of treatment refuse decorative cosmetics or artificial means on care of a body (if it is about a back spots).
  3. As ointment possesses quite specific smell, better to apply it in the evening or for the night that by the morning "aroma" managed to disappear.

Vishnevsky's ointment practically has no side effects, however birch tar makes the local irritating impact therefore at initial stages of treatment the condition of skin can worsen. Anyway, the number of admirers at this wonderful means grows every day, and no wonder – is rare where today it is possible to meet so effective, natural and cheap medicine.

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