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How independently to receive the visa to Italy?

Want to go to Italy and to get acquainted with cultural heritage of this divine country, but do not know, whether will be able to receive the Italian Schengen visa? Believe, you have nothing to be afraid! Millions of Russians already went there and are not going to stop on one trip. Today we will tell you how independently to issue the visa to Italy.
Итальянская виза Want to go to Italy and to get acquainted with cultural heritage of this divine country, but do not know, whether will be able to receive the Italian Schengen visa? Believe, you have nothing to be afraid! Millions of Russians already went there and are not going to stop on one trip. Today we will tell you how independently to issue the visa to Italy.

Visa type

For a start we will decide on a purpose of visit, after all the visa type will depend on it. Today we will consider with you a standard situation – you the tourist who is eager for acquaintance to Italy. Respectively, the tourist visa (il visto di turismo) is necessary for you.

Where to file documents?

Depending on your territorial stay, you can file documents on independent registration of the visa to the Italian visa center, to Honourable consulate of Italy in a number of the cities, for example, in Samara. Many readers of, probably, know that the visa center is in Moscow, but since recent time in a number of the cities there were its branches: Samara, Kazan, Lipetsk, Kaliningrad. Both contact and information it is possible to study the complete list on the site
Important! The consulate general of Italy in Moscow does not adopt the statement on a tourist visa from tourists, there is only a small list of visas with which you can address exactly there. The visa center was created just with the purpose to unload work of Consulate general. Tourists often think that visas in the passport directly put in the Visa center or in honourable consulates. Actually, the decision on the visa is made only by Consulate general therefore the organizations where you hand over documents, actually are direct intermediaries in a chain: the tourist – Consulate general. Their purpose: to accept a package of documents and send to Moscow, respectively, they cannot tell you about guarantees of receipt of a visa, after all this decision of Consulate General which cannot be reconsidered or challenged.

Register in submission of documents

So, you know your type of the visa and the organization where you address. Call there and register in submission of the visa. Made it? Then it is a high time to be engaged in collecting documents and to manage to make everything in time! You can file documents for consideration of the visa as much as possible in 3 months and it is desirable not less than in 2,5-2 weeks prior to a departure.

We collect documents

Оформление визы в Италию So, it will be necessary for the Italian visa for you:
  1. The existing international passport. Remember, after the termination of the visa he has to act even at least 3 months.
  2. Photocopy of the first page of the existing international passport (where personal data and the photo).
  3. The documents confirming your accommodation. It can be the invitation from the individual (from the Italian or the foreigner who has at least residence permit). You will find forms of the invitation, how, as a matter of fact, and other forms, on the site of the visa center. As alternative of confirmation of accommodation the reservation of hotel in which full names of tourists, phone and the address of hotel have to be surely registered serves. You can independently reserve hotel on the Internet.
    Remember, Consulate documents on payment of hotel do not interest. The main rule – the reservation has to keep until your documents on consideration. Every day stay in Italy it has to be confirmed.
  4. Financial guarantee: the reference from bank on existence of the account; a photocopy of a card and an extract from the ATM or a travel checks. Documents on purchase of currency are not accepted. The financial guarantee has to be calculated on a formula: we multiply number of days by 50 euros. The financial guarantee can be expressed in rubles, euro or dollars. Sponsorship is allowed only at minor children.
  5. The reference from work or study (school, higher education institution). If you do not work, it is not necessary to bring the reference from work at which you actually are not registered. That you do not work, is not a cause of failure in the visa at all!
  6. Return tickets can be redeemed (we provide the original or a photocopy) or as option, you can provide a reservation of tickets.
  7. The health insurance for the countries of Schengen with a cover amount of 30.000 euros. Remember, the insurance has to cover everything days of stay in the countries of Schengen.
  8. The questionnaire for obtaining the short-term visa of type C completed in Italian or English. The questionnaire is signed surely by the applicant on the third and fourth page. For minor parents both parents undersign.
  9. One picture taken recently 3 x 4 cm in size without corners and ovals. The photo needs to be pasted to the questionnaire.
  10. The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation (it is required for the conclusion of the contract).
  11. If you go to Italy with children, they will require the birth certificate and a consent to departure (it is made out in case one parent goes). There are also other situations: for example, the father is written down according to mother, the parent is condemned, in search or died. Respectively you have to provide the documents confirming this situations, differently to the minor child will not give the Italian visa.
  12. Receipt on payment of a consular fee. The consular fee costs 35 euro, besides, you will have to pay services of the visa center. Depending on the region and the organization the sum varies from 1100 to 1600 rub. The consular fee is not raised from children who else are not six years old or not executed six at the time of a trip, from disabled people (it will be necessary to provide the corresponding reference) or from the close relatives of citizens of the EU (parents, children, the husband or the wife).

Useful tips

Оформление визы в Италию
  1. If you had previous Italian visas since 2008, it is necessary to make their copy and to put to a package of documents (if they are in the cancelled passport). If those visas in the valid passport, their copy are not necessary. What does it give you? If you had 1 Italian visa since 2008, you can request the semi-annual visa (90 days in a half-year); if was 2 or more – on annual. If those were not, the Italian visa to you is issued exactly for the term of a trip which date is determined by a reservation of hotel and air tickets. Remember, the financial guarantee for half a year or year and the health insurance for longer period for this purpose is not necessary.
  2. You want to visit not only Italy, and other countries of Schengen? For example, Spain, Austria, France? There is nothing more simply! Simply provide a reservation of hotels for all these countries. The only thing governed: you have to carry out bigger number of days in Italy. Air tickets between the countries of Schengen are not required to be shown.
  3. Want to go to Italy by own car? Then instead of air tickets you simply provide a photocopy of the driving license, the registration certificate, the international insurance of green card and your route in which you paint all your movement in Schengen. For example, drive through Poland on August 1, further some days in Germany, then go to Italy, leave through Hungary on August 30. Respectively, the visa to you will be delivered from August 1 to August 30 – from the moment of entrance and departure to Schengen.

Submission of documents

It is not necessary to be afraid of submission of documents: on a place all necessary information to you will be given by managers of visa maintenance who will kindly answer all your questions. If your package of documents incomplete, they ask to inform all necessary.
Remember, the decision on the visa is considered in Consulate General within 3-5 working days. Have patience, after all in some days you will be the owner of the Schengen visa!
The statistics on refusals in the Italian visas is not present, believe, cases are extremely rare. If you provide about yourself reliable information, you have no bases for concern.

Buon viaggio!
Have a good trip!
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